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Some more follow-ups from questions asked at #SMX West:

Q: Can you show some examples of sites using hreflang?
A: Google Play (formerly the Android App Store) and Google Help Centers are among the sites using it. Check out this search, where you see the German listing for the Google Authenticator app being boosted up above the English listing:
Or this one, where you see the German Help Center article for installing 2-step verification boosted up above the English one:

Q: Why doesn't Webmaster Tools include the date range of the data being downloaded in its download files?
A: We removed this information from our Search Queries download file because it caused the files to not be in correct CSV format. However, the filenames of our downloads generally include the date range or the date the file was downloaded (whichever is more applicable to the particular feature or data you're downloading).

Q: If I have URLs in my Sitemap that are rel="alternate" hreflang="x" equivalents of each other, will the number of indexed Sitemap URLs shown in Webmaster Tools include all of those URLs, or just one per hreflang "cluster?"
A: As you saw in the examples above, if you've marked up your pages with hreflang markup and we boost a more relevant regional URL up, both URLs still appear in our search results right now (i.e. both are indexed). As such, we count both in your Sitemaps' indexed URL count.
However, if we detect that some URLs in your Sitemap are duplicates of each other, e.g. and, we only record 1 indexed URL for that group of URLs because we only show one of them in our search results (we don't show the exact duplicates).

Q: Why are my Geo Sitemaps throwing errors in Webmaster Tools?
A: Google has retired support for the Geo Sitemaps format. You can continue to submit your Geo content to us using the standard Sitemaps format (just listing the URL of the file(s), without <geo>-specific tags).

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Susan, can you tell me exactly what you mean by "Google has retired support for the Geo Sitemaps format"?

Does this mean that KML files as a whole are no longer supported in any fashion, or are speaking to a completely different subject?
We still support KML files.
We previously supported an extension to the Sitemaps protocol where you could include tags in your XML Sitemaps that contained geo-specific information in addition to the URL of your KML file. We no longer support those geo-specific XML tags in Sitemaps, but you can still submit the URLs of your KML files in a standard Sitemap format.
Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate the explanation.
Hi Susan,
I've been having the same "warnings" come up in google webmaster tools concerning my geo sitemap... and has take a little while to get this answer, thanks for the post.
Just a suggestion but wouldn't it be of more help to a lot of people to have left in the page about geo sitemaps on this page in webmaster tools: (and mention clearly that it is no longer supported, and how users should now use normal sitemap urls) instead of deleting that page as if geo sitemaps never existed ?
Yeah, probably; I'll look into that. Thanks!
Hey thanks I just removed the geo tag from the xml file and kml file is indexed looks like a quick fix for this problem
so now can i use the KML files or not and how to show the map in Google search results
Hi Susan, My web designer made a grammar mistake in the title tag and has submitted it to Goggle,by the time I noticed this it was too late How can I change (refresh the title?) The page has a new Title tag  but  Goggle hasn't "seen"it yet for 2 days.Many thanks.
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