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Susan Lasky
Productivity, ADD/ADHD & Organization Coach
Productivity, ADD/ADHD & Organization Coach

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Have a wonderful holiday season, but just in case, here are some tips to minimize the stress!

Join me tonight in NYC for this presentation on Decision-Making!

CHADD of New York is proud to present:
Strategies to Conquer Decision-Making Dread
(or at least make the process easier!)

Presented by Susan Lasky MA, BCC, SCAC
Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Many people with #ADHD (or without) struggle – even obsess – over making decisions. In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the techniques that can help you to clarify your options and make the ‘best’ choice. Learn how to avoid the dreaded feelings of Overwhelm, Paralysis by Analysis, Decision-Making Fatigue or Rush-to-Get-It-Over-With Disasters. Discover new tools and strategies to help you make up your mind and take appropriate action.
• Techniques for easier #decision making
• Tools to avoid anxiety over making decisions
• Develop the key skills necessary for making the “best” choice

Susan Lasky is a board-certified #productivity coach, senior certified ADHD coach and master strategist, professional organizer and business consultant. She has been helping adults and students with ADHD and executive function challenges since 1989, when she co-founded CHADD of NYC.

Target audience: Anyone having issues with decision making are welcome.
Date & Time: 10/18/16 – 5:55PM (Doors close soon after) to ~7:20PM
Where: 65 East 89th St, Manhattan Parish Office of St Thomas More, between Madison/Park Aves)
Meetings are free, with a $10 donation requested. Please leave the kids at home. No food, please.

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There's still time for tonight's show! I’ll be the next Guest Expert on @RealCrusherTV tonight at 7pmPST/10pmEDT. Please “tune in” to this unique online TV show that teaches productivity brain hacks. Find out more and watch a preview of my episode, 'Just Say NO,' at Hope you can join and watch!

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Check out my article in the latest edition of ADDitude magazine: 5 Secrets to Outsmarting Time
‪#‎time_management‬ ‪#‎adhd‬ ‪#‎project_management‬

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There's a big difference between #Motivation and #Activation.
You can really want to do something (motivation) yet still have difficulty getting started. Activation requires clarity (knowing exactly what you want to do), process (how you'll get it done) and time-management (when you'll do it). Activation may also require kick-starting your brain. So be kind to yourself! (And if you're stuck on Activation, consider a coach.)

Looking forward to my call-in radio interview with Claudia McDonnell on ‪#‎WVOX‬ (1460am or listen online) this Monday, 1/18 at 11am ET. We'll be discussing what makes it so challenging to get things done - especially getting organized. Whether it's your home, work, thoughts or life, there are strategies to make ‪#‎organization‬ easier and sustainable.

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One of the most painful things about having #ADHD is the challenge of getting stuff done.  I remind my clients (and myself) that "ADD is not a disorder of not knowing what to do, but of doing what you know." Sooo frustrating (and they think we just don't care enough!)   Dr. Stephanie Sarkis perfectly describes ADHD as a disorder of motivation. "The brain has difficulty motivating itself to do tasks, and it is also difficult for it to tear itself from other tasks.”

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This October – Get More Done with Less Stress!
Two new, very affordable programs (teleclass and in-person), for people who feel overwhelmed or held back by #ADHD or #EF challenges like time management, organization, prioritization, activation (getting started) or completion.  Both programs begin in late-October and offer practical training, non-judgmental accountability and peer support.  Register and information: or call 914-373-4787.
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