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Last night my brother shared with me his To Do list for Life. It was a pretty awesome list. It included:
- Drink pumpkin ale
- Learn capoeira
- Get a kilt
- Touch a baby's gums before their teeth come in
- Grow a handlebar moustache and get in an old-timey bare-knuckle boxing match.
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Pumpkin ale? Uhm... don't think so ... Doesn't attract me ....
I already have a kilt or at least a similar skirt ;)
I'm sure I've touched my babies' gums pre-teeth ... checking for teeth LOL
Can't yet grow any moustache, but maybe in 10-20 years ....Ugh ...
Bare knuckle boxing is just karate without the protocol.
Capoeira sound like lots of fun and perhaps even doable ....  
I've got him covered on the baby gum part. Get over here. I have a disgusting little knuckle biter just waiting for a fresh hand to gnaw on. 
Hehe ... been there already, now it's your turn;)
susan. what the heck is pumkin ale and how do i git me some in china yo?
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