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Following up on some to-do's from +Search Marketing Expo (SMX) last week.

Some publishers observed that the Author Stats feature in Google Webmaster Tools only shows you stats for pages that your personal authorship markup appears on, so publishers (e.g. a newspaper with multiple authors writing for it) can't see Author Stats for the authors that write on their site.

However, the Author Stats feature just shows the same data that's available in our Search Queries feature; the only reason we provide a special feature for authors is because they may not be a verified owner of a site they write for, but would still like to see stats for their articles.

If you're a publisher who wants to be able to see Author Stats for the authors on your site, can you tell me what you're looking for that isn't currently available through the Search Queries feature? Thanks!

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It's under the "Labs" menu, and you'd have to be logged into Webmaster Tools with the same Google Account that is linked in your authorship markup. (That's kind of the point I'm asking about above -- if you're an owner of, should you be able to see Author Stats from that site even if you're not logged in with a particular author's account?)
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