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Susan McIntire
An artist and photographer living Aloha and creating integrated mindful art.
An artist and photographer living Aloha and creating integrated mindful art.

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Chirpify app drops hashtag commerce to focus on brands sales on #socialmedia. Do you have chirpify? I've used it successfully on Instagram for my photos to offer free downloads but big brands may need to carve way for wider use/acceptance.

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A #Facebook like is now covered by 1st amendment.

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Research is in... Just like there is no bad publicity, there is no bad ratings. Solicit feedback on your blog or podcast or whatever, the more the merrier. Even negative ones are neutralized over time.

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Useful yet still humorous video. Success in 8 words, 3 minutes.

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May have to try this...
The new Pʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ENGAGERS Cɪʀᴄʟᴇ is out!    [May 30, 2013]  Consistently Fantastic!  Great participation!

Quick start instructions:
➀  post a URL link to a G+ photo in the comments below,
➁  check out some photos from others and +1 and comment on them,
➂  publicly share this circle-post, from a new friend's stream (instead of ours)
➃  +1 this post to say "thanks", and add this circle  (replace it every week)

You will get a comment from us and be added (or stay in) the circle share next week!  Questions?  Ask in comments below - you'll get help!

Full story: This circle is for meeting engaging G+ users about photography.  The interaction happens in the comments and re-shares.  Every Thursday, post a link to a photo from your stream during the last week in the comments below.  It can be your photo or someone else's (with name).  Then from the comments here, check out someone's link, and comment on / critique that photo.  Try to pick someone new each week, so you will meet new people and make new friends (more than 1 is ok too).  Re-sharing their circle-share helps them learn about Ripples!

Results: your photos will get more exposure, you will be circled more, and you'll find active people to add to your stream.  Re-sharing this circle is highly recommended, and some form of engagement is mandatory, as are photos in your public stream.  That will result in a curated circle that's always fresh!

Biggest Ripple last week: +Markus Guhl with 9!  Nice work to those that helped him: +DialAFlight, +Kathy McLeman, +Chetan Jain, +Ree Saunders, +Tami Quigley, +Heiko Köster, and +Peter Grew!

The average share-chain length (ripple) for the whole group was 2.9 Very good!  77% of all the shares were ripples, 23% were solo shares.  Getting better all the time!

Top Influencers last week: +Markus Guhl, +Sara Schiavi, and +Nathan FirebaughSpecial thanks to you too!

See the Hall of Fame Album for more details!

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#howtousegoogleplus #beautifulphotographs #HDR #newtogoogleplus

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Amanda, our oldest granddaughter, has been missing since yesterday. Please help us find her. Thanks!

My kitty, Dreamcatcher's, workout.

Check out my Flipboard app magazine to learn how art helps kids to be better students in all areas. Art in education

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My heart goes out to all affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. ...memorabilia from when my husband ran The Boston Marathon (not today).. Thoughts and prayers are with you in Boston. So tragic. I am at a loss for words. A friend of ours finished just ten minutes prior to the explosions today and is very shook up.
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