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Susan Crowell
Storyteller. Embracer of new media. Old dog print journalist learning new tricks.
Storyteller. Embracer of new media. Old dog print journalist learning new tricks.


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Wayne County, Ohio, farmers not happy with prospect of statewide manure spreading ban, and let Ohio director of agriculture hear about it. Read more from +Farm and Dairy reporter Chris Kick.
While part of Ohio agriculture director David Daniels’ goal for the day was to promote agriculture, he also came with an open ear — and area farmers spoke their mind during an open forum with the director. #agweek  

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In case you didn't read it yet, the +USDA extended the farm bill crop program deadline a month.
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said that producers are working to make the best decision they can. And, USDA is working to ensure they have the time, information, and opportunity to review their data, and to visit the Farm Service Agency. #farmbill   #usda  

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I'm definitely sending this to my 20something children. (And it says something that their mother is on Google+, but they are not. I'm not sure what, but it says something...)

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Home rule ordinances can't trump something the state permits... #shalegas  
"The court ruled that a Munroe Falls’ zoning ordinance and four local laws governing oil and gas drilling are not an appropriate exercise of the city’s home rule powers. The city had obtained a court order stopping Beck Energy Corporation from drilling until the company complied with local law."

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"We live in parallel Americas..". great coverage of race discussion event.

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CAUV (real estate taxation based on agricultural use value, not current market value) is a big deal for Ohio farmers, but the formula has pushed up appraisals on farm ground. The big debate now in Ohio is whether to open the whole can of worms (and possibly lose the exemption) or ? Read more in our ongoing coverage.
“The whole CAUV process is designed to take out short-term market changes each year and maintain greater stability,” Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa said. “So even if we make these changes, it is based on a seven-year rolling average and you would have to see significant changes up or down for multiple years in a row before it would affect the formula.” #CAUV 

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This. Just this.
"Words matter. How you string sentences and paragraphs into a cohesive story is a valuable skill." 

Thank you, +Valeria Maltoni .
a few thoughts on how good writing paves the way for better #connections  

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Southern Ohio partners pleaded guilty in crop insurance scam, await sentencing.
#agriculture   #USDA  
The five Meigs County men pled guilty in federal court Jan. 16 and agreed to forfeit $410,000 and a 2012 John Deere tractor. They remain on bond pending sentencing, which could carry a maximum of five years in prison, three years of supervised release and fines for each of up to $250,000. #cropinsurance   #fraud  

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Way better than the slam dunk contest!
I've watched this penalty shot from the All-Star game in slow motion about 15 times and still don't know how it works

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For those days when you really want to sneak "testicular fortitude" into an article...
You know what my favorite part of this story is, +Susan Crowell ? The fact that there are two bylines. Because just one reporter wouldn't have been able to handle it. cough
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