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Well that was a $12 mistake. :-( Normally I check all information very carefully before ordering something and I sure thought I ordered the correct TV mount. But when we started looking at it today to install has the wrong size holes on it. :-(

Amazon will take it back but wants me to pay for return shipping for $9.something. And the RV park charged me a $2 fee for having a package delivered here.

OUCH. But Camping World has the one we want/need and they have it on sale for $20 less than Amazon right. Only problem it has to be delivered to the store but should arrive on Friday.

Now just waiting on CW to get back to me about our annual inspection and see if they will mount the TV for me. I'm a little nervous about screwing this mount to the existing structure. Our old TV weighed more and had a heavy mount but this little wall piece doesn't feel secure to me. So I'd rather have a "professional" check it out before putting the new TV on it.

So...another week with a TV sitting in the floor...but...once it's done it's gonna be GREAT! Looking forward to having a Samsung TV in the mid ship.
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Well, I had good intentions today. Our day was supposed to to see Lew Sterrett and the horses while I get the work done I need to do, then they come back clean up, have lunch and then while me and one daughter do a sewing project while the other kids go and learn about caring for horses and then do other activities finishing our evening with a Bible teaching.

The reality was....I got a few things done. I did get the parts ordered that we need. Our hot water heater door lost it's grill on the way here so I had to find out what to order to replace it. And I did get the closet door latches that broke AGAIN ordered. I got the two kids who broke their teeth, literally one cracked a tooth in half and the other broke off the tip of a front tooth scheduled for the dentist next week and I made reservations for us to stay in DFW while we get that done.

But that was when the kitchen sink exploded! So...instead of cleaning the RV now everything from under the kitchen sink is in the middle of the floor. Lindsay was great at taking it apart and finding the leak.

So...we went to town to see if Ace Hardware had what we needed to fix it. We got the parts. I even showed the guy there what we had. You'd think HE would have seen what we didn't.

Then back to Longview AGAIN to drop off a broken fan with UPS so we get our money back for it.

Back to camp and Lindsay tried to repair the sink and THEN noticed little piece is actually broken off the other piece. SO....nope...we can't just clean it and reseal it.

So...find a camping world. Now drive to Tyler to Camping World to get the replacement sink drain parts. UGH.

Then over to Walmart to pick up another $9 bicycle for Jennifer. After 2 or 3 days of trying to get her bike working I pulled the receipt. Yep...her 2 year warranty is up in December. So...contacted the warranty company and they approved a refund for the broken bike.

So....picked up another bike and had to stop at Lowes to get some tool cleaner because Jennifer has decided that the boys left all the tools in the tool box RUSTED and she thinks she can clean them.

Finally, back home for Lindsay to repair the sink.

But...we got nothing done that we intended to do today. We missed this evenings speaker. The two little kids did get to do some activities since Grandma is here and Jennifer and Mary Emma both got to do a sewing project today while Lindsay and I drove back and forth to town! Glad Grandma was here to fill in for me today!

Maybe tomorrow we will get to have FUN and do activities and hear the speaker!

I sure hope nothing else decides to leak today!

The good thing is...Lindsay decided, "I can fix this!" and she isn't giving up on it. I think living in the RV especially without the boys has made my girls step things up a notch. I see them taking on more and more tasks and learning how to do things and doing it themselves instead of me having to hire someone.

And...the good thing is...we're at ALERT. So if she gets stuck and can't fix it...I'm sure we can find an ALERT man to come over and help her out.
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Yesterday while Matthew got to roam around and play with all the boys...the girls all went in search of the little quilt shop Mrs. Tanner introduced us to a year or two ago. We found it! I'm NOT a quilter...but I do love all the colorful fabrics they have and the amazing designs they create.

Not only did we pick up a few things so Mary Emma can make her first quilt. She's going to make one for her I'm hoping it won't be too challenging for either of us...BUT....we also got to see...MRS. TANNER!

We are sad that Col and Mrs. Tanner are no longer at the ALERT facility. They felt it was time to do something else. The girls and I were talking and hoping that maybe they would stop by Family Camp to say hi.

Instead...we bumped into Mrs. Tanner at the quilt shop! So nice to see her. I think she's in her heaven on earth in that shop. She is a fantastic quilter and it is definitely a hobby she loves. SO...she is working at the shop and teaching others how to do what she enjoys. What a nice bonus to get to see her and hear that they are enjoying their new season of life.

I know many of us at ALERT will miss them both. They put a lot of heart, soul and spirit into this place including a lot of hard work!'s good to see them enjoying something new.
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How Could you Not Know? Evil and Secret Lives
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Made it to Joplin, Missouri and the huge Petro truck stop! Planning to sleep with the trucks tonight and hopefully get to the Cummins at Tulsa tomorrow to get my annual service done.
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Well that was FUN and definitely a FIRST. Somehow I got connected with someone doing an RV podcast and they wanted to interview a fulltiming single parent. SO...just finished up a 1 hour interview with them.

I hope it was interesting enough for their subscribers.
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