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Let's get a strong list going. This will be helpful to all of us. +Luis Suarez +Euan Semple Please add people to this thread, so they see it. +Sameer Patel

One book I'd add is Zach Tumin's "Collaborate or Perish." We're having a Q&A with him in the Council today.
Crowdsourcing on G+ ...

I’m looking for some good books or articles of reference to read on Enterprise 2.0, rather for corporate leaders. I’m rather targeting organizational change and organizational strategy than marketing/market strategy. I've already in my list McAfee's book, MacroWikinomics by Tapscott and Williams, the new "Social Business by Design" by Hinchcliffe and Kim, and Humanize by Notter and Grant (highly recommended by +Susan Scrupski ).

Which other books (or articles of reference) would you recommend as a good read for corporate leaders?
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"Rework," "What Would Google Do?" "Innovation Nation," "The Price of Civilzation," and Bill Clinton's new book which I think is, "Back to Work."
Hiya, +Susan Scrupski +Cécile Demailly and everyone else! Great idea!! Here are some additional options of books I have already read, still going through, or on my must-read-before-I-die kind of thing, but that due to lack of time have got them on my reads for the future :)

Digital Habitats; stewarding technology for communities by Etienne Wenger, Nancy White & John Smith

Net Smart: How to Thrive Online by Howard Rheingold

Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do: A Manager's Guide to the Social Web by Euan Semple

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Reinventing the Workplace for the 21st Century By Steve Denning

Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization by Dave Logan, John King, Halee Fischer-Wright

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky

The Connected Company by Dave Gray

And a few others that would be more like for general audiences hehe ... Ok, folks, +Bertrand Duperrin +Emanuele Quintarelli +Martin Koser +Lee Bryant +Ana Silva +Ana Neves +anthony poncier +David Cushman +Martijn Linssen +Bjoern Negelmann +Joachim Stroh +Claire Flanagan +Gia Lyons +CheeChin Liew +Cordelia Krooß +Oscar Berg +cecil dijoux +John Hagel +Kevin Jones +Jon Husband +Bill Ives +Jack Vinson +Stowe Boyd +Thierry de Baillon +Stephen Collins +Dave Gray +Ross Dawson +Gordon Ross +Rachel Happe +Harold Jarche +Greg Lloyd +Esteban Kolsky and whoever else you can keep adding further along... what are your favourite picks for +Cécile Demailly

Please keep adding further up into this thread... Thanks! :)

Many of my favorite reads are already covered, but I'll add a few books on related themes such as leadership and change:

"Rework" by Fried & Heinemeier Hansson
"Groundswell" by Li & Bernoff
"The Cluetrain Manifesto" by Levine, Locks, Searls, Weinberger
"The Culture of Collaboration" by Rosen
"The Future of Management" by Hamel
"Drive" by Daniel H Pink
"Unanticipated Gains" by Small
"Social Media At Work" by Jue, Alacalde Marr, Kassotakis
"Tribes" and "Linchpin" Seth Godin
"No Fear" by Peka A Viljakainen
"Far from the Factory" by Gonzalez-Rivas & Larsson
"Making Ideas Happen" by Scott Belsky
"The Knowing-Doing Gap" by Pfeffer & Sutton
"Wikipatterns" by Stewart Mader
It just occurred to me that +Cécile Demailly may not see this thread, so I'm adding her. Thanks much all! This is great!
The Collaboration Imperative by Ron Ricci and Carl Wiese
Oh, how could I forget such an important book! "The Social Media Mind" by David Amerland. MUST READ BOOK!
Many of the books I would recommend were already cited here (Cluetrain, Power of Pull, Drive, the ones from Shirky...).

On the topic of organizational change I would add "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" from Chip and Dan Heath. Wikinomics (by Tapscott & Williams, the same authors of Macrowikinomics) is still a great starting point to understand the global mass collaboration trend.

(Hey +Samuel Driessen, this thread needs you :) )
+Susan Scrupski thanks for pushing it ! +Nilofer Merchant +Joachim Stroh +Meg Tufano +Gordon Ross +Mark Eggleston +Oscar Berg +Luis Suarez +Mark Masterson many thanks - this is a strong list and will probably continue to grow.
Had several of them in my own list, plus The Collective Intelligence Genome, from Malone & al (MIT Sloan Management), and although a little away from the subject, The Shallows from Nicholas Carr (gives a background thinking).
Gordon, I like when you mention Max Boisot, he was one of my preferred teacher in Oxford on organisational change, great theories and discussions, sad he died young last year.
Great list! Lots of my favorites. Two more:
- We are smarter than me, Libert & Spector (short, fun book about crowdsourcing, socbiz concepts. Easy read.)
- The Information, Gleick (great read about how the concept of information has changed over the years. Moderate read.)
- How we became posthuman, Hayles (relates to the Cluetrain, but more about cybernetics and how modern IT changes the definition of information. Not an easy read.)
- The Tipping Point, Gladwell (Easy read)
Goodness!! +Cécile Demailly & +Susan Scrupski, look at what you guys have started over here! This Plus post surely is becoming my all time favourite for this year so far! And while my credit card is not very happy at the moment, my Kindle is rocking the stage!! Yay!! Thanks much everyone for sharing all of these recommendations! Please do keep them coming along! :)
+Cécile Demailly, if you have the time, it would be great to have all these books in a spreadsheet. (a google share spreadsheet, so people can add to it, comment on the books.)
Hello +Cécile Demailly & +Susan Scrupski that's a long and strong list.. Wouldn't it be nice, if there is a kind "social book listing" site (not spreadsheet) - where a group of people can share a list of book on a topic, and then "vote and discuss" about each of them??

Basically all of my favorites "E2.0" books are covered above. In addition, I would recommend:
Living Leadership: A Practical Guilde for Ordinary Heroes, by George Bunney, et al. -
It is no about "E2.0", but about leadership that can really lives in organizations by lead between people and not .. above people.

PS. Thanks +Luis Suarez for pointing me to this book listing.
"Dragonfly Effect" by Jennifer Aaker & Andy Smith (Books by Clay Shirky & the Heath brothers, mentioned above, are also at the top of the list)
This is a very strong list - some very favourite books in here. Let me add two adjacent books that may fit for some CEOs:

Change by Design by Tim Brown, to be read for change management inspiration, rather short 'n sweet


Strategic Management and Organisational Dynamics: The challenge of complexity to ways of thinking about organisations by Ralph Stacey - a massive work on the complexities we're dealing with (and a very worthwhile read) - change management, social business complexities et al. and leveraging / enabling emergent outcomes. (cc:+Gordon Ross)

(well, it's really hard to distill books into 2-3 sentences)
Wow, what an amazing list! And somewhat intimidating too! We need a way to "vote up" the most important, lead someone through the topics ie "in which order do I read them?" and as has been suggested a way to comment etc.

Isn't there an app for that!?
Great point +Simon Scullion . Maybe this is what +CheeChin Liew was getting at... a site that deals specifically with books. . Can we do this with Amazon? I seem to recall a list feature, but not sure.
+Susan Scrupski +Simon Scullion +CheeChin Liew I agree it would be nice to have an enhanced reading list.

I've academics I know using Citeulike - ergonomics are a bit ... say ... academic ;), but it may fit our needs.

I created a group for our reading list here: (Group name: Change Toward Enterprise 2.0 Practitioners reading list) and I'm starting to populate it.

You may register quickly to Citeulike by allowing it to pull you FB info (or, for +Luis Suarez , you may create a profile from scratch). Then there's option for a Toolbar button to add books/articles, add notes, reviews, etc. and a few 2.0 features.

Let me know what you think - and if there's any other better app you know of, then we'll change.
We could create a Google Plus Page (or +Susan Scrupski could) and we could all have access and start an annotated bibliography (write next to the book what it meant to us).
Yes +Susan Scrupski, that's just what I meant! And, I have to say .. +Cécile Demailly you are fast!!

Well, at first, Citeulike really look-and-feel a bit academic.. Unlike its layout, it does have some 2.0 features and seems to work fine for our needs! So, let's give it a try.. ;-)

Just as +Luis Suarez, I am also not a FB user - I will have to create a profile from scratch, too. Since I can read and sort the list without logging in, let me join in later this week, in the coming long weekend.
+Oscar Berg I cannot find the "No Fear" book?  Can you give me some more hints?  Thanks.  Best--  --Meg
+Cécile Demailly I love the Citeyoulike!  Especially because it puts pictures of the bookcovers there.  In tandem with your work, I created an annotated bibliography (mostly using descriptions from Amazon) (in alphabetical order, with G+ buttons as suggested by +Simon Scullion ), and I've learned a lot just reading the descriptions ...but it's not finished yet here:

+Oscar Berg +Ana Silva +CheeChin Liew +Susan Scrupski +Simon Scullion +Nigel Barron +Andrew Knevitt +Martin Koser +JP Rangaswami +John Stepper +Luis Suarez +Nilofer Merchant +john seely brown +Samuel Driessen +Dave Gray +Joachim Stroh 
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