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Quote:  Without the constraining influence of reality, a shared sense of our common destiny, and a government capable of assuring both, the US is rapidly coming to resemble the gang of adolescents in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies.

The ultra-conservatives have hi-jacked the Republican Party and are now leading the way.  It has become an every-man-for himself refuge of selfishness and us-against-them politics grounded in counter-factual fantasy.

In short, crazy.
John Atcheson Well, it’s finally happened. The Republican Party has gone from mildly psychotic to full on crazy. Stark raving mad. read more
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Republicans sold their soul to the devil when they teamed with the Tea Party - now they're getting their rewards.
I'm not going to use that particular phrasing, but the alliance between political and religious conservatism in this country has resulted in a lot of dysfunction -- the Tea Party happened to amplify that, and bring in some more of the raw discontent that the Dixiecrats have held since the 1960s.
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