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The embedded link description here is EXACTLY how I learned my last pregnancy had self-terminated. Weird. :(
+Susan Stone you always seem to have a good perspective. Can you explain to me how requiring voters to show an I.D in order to vote iis racist or will disenfranchise minorities. I simply dont understand, what do you think.
Let's see.

Here are some news stories and articles to help you understand it's not always simple, and can be pricey, which makes the requirement be an unofficial poll tax. (It's that aspect of it particularly which makes it questionable - to be forced to spend money particularly to show you are qualified to vote. A lot of people, 15% nationally, a higher percentage in certain ethnic and age and economic communities) in this country do not, for a variety of reasons have the proper ID required for voting. To get it requires time, effort and money, and if they aren't a legal requirement to have in the first place, then this functions like a poll tax. Some states are very strict on which ID they will accept.)

This it an FYI. I'm not going to get into a discussion about it.
F•••ing religious insanity is the driving force behind all this bulls••t.
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