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My brother made Smashing Pumpkins for Halloween.

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#lifechanging #LucyNeatby

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Looking forward to this talk! Feel free to join me (it's free) -- Town Hall Seattle, next Wednesday.

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OMG. Come to Seattle, please!!!
#Fluevog #DIY

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If you need a break from political coverage, this is easily worth 40 minutes of your time.
#Seahawks #BeastMode

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Attention, my New York-y friends!
Next month I'm singing in a concert in NYC at Carnegie Hall. Here are several good reasons for you to attend:
1) It's a benefit concert for homelessness.
2) The music is really good.
3) I will be there.
4) Some other famous people will be there.

I hope you will come!!

Saturday, Sept. 24


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My next million-dollar idea: Making shirts like this, except with NFL quarterbacks. THE QUARTERBACK IS IN THE POCKET. I want a little Russell Wilson head peeking out, with his throwing arm up. We could make them for every team. Put them on polo shirts, embroidered like the LaCoste crocodile. This is gonna be huge.
#pocketprotection #GoHawks

Political thoughts for the day:
1) I wonder if the Never Trump movement will try to get the reps in the electoral college to not vote the way their states vote? (Mirroring the popular vote is actually not required in many states.)
2) Some politician should adopt the blackberry as their sigil. Blackberries are thorny, invasive and tenacious as f**k, but once they're there they're so delicious that you don't really want them to leave. I'm writing in blackberries for president.

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This hits home, right in the sweet spot of stereotypes we have about rich and poor people.
P.S. F*ck Scott Walker.
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