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Susan Cox

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If imagination keeps capitalism what Bernie DeKoven has to say.......

making imagination the focus of an extended meditation on the role of the unpredictable future in creating modern capitalism
Anyone who has bought a house...has fantasized about how their future might change. Each of those economic acts was also a flight of imagination.
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Susan Cox

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remember we are HUMAN BEINGS and are all connected.. America is our little piece of the planet to love nurture and protect...and we SHARE it.....
This is a brilliant video from a colleague and friend in the Conversation'll be moved by to the very end for a small gift from the universe
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Susan Cox

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reaching for another reality

Whatever kind of dialog we imagine taking place between our inner selves, it needs to be playful: light-hearted, good-natured, whimsical, and probably more than slightly flirtatious. Not just games, of course. And not necessarily taking place in an imagined playground. Rather, gentle engagements, invitations to dialog, to shared creativity, to spontaneity and surprise. With no expectations other than the creation of an open, honest, intimate, maybe humorous, but definitely playful connection.
If we are even remotely interested in helping to create a more playful world, we really should begin with our inner community.
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Susan Cox

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It is no wonder he and they started a revolution in conscious awareness..time to wake up, pinch ourselves and WAKE UP from this dream we are collectively dreaming called LIFE.
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Susan Cox

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this is stunning......our government with industry in tow (or perhaps the other way around) is trying to intimidate a group of conscious people who know how to wield influence just as they themselves have done for years in order to mask the truth around the climate change issue.

Does anyone not believe that the climate is changing rapidly and for the worse? This is because we are experiencing it......and the effects worldwide are being revealed to us online consistantly and constantly
An example of the Elite Class attempting to intimidate. This is an example of members of the Elite Class accusing others of the very same tactics that they have been using for decades.
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+Susan Cox yes. If it's greed and power then it's one kind of motivation, if it's misguided ideology then bozo might be an appropriate term, if a wee bit judgmental. 
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Susan Cox

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Sara Eisenberg of A Life of Practice hosts a 2 part interview with me and +Tracee Vetting Wolf on creating from inside #Motherhood. +Listen To Your Mother +MOM Museum and +Lindsay Kavet -I am happy to share. xoS
Suzi Banks Baum is dedicated to helping our culture see a woman's contribution to society as meaningful and valuable. She makes the invisible visible.
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Susan Cox

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If people you love are what we call "aging" or perhaps you are one of them (I am at the edge myself) will love this parable/fable by my friend and the Master of Play Bernie DeKoven...
It is short undenaibly sweet and worth experiencing....

To her friends and family, she seems less coherent, less logical, more distant. To herself, the world is still growing more and more beautiful, complex, precious.
To her friends and family, as she is aging, she seems less coherent. To herself, the world is still growing more and more beautiful, complex, precious.
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Susan Cox

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Take a look....expanding our perspective and laughing darkly...a choice better than crying despairingly.
Life in the Village, episode 365: WHAT ABOUT TACOS???

"In a network, there's a place beyond polarizing scripts. Let's meet there."
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Susan Cox

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what can one say about such a beautifully expressed study of something the business world bandies about mercilessly as if it was a product that could be merchandised in the store of PERSONAL GROWTH.

So what I will say is READ IT and share....its good, really good and if you are getting it something you are looking for right now in this moment.
It was for me
On Worthiness

In many ways, worthiness is the very first and the very last topic of leadership.
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Susan Cox

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to make you go ahhhh on this wednesday morning here in the rockies

" is...intriguing to look at what play as a universal life phenomenon independent of age, culture or beliefs does to us at an invisible and personal level. How it mediates personal and trust-based relationships and unfolds us as human beings at an individual as well as a collective level and hereby enhances a more meaningful and personal human encounter."
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Susan Cox

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an idea whose time has come big time
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Susan Cox

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his integrity openness and clarity is so encouraging....this is worth watching
It turns out there was a Wall Street speech given by Bernie Sanders that was not reported by the media at all. Only the transcripts will tell us in whose pocket the Vermont Senator is. Here is a video of a speech given by Bernie Sanders to Wall...
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Peter I highly recommend you speak with Peter, he is not only a skilled professional attorney who really understands the bankruptcy process and laws especially in CO but what makes him especially unique is his empathy and kindness concerning the human aspects of declaring bankruptcy. I came into the bankruptcy process with a lot of emotional baggage since I had been a successful consultant /entrepreneur for 25+ years; Peter Mullison made the right recommendations and guided me a successful outcome. I am so glad I chose him from reading these reviews .
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I am a brand new patient...came with a problem left feeling better and not worrying about a game plan Dr West was super (even though I saw him briefly), Heather was amazing...meticulous, experienced, a gentle kind touch,knowledgeable and all done with lots of heart to match her skill. Laura took xrays and started the appointment off beautifully Jennifer great as a greeter and handles the $$ end fairly and so well, I give it all a 5+...the space, the approach, the way he handles the cost...just all of it lucky us!
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WOW Baileys just saved the lives of my dog Samantha and I.....I called them to clean the chimney so I could use the fireplace this winter in the place I rent...they have a GREAT REPUTATION...THOROUGH CONSCIENTIOUS. So I was really pleased at the work they did on the fireplace... But here's the thing that may have saved our lives... Bailey's offers a free dryer vent exam when they clean your fireplace and chimney ....I asked them to look at mine and Justin found that the dryer vent was disconnected...and with a gas dryer that means carbon monoxide can be released INTO YOUR we have been breathing it for awhile, and all that lint was blowing BACK INTO the dryer which is a major fire hazard. GEEZ I thought I was doing enough by cleaning the lint trap when I used it....nope. They are cleaning the whole thing now! Thanks Justin for going above and beyond the call of duty....Samantha and I are grateful.
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as always you did a great job...Daut is an asset to the service dept.
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This dental office is simply put...the most advanced, the most caring and the best I have worked with. I wouldn't go anywhere else
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