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Another interesting piece on the strategy in the presidential race.  A quote:

Where Romney is concerned, the precise details of when he ran Bain and why he won't disclose his tax returns are becoming irrelevant. He's looks like a very rich man who doesn't want to open his books – and that fits the robber baron frame.

"Perception is becoming Romney's reality, and these issues have now risen above mere distractions," says GOP consultant John Weaver, a senior adviser for McCain's 2000 and 2008 bids, talking to the Washington Post:

"The president has had the worst three months of any incumbent, due to the economy, since George HW Bush in 1992, and yet Romney has lost traction among key demographic groups in the vital swing states. He has got to get this behind him or he's going to face summer definition à la [Bob] Dole and [John] Kerry."

Romney's lawyerly explanations for not releasing his taxes, and keeping his name on Bain's filings only to retire "retroactively", may be sound. But as the saying goes, and John Kerry can testify, in American politics, "if you're explaining, then you're losing."
Just as Kerry got cast in 2004 as an upper-class flip-flopper, the perception of Romney as robber baron is becoming his reality Mitt Romney has a John Kerry problem. And I don't mean being a wavy-haired, wealthy francophone from Massachusetts (although, in this climate, that's burden enough for a Republican nominee). He's been framed. And so long as his opponent's attacks sufficiently fit this frame, then they do not need to be accurate, honest o...
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Wow. That's a hell of a piece and goes along with my...reaction to Romney. I'm willing to entertain the concept of voting for a Republican for president (none of the guys in this cycle, but hypothetically) but Romney sounds like such a sanctimonious, patronizing prick, I'm not sure I could get past it even if I were in moderate agreement with him.
Exactly...and let me tell you lots of the party don't like him...but there was a shortage of worthy candidates this election cycle, that's for sure...statesmanship and ability don't necessarily go with a willingness to be president, alas...
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