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+Hoda Maalouf the images by Matisse and the words by Tolstoy say more than my meager words could interpret or stretch in any I won't try
what I will say is curate the language of the heart and the magic of the soul is a channeled gift. You my dear friend are a magnificent curator and a channel for just what you spoke about LOVE and PEACE
I am grateful to know you
"We simply want to live, to live freely and in dignity!" How many times have I repeated this sentence? Countless times! I do so whenever violence erupts in my country and elsewhere. While peace is a widely used theme by som...
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+Susan Cox You are so kind & generous!! Grateful to know you too my friend!!
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Susan Cox

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and to those who have invited me to join then here...
Google is blocking me from adding anyone to any circles....put me in yours and I believe you can see my posts ...
sorry...I guess I have too many
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Aww really not koo !!
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Susan Cox

Conversation  - 
we NEED to stop SEEing beauty as our socially "made-up" self...true beauty starts inside and reflects outwards....
I say it because I know it for business mask (never leave home without mascara) supports a HUGE industry
Unrecognizable? You have got to be kidding . She looks beautiful and her genuine nature makes her more beautiful.....
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+John Kellden yes, I saw the movie, it's true when you hear the saying,beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think we have all met an attractive woman/ man. And they were so ugly inside. 
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I am not a great believer in organized religion- like capitalism it has gone awry it seems...functioning  in JUST the way the pope describes  global capitalism

I am not sure either are in service to our humanity....
Having said that this treatise is spot on for both (isn't the catholic church THE if not one of THE largest corporations in the world?)
In the first lengthy writing of his papacy, Francis says such economic theories naively rely on the goodness of those in charge.
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Not sure corporation is the right word... a state run by religion with many, many voluntary "colonies" around the world may be more accurate.
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Susan Cox

21C Transition  - 
I often share McKinsey Reports...with my friends on GOOGLE+...I guess I started receiving the newsletter when I was working INSIDE a corporation and it seemed useful.
Now I see the value as a kind of metric that measures WHY THINGS ARE NOT WORKING.

So for what it is worth I include a link to the latest version-
They speak to LOU GERSTNER, pretty much a typical CEO type.

He says (among other things..."In anything other than a protected industry, longevity is the capacity to change, not to stay with what you’ve got.
Too many companies build up an internal commitment to their existing businesses, and there’s the problem: it’s very, very difficult to “eat your seed corn,” go into other activities, or radically change something fundamental about what you’ve been doing, like the pricing structure or distribution system.
Rather than changing, they find it easier to just keep doing the same things that brought them success. They codify why they’re successful. They write guidebooks. They create teaching manuals. They create whole cultures around sustaining the model."

But one must ask....why don't corporations really REALLY change the model of the system that supports THEM? Surely under the category called MAKE THINGS HAPPEN...this attitude really would
The former IBM CEO offers his thoughts on the principles and strategies that sustain a company in the long run. A McKinsey Quarterly article.
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Thanks for sharing. Some businesses and staff so busy protecting status quo, that they forget they are in business with outside forces like customers and competitors, not in the business of "checking checkboxes".
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Susan Cox

Visual Storytelling  - 
Fresh Visceral and quite wonderful I think
The density of air between us; not a crisp
summer breeze; but a fog, smoke rising,

And I contain myself within your embrace;

Let the earth shake, while I draw you into me,
and smell your voice; pouring from your lips,
as it hits the nasal passage; and grips my

Two folds of truth;
and one of dreamy madness;

Remembering you, and your touch; upon my mouth,
the locked door where you kept me prisoner;

I remember the long walks;
and peaceful curtains which we slept behind,
and when the Cradle Cursed, was dashed to pieces;

And everything fell apart.

[Poetry by Maria Morisot & Collage by Moan Lisa]

Books for purchase from Lulu:

Free downloads available through Smashwords:
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Susan Cox

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I have been following these folks and donating when I could....
this caught my eye today... you might want to check them out...donating is a deeper commitment but reading an issue or two could be intriguing for you....Amy Goodman/DEMOCRACY NOW is a contributor and led the charge that has awakened the progressive left in this country....

t r u t h o u t
Whatever Starbucks may try to tell us, we know that it’s not enough to “have a conversation.” If there’s any hope of achieving something that resembles economic justice in the United States or the world; if the endless cycle of profit-driven war has any chance of ending; if oppression on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or religion is ever going to cease, then it’s not enough for individual attitudes to change.

There’s a growing awareness that entire systems need to be transformed. So what does that require? First, we all need to be better informed about the unjust, rigged nature of the systems in which we currently live. Second, we need to know what exciting, important work has already been done to imagine and even build alternatives that work. Finally, when we do take action, other people need to hear about it - without scaremongering or embellishment.

Truthout does all of these things. That’s our mission, that’s why we’re here. You can play a very direct part in that mission today by making a much-needed donation to support our work. Reader donations make up 80 percent of Truthout’s budget - so any amount you can spare, even the cost of a cup of coffee, makes a vital difference. Can you pitch in?

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Work is love made visible. Love is work, transformed

"Who's influenced you the most in your life?"
"My principal, Ms. Lopez."
"How has she influenced you?"
"When we get in trouble, she doesn't suspend us. She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us. And she tells us that each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. And one time she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter."
-- Vidal Chastanet

Quote via  +Lori Hanau
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since we are on the subject of GAIA and the gods of the earth......
A man of the forest, Finland

“I am a man of the forest,” Pekka Vaananen declares as he introduces himself. He’s a rugged looking Finn, with bright narrow eyes and rough skin on his face that shows his age. He smiles broadly and welcomes me to his home.

Well, I say ‘home’ but in reality this is more a compound for winter fun. And Pekka may use this place to sleep and host visitors, but his spiritual home is in the trees around us.

“The forest is my friend and I feel it is the biggest lesson we can learn, that life is from the forest,” he tells me.

“Because the trees are in their places and they cannot move but we can move. We are connected to the forest in a way that we don’t normally understand. The forest and the trees are giving us the oxygen which we breathe. Without them we cannot exist.”

Read more:

#finland   #nbefinland   #visitespoo   #winter   #nature  
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The trees are our home, they were here first just like the animal's. All creation from mother earth walks with me and the trees as well as the tree of life help me breathe, The air is real ,they breathe and the forest is alive.
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Susan Cox

Life in the Village  - 
This story is a must is a story about NOW
It is a story about magic found in the simple random acts of kindness that make the world smile
and if you see the response to the comments from the author you will witness the richness of gratitude.
This one moved me deeply
+Liza Flores +Laurie Davis +geramott Tan +John Kellden +Pam WhimsicalVintage +heidi horvat +Phil R. +T. Knott +Michelle Stanley +evaesque silkyway +Trey Pitsenberger +J Pierce +Eve A +Karen Schumacher +Suss Nilsson +Susan Cox +Sandy Somewhere +Diana Dirck +Paul Harris 

When I checked my blog today after posting Laurie's story late last night, I was completely blown away by your comments. You literally made me feel like I was flying.

I can only say Thank you a thousand times, I don't know what I've ever done to have such wonderful friends, you mean the world to me.

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+John Kellden yes John...I am reminded that on the other side of darkness pain and fear is LIGHT EASE in BEING and ILLUMINATION
This has been a rough time so I appreciate your loving know I think the world of you and out growing community

<<<goodness and truth abounding>>>
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Despite its ability to generate prosperity, capitalism is under attack. By shaking up our long-held assumptions about how and why the system works, we can improve it. A McKinsey Quarterly article.
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+John Kellden +Jacquie Johnson +Joe Raimondo +John Hagel 

A thousand yesses...what an exciting yet, on one level frightening, time in which we live....

I agree that the "stress fractures" are appearing everywhere in a system controlled by CORPORATIONS (a construct reflective of the high level  chess game that once was-when we were clumsier in our evolutionary process.- THE CHURCH).

The stress fractures, I believe, are a result of a kind of energetic consciousness (Feynman probably nailed it in scientific terms) that we co-create. 
But I try to remember this is a grand chess game...there are no winners or losers...we are all playing. The pawns and kings (have always been there through the ages) are simply parts of the system +John Kellden says above---once the narrative changes...... and we truly understand WE KEEP WRITING IT because it serves "US" at some level.....then we get to truly consciously agree to create without the painful GAMING.

Here's what I GROKK...what we are doing here is part of expanding to fit that change

<<<not sure where that came from-a deep truth,she thinks>>>>
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Susan Cox

Sagarmatha Café  - 
I don't know the music of YES...thought you all might enjoy this me it is  TANNU TUVA meets the Steppes connects with symphony then settles into knowledge expedition # 1-10
Images are cool also...wonder what the book is?

The Voice of Yes,-  Jon Anderson's first solo album.
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Susan Cox

Watercooler & Introductions  - 
hi G+
My client is curious about finding someone who creates cartoon characters for  industrial YOUTube videos....
This cartoon is a woman who is a "caped protector" of fingernail services.
Regina Arma the Caped Protector...

Is there anyone out there who does this kind of thing and can you send me some YOUTUBE links to work you have done
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  • University of IL, and LIFE
    graphic design/painting
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A curator of gratitude, I am grateful to be a catalyst for change in my work and in my life
Now living in beautiful and unique Santa Fe New Mexico....I grew up all over the country and have lived across the world. This place always call to me...high desert surrounded by mountains. The vistas take your breath away.
Bragging rights
I have 30+ years as an executive in Professional Beauty, Advertising+Graphic Design Account management. And have owned my own Marketing/Education Consulting business for 22+ years
Connect with people to catalyze their personal power in developing conversation through mindful and rewarding SPARKLE
35+years of creative problem solving through people
  • Cox Education Opportunities, Santa Fe NM
    Principal, Founder, 1991 - present
    Founder/President of this International Consultancy. Architect and lead facilitator of a proprietary process called SEESPEAK
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WOW Baileys just saved the lives of my dog Samantha and I.....I called them to clean the chimney so I could use the fireplace this winter in the place I rent...they have a GREAT REPUTATION...THOROUGH CONSCIENTIOUS. So I was really pleased at the work they did on the fireplace... But here's the thing that may have saved our lives... Bailey's offers a free dryer vent exam when they clean your fireplace and chimney ....I asked them to look at mine and Justin found that the dryer vent was disconnected...and with a gas dryer that means carbon monoxide can be released INTO YOUR we have been breathing it for awhile, and all that lint was blowing BACK INTO the dryer which is a major fire hazard. GEEZ I thought I was doing enough by cleaning the lint trap when I used it....nope. They are cleaning the whole thing now! Thanks Justin for going above and beyond the call of duty....Samantha and I are grateful.
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This dental office is simply put...the most advanced, the most caring and the best I have worked with. I wouldn't go anywhere else
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