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Susan Sons (HedgeMage)
Don't wait for permission to be a badass, just do it.
Don't wait for permission to be a badass, just do it.

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Hands down the best political writing I've read this election cycle. Please take a minute.

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So proud to be working on this...if you can help, please help!

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Makes life a little easier on G+

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I just realized that I've seen t his making the rounds on Twitter but not Gplus so far... #ntpsec #icei

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I wish I could drop the $18k to get the full workstation would be such a boon to my OSS work (my answer to +Eric Raymond's Great Beast). But, at least I'll help out by promoting the project. Even if you only have $10 to nudge things on, or want the $250 virtual option or $4100 board, the Talos project is very worth supporting.

Too much of computing is crippled by closed hardware and firmware, so that critical infrastructure and security functions are never really trustworthy. Raptor Engineering is trying to fix it. Take a look.

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If your school, or your child's school, issues electronic devices, please take this survey!
Take this survey and tell us how student privacy issues affect you and your community.

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This guy's name is Manny...he came home with us from a local shelter last week. My 13yo son is thrilled. :)

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For anyone who's interested... I've wrapped this deck up for sharing (licensed CC-by-sa). It's an infosec ethics talk I wrote specifically for young people beginning to learn and experiment, and which I presented at yesterday's high school infosec camp sponsored by +IU CACR.

It's my hope that it will be helpful for anyone trying to teach infosec to young people. Remember: demonstrating that you respect their point of view and recruiting them to the good guys' side will always be more effective than paternalistic finger-wagging.

Edited to add: due to an issue with how +Slides.Com shares to anonymous viewers, I had to include speaker notes as an overlay. I'm working on a better way to share the deck and notes that won't break layout. Sorry about that!

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Come see me in NYC this October/November for O'Reilly Security Conf. :)

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Dear fellow infosec hackers... ISO job open... because SCIENCE!
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