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The original post has also been updated with a few new tags/links so reshare or revisit it if necessary!! Thank you all, you guys have been a huge help!
Susan Hargitt originally shared:
PLEASE RESHARE: What we know about +Manik Photographe so far:

This person is stealing the work of others! Let us all band together and keep our community a safe place to post such beautiful work. Please reshare to all your circles, I will keep this post updated with any new information as best as I can! EDIT: The amount of response has been overwhelming. I can't keep up with all the stolen work and information! Keep resharing!

For those in Indonesia: "+Raditya Arya Pratama +Android Indonesia
manik fotografi telah mencuri karya cipta fotografi orang lain! Silahkan reshare ke semua lingkaran Anda.
+Faisal Nur Akbar +irfan nur diansyah" #stolencontent

*UPDATE 12/26:
1:29pm PST* The stolen content on her Google+ account has been locked and she's removed all of her circle information. She continues to block anyone who comments or messages her.
3:35pm PST Many photogs have come forward either in this post or through email and thanked everyone for resharing and getting the word out. IF YOUR WORK HAS BEEN STOLEN, PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT HERE:

Name is Manik Nur haq
Works for Jawa Pos Newpaper in Indonesia (
Birthday: 3/9/1987

She is a freelance photographer for Jawa Pos newspaper. CONTACT HER EDITOR, tell him she's stealing other's work Email:

PT. Media Virtual Indonesia (Jawa Pos Group)
Gedung Graha Pena Lt.14, Jl. Ahmad Yani 88,
Surabaya, Jawa Timur
(031) 8202199, 08123567930 (sms)
(031) 8288371

This photo by +Jeff Vyse was not only posted without his consent, but this girl also went to the trouble to edit/mirror it to pass it as her own.
Here is his original work:

Her profile photo has been discovered as belonging to +Stefan Beutler( Thanks to +P E Sharpe for pointing it out in this post:

Yet another photo:
The original:

Deviant Art Site:
Original photos she's stolen to post to DA:

Stolen from:

Book? LOL:
Yet, when I search popular sites that people use to buy books, it comes back with zero results!
Her so-called publisher's website:
Her "book cover":

Stolen from: +Kalliope Amorphous:

Stolen from:

Stolen from:

Stolen from:
Stolen from:

Stolen from: +Gary Wong Photography/+Gary Wong here--

Stolen from:

Stolen from: +Dean Woodyatt here--

Wordpress Photos: +Javier García-Rosell
Stolen from:
His wordpress site:
Stolen Tutorials from +Joel Tjintjelaar

Here are links to all of her profiles through the web:!/manikphotograph/ (both are hers because she has so many fans!) <--another blog with a real name.

She claims working for: #Elle, #Versace, +FashionTV, #SanFranciscoChronicle, #MetropolitanMuseumOfArt, +Ford Models, +W Hotels Worldwide, +Vanity Fair, +Volkswagen USA, +Leica Camera, +Audi USA, #Loreal, +Land Rover USA, +Artful Dodger, +National Geographic, +BMW USA, +Vogue, +Ford Motor Company, +TOYOTA, +Australian Geographic, #ArtGalleryOfWesternAustralia & more!

I'm pretty sure she has now blocked me and will likely do the same. All links should still work. PLEASE post here or email me if you have any links that I missed or anything I should add.

I'd suggest that you guys go through her links and make sure she isn't claiming any of your work. If she is, take the appropriate measures and let me know. I'll add you to this post! * We aren't going to put up with stealing*, right guys?!

Edit: She doesn't seem to take much of this seriously.

Thanks goes to +Olav Folland & +Giuseppe Basile for their discoveries.
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Google+ seems to be a little slow in taking this person down.
Thank you for this enormous amount of work you have done.
Remind me not to get on the wrong side of you :-)
+Susan Core thank you for this information, I can't believe a person could do such an embarrassing things, stole other people's works ! :(
I appreciate the work that you have done to out this scammer +Susan Core . While I am not one of the ones who has had my work stolen by him/her, I did have a similar situation happen to me last year on both Flickr and Facebook with my own work. The G+ community has really stepped up here. Bravo.
I wish we could do this with every thief.. but sadly we can't. This one was just too massive to pass up! Thanks +Ian Thomas and everyone else who has worked hard to put a stop to this. Maybe +Brian Rose will handle thing tomorrow, at least from the Google side!
she's stealing people's artwork, very likely also faking her workplace or where she's freelancing. some of my friends whom are photographers have passed this information to their forums/communities so i hope soon we can figure out who she really is. i suspect her primary motive is earning money from google adsense. hence, take her adsense/google account down, and her website plus accounts in which sites she got involved. i'll share it right away.
There is no Jawa Pos reporter named Manik Nur Haq. Jawa Pos strictly has no contributors for its news nor photo.
I can't believe this persons profile is still up.
Based on your help and a member from Fotoblur we've removed this account from our systems. Thank you.
Re-shared! Thank you Susan.
Impressive work in putting all this together! Meaning assembling all this evidence. Will repost.
Awesome thanks for the heads up! That page has been Blocked & Reported.
Yes, Thank you for keeping an eye out...
Update: I got confirmation today from Fotoblur (via their Twitter account) that her "_portfolio_" has now been removed from their website. One down, a few more to go.
I see the profile has finally be taken down..
Success (albeit only a small win) - good work team :)
Good work! Thanks for the effort...
OMG ..................................
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