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So, if I have my new +Google Wallet card and I  have $4 in my Wallet account and I use it to buy a $10 item...

I have 2 credit cards and 1 bank account attached to my Wallet.

1. Does it get the $6 from one of the credit cards?  Which one?
2.  Does it get the $6 from the bank account?
3.  Is my purchase rejected because I don't have $10 in the Wallet?

Inquiring minds want to know... also I do.
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Hey Susan! Great question. Your Google Wallet Card is funded by your Wallet balance. You can add to your Wallet balance with a bank account, credit card or debit card. Plus, manage your balance on-the-go with the Wallet app before making a purchase.
So the answer is $3, right?  

Until I have the Wallet funded at the $10 or greater level, I will not be able to spend $10 using it.  Right?

I just want to make sure I understand.  
+Susan Dennis yes that is correct from reading up on this new card. You must have the balance you are trying to pay or the payment will be rejected. 
Not to throw any more confusion into the mix, but a Googler in a different thread had this to say:

"I've had one (perks of being a Googler). It will try to use Wallet Balance first (just like using Google Wallet does now)/. If your balance isn't high enough, it will fall back to the card on file.

While I didn't test this precise iteration of the card, I doubt that behavior has changed."

I am hoping this is correct, and all the user will have to do is set which card they want to be the fallback.
+V. Ellis Wade that would be great and make this truly the only card I need to carry. I just haven't came across this description anywhere. Let me know if you have a source or hear anymore like this
+Corey Bohnert No source other than from the Google Employee that said it, so I guess we will really know for sure when cards start rolling in.
+V. Ellis Wade that googler was testing a different card, one whose details leaked months ago and was scrapped and replaced with this card.
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