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So, one thing about G+ is there is a ton of recycling of the same stories...I guess on Twitter there is more variety of folks involved so more content....just saying :)

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Depth of thought provoking discovery in Beth's latest post - I especially liked the agree/disagree exercise.

80% of my social feed is mobile - is this because mobile is truly taking over the world, or have I become a one topic pony?

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Mobile is an evolving marketplace, no doubt.

Choose a Mobile vendor who:
"Understand both digital and consumer trends
Realize how technology is changing the world, but from a consumer perspective, and not business
Bring deep mobile experience
Train and educate people internally around mobile"

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Love it - Great Summary! - I am a woman, I'm here and I'm proud... but all I've seen are G+ experts...
Google+: The First Four Weeks
Week 1: Squee! New toys. Let's explore.
Week 2: G+ Tips and tricks. Everyone's new, so everyone's an expert.
Week 3: Wait! Where are the women?
Week 4: Pseudonym wars. Anonymous Pseudonymous was a woman. And she's outta here.

That sums up the activity in my circles. What happened in yours?

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Really Important Article about Mobile & Enterprise IT

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Love it!
Solar-powered dancing sushi. Makes me proud to be Japanese:

By the way, I'm in a restaurant called Gordon Ramsay, and it has the best bread I've ever eaten. Something called Irish soda bread.

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Great article about how to approach your profile and make sure your message gets out on mobile, have you looked in the "mirror" lately?
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