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Birther, birther, sit there and sigh
People of color just make you cry,
Must be conspiracy pinko and sly
for that Kenyan Islamic Communist guy
Atheist narcissist smoothtalking fly
Whatever he says, it must be a lie
No matter what document he can supply
His job don't belong to a brown-skinned guy.
So get out there, make noise, kick dust in his eye -
The election's almost here  - now fly!
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What a lovely lullaby. Perhaps Melania Trump can rock the Donald to sleep with it, in his gold-encrusted mega-cradle. 
A disclaimer for the film notes that many of the scenes are “re-creations of probable events, using reasoned logic, speculation, and approximated conversations.” 
--Kinda like Monty Python?
Damn it I was sure there was 100 of them last week owell 1 less to feed.
What a jerk!  That's rude!  You are good, but you are waisting your talent be making fun of people.
I follow in a long tradition of political's even protected speech  to snark and do satire...If it was good enough for Ben Franklin and others of his generation, why not follow in his footsteps...

You might check out this site:  for more info.
Hi Susan I have to show my niece that little poem she is a mid wife  lol  darryl
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