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Just curious, how many of you use bullet journal along with an app, such as todoist? If so, how do you incorporate the two?
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I use 2Do as my running project list and as the place I process "not today" tasks into. So when I am sitting down in the morning, I set up my daily page, check yesterday, check 2Do, check my calendar, make my plan and I'm off!

Anything that is a collection that might last beyond one notebook (which I burn through in 2 months ... maybe 3 if it's slow) gets digitized in 2Do or Evernote. Anything that won't make it out of the notebook's life span (tasks for the week, short term lists) stays in the BuJo.

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I just picked up my Note 4. For those of you with Verizon, do you prefer the Verizon or Samsung messaging app?
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+Curtis White I use both Google and textra I go back and forth 
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Susan Lackey

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I love the BuJu concept, but am also a major techie and l like to help the environment and save paper as well. I always have either my phone or tablet with me, so I have set up my bullet journal in OneNote. I thought I would share some photos of my setup on my iPad with you.

I put an X next to the date to indicate I have completed all items for that day. I have tabs for each month, projects and collections.
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How is this going? I am trying out using onenote for my bullet journal for the simple reason that I always have my iphone with me, but I don't always have my notebook. 
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Susan Lackey

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I would like to check it out, please.
I have 10 notesmartly invites[iPhone and iPad]. if anybody wants one?
All in on place. Put everything that matters in one place.The Notebook, WideBoard and ScribbPad makes it all the more easy to capture and share everything. Collaborate in context. Plan your tasks and communicate in the same place and same time. Make sure that everyone is heard and nothing goes ...
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Hello Susan, finished my corr. classes and now i am in san antonio tx looking for work and also further my classes with NCCER , some advice and maybe a local contract..... thank you !
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Okay, newb question of the day. What is the difference between OK Google and S Voice? 
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+Susan Lackey camera very underrated too so many modes play with 
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Hey all! So, I am going to be moving from the iPhone (don't slam me too bad 😩) to the Note 4 this week. To help me get started, would you mind recommending some of your "must have" apps for me?

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Susan Lackey

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Anyone BuJo in One Note? If so, would love to see screen shots. 
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So, I now have my bullet journal all set up in OneNote, and I have to say, I absolutely love it. No more problems with future planning, or anything else. I should have done this ages ago.
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Susan Lackey

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Sorry to be a pest, but I can't seem to search from my phone. Would someone mind reposting Ryder Carroll's new bullet key from the kickstarter campaign again? I would much appreciate it. 
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Hey all, I am seriously considering the Note for my next upgrade. I see a lot of men using them. I am curious to hear from the ladies, are they too big for our smaller hands or are you pretty comfortable with it?
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Awesome, thank you so much for the feedback. I'm convinced. 
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Susan Lackey

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Am I the only one who prefers gmail over inbox?
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no you're not. Ditched inbox quite soon waaaay too under featured .. gmail lite for the hipster crowd - it's garbage.

blue mail , mailwise and cloud magic on the other hand ......
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👋Taking things one day at a time
I am passionate about my family, my job and bariatrics/weight loss surgery.  I want to help others achieve their goals and have fun along the way.
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Goodness, I only go here when I absolutely have to. They have a great selection of items and the prices are fabulous as well. However, and I guess this is true with every Walmart, why the heck do they have 40 checkout lanes and never more that three or four open. You can never, ever just go in, grab something and get out quickly because you know you are going to be in line for a minimum of ten minutes.
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Went there to purchase my first gun, and had a lot of misconceptions about what I thought I needed. The staff there are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They spent the time to help me make the right choice for me.
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I was not impressed. The food was pretty greasy, but even more of a turnoff was the fact the place was filthy.
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