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How to Teach Math to a Musician

Does your creative student struggle with math? 

JK Mergens from +Learn Math Fast shares with us:

After homeschooling my son from birth to college, writing a math curriculum, and talking to hundreds of homeschooling parents, I believe that musicians and artists require a different approach when it comes to learning math.

They have brilliant minds, but they process numbers differently. So I have developed some unique ways to help teach math to musically wired minds.

Find out how music and numbers can find common ground with a very helpful video.

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Love this weekly Pinning Party!  
Be sure to check out all of the amazing resources - 
How to Get Started Homeschooling at The Ultimate Homeschool Pinning Party!
Join us? Come link up your Pinterest profile, favorite board and/or favorite pins:

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I stopped counting a long time ago!  

The books in our home library are spread all around the house to encourage a love of reading and learning.  

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500 Books is the Magic Number for a Home Library
In this interesting post from (client) +BookShark by +Brenda P , I learned that a home library of 500 books offers the optimum impact on a child's educational choices. Fascinating! Of course, the number probably isn't as important as having a family environment that cherishes books and learning.
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Surprise! Our (Very Effective) Algebra Tutor is a Video Game

Math is not a favorite subject in our house.

When we began focusing more on algebra my kids claimed to understand the concepts they were learning, but nothing seemed to “stick”. We agreed they needed a little more help to better grasp and retain the concepts.  Maybe they needed an Algebra tutor.

Our new algebra tutor actually came in the form of a video game - DragonBox 12+.

DragonBox offers many benefits to my family:
- The kids work through chapters independently
- As they describe the game to me I can tell they are learning and retaining the concepts
- Feedback is immediate and helps them learn how to complete each problem most efficiently

It is also a plus that the game is affordable, portable, and very engaging for kids of all ages! 

DragonBox is hosting a BIG Giveaway too, so don't miss this chance to get a FREE game for your family.

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Exploring the American Pioneers - a note booking unit for middle school students.

This creative approach encourages students to complete research independently and document their learning in a straightforward and meaningful way.

Download for FREE now!! 
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FREE American Pioneer Notebooking Unit for Middle School for all of our subscribers.

We've developed a 20 page guide for you to use as you study the Pioneers of the American Frontier. Use it as a way to record what you are learning or as a springboard to direct your learning. 

If you enjoyed our Exploring the 13 Colonies Guide, then you'll love this one!

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Look at all of these amazing FREE homeschool resources our +iHomeschool Network friends have gathered!  

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The Best Things in Life Are Free

Browse this linkup of posts featuring amazing FREE resources for #homeschool families! #iHSnet

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FREE Literature Resources for Students

Are you looking for creative ideas to help kids get more excited about reading?
Over the years we have found that kids enjoy and understand classic literature best when they can “bring their learning to life” through discussions and hands-on activities.

We have collected 40 fun FREE literature resources older kids will really FLIP (the pages) FOR!

- Learning Activities for Classic Titles, Authors & Subjects
- Printables
- Ideas for Starting Book Clubs
- Sites with FREE Audio Books
- Sites Offering FREE Study Guides
- Sites to Download Literature for FREE

We are also including a GIVEAWAY with even more wonderful Literature Resources from +Susan Evans +7 Sisters Homeschool +Kat Reader and DK Publishing.

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5 Handy Geography Websites for Middle School Students

Remember those country reports we all created when we were in middle school?
We were required to look up statistics like land area, languages spoken, population, etc. 

As we are moving through our middle and high school geography lessons I am starting to realize how valuable these reports really are!

My children love trivia and interesting facts therefore they have enjoyed completing these "Fact File" reports. Some of the information can be found in an atlas or almanac, but others require a bit of research on geography websites.

#homeschool   #ihsnet   #middleschool   #geography  

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How Creative Kids Are Exploring Career Options – With Book GIVEAWAY!

It is beneficial for kids of all ages to think and ask questions about the many different jobs they see people doing as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Then, as they get a little older, kids will hopefully be aware of a wide variety of jobs and can begin to explore careers that might be a good fit with their interests and skills.

Since my own teens are beginning to think about entering the workforce I decided to ask around to find out how other kids are exploring career options.

Here are a few examples of how creative teens are taking initiative to follow their interests, build work skills, and learn more about potential careers.

Don't miss the GIVEAWAY - brand new CAREERS book written FOR TEENS!
#homeschool   #careers   #teens  

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How to Make Edible Maps

Food + Learning = Combination Kids Love!

We first made these maps in a Geography co-op several years ago, and it seems we have to revisit it at least once a school year!

 I'm so happy to be sharing this fun project today with +Kris Bales at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.
I can absolutely love posts on my own site when they're written by a contributing writer, correct? That's not bragging; it's complimenting the author. I love this tutorial from +Susan F Williams on how to make an edible map with crispy rice cereal because the best learning is the hands-on kind and the best projects are the edible ones!

#handsonlearning #geography #maps #homeschooling  
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