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Susan Lackey
👋Taking things one day at a time
👋Taking things one day at a time

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Just curious, how many of you use bullet journal along with an app, such as todoist? If so, how do you incorporate the two?

Okay, newb question of the day. What is the difference between OK Google and S Voice? 

I just picked up my Note 4. For those of you with Verizon, do you prefer the Verizon or Samsung messaging app?

Hey all! So, I am going to be moving from the iPhone (don't slam me too bad 😩) to the Note 4 this week. To help me get started, would you mind recommending some of your "must have" apps for me?


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I love the BuJu concept, but am also a major techie and l like to help the environment and save paper as well. I always have either my phone or tablet with me, so I have set up my bullet journal in OneNote. I thought I would share some photos of my setup on my iPad with you.

I put an X next to the date to indicate I have completed all items for that day. I have tabs for each month, projects and collections.
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Anyone BuJo in One Note? If so, would love to see screen shots. 

Sorry to be a pest, but I can't seem to search from my phone. Would someone mind reposting Ryder Carroll's new bullet key from the kickstarter campaign again? I would much appreciate it. 

Hey all, I am seriously considering the Note for my next upgrade. I see a lot of men using them. I am curious to hear from the ladies, are they too big for our smaller hands or are you pretty comfortable with it?

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I would like to check it out, please. 
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