Let's get a strong list going. This will be helpful to all of us. +Luis Suarez +Euan Semple Please add people to this thread, so they see it. +Sameer Patel

One book I'd add is Zach Tumin's "Collaborate or Perish." We're having a Q&A with him in the Council today. http://www.amazon.com/Collaborate-Perish-Reaching-Boundaries-Networked/dp/0307592391
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I’m looking for some good books or articles of reference to read on Enterprise 2.0, rather for corporate leaders. I’m rather targeting organizational change and organizational strategy than marketing/market strategy. I've already in my list McAfee's book, MacroWikinomics by Tapscott and Williams, the new "Social Business by Design" by Hinchcliffe and Kim, and Humanize by Notter and Grant (highly recommended by +Susan Scrupski ).

Which other books (or articles of reference) would you recommend as a good read for corporate leaders?
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