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Susan Gainen
Whimsical WIldlife Documentarian, Career Strategy Consultant
Whimsical WIldlife Documentarian, Career Strategy Consultant


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A must for people trying to operate businesses in the FB space.

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I will watch the rebroadcast!
The beginning of the year is a popular time to create personal objectives and set goals. Setting goals is critical to long-term success, but goal-setting alone is not enough. Join Barney Davey and Jason Horejs as they explore approaches to setting goals and share techniques and tools that will help you reach your goals.

Ask questions live during the broadcast or go to to post a question.

Start Time

4:00 pm Pacific
5:00 pm Arizona
5:00 pm Mountain
6:00 pm Central
7:00 pm Eastern

Midnight GMT

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Painted Pigs Honoring the Minnesota State Fair
Painted Pigs for the State Fair Spotted Pig 3D Pig Salted Pig With no animal husbandry in my family, my entry into the Swine category in the Minnesota State Fair would have to be painted. You won't find them at the Fair, though, as they were completed much ...

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Progress report on my WARM Mentor-Protege showpiece from The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul.

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Cave Painting Progress: Cat faces
I am an unabashed cat lover, having been managed by cats since 1972. Fitting, then, to honor cats in the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul Installation for the WARM Mentor-Protege Show . Russian Blue Ancestor The Cat Panel August 19 work-in-progress The Cat...

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Law School Orientation: good, bad or horrid
First year orientation: when it's good, it's very very good, and when it's bad, it's horrid First year orientation planners. First year orientation is planned by people who want you to have a good time and to learn a lot about being a law student and a litt...

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Sometimes progress on a big project really looks large. This is a 5x5x2 panel (almost as tall as I am). The WARM Mentor-Protege program has been an excellent experience that I would recommend to any woman artist in Minnesota.

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WARM Cave Painting Update: The Elephant
The WARM (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota) Mentor-Protege Show is coming in October, and, having had two years to conceive and to work on this piece, a progress report is in order. Materials review   This project consists of five 5x2' primed aluminum pan...
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