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Susan Cartier Liebel

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Debra Hamilton takes on the interview - interviewing lawyers who have rezoomed their careers. Fascinating and informative.

Susan Cartier Liebel

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A very informative free download. Go for it!
The “Legal Practice Management Software Toolkit” is filled with resources to help you make the most out of your law firm software. Manage, grow and scale your business like never before. Download your free Toolkit today!

Susan Cartier Liebel

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The life blood of your business. Keep it flowing.
As a veteran of nearly 39 years of real law practice (by “real” I mean a broad general practice serving the general public, small businesses, families, and individuals in a myriad of contract, trial, and appellate matters), I know the importance of cash flow. In my quest for financial security and success, I have perused every bar journal article, attended numerous practice management CLE’s, and varied my approach to billing and collections to...

Susan Cartier Liebel

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Sometimes we want to help our clients beyond good lawyering. Can it be unethical, though?
In certain cases, you may have a client who is struggling financially while waiting for that hoped for recovery in the matter you are handling for them. You want to help them in some way, but can you?

Susan Cartier Liebel

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Great free e-book to help you make choices.
Today, the choices for legal practice management software are vast and feature-rich with options for cloud-based and premise-based software, with more and more companies appearing every year. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to carefully research your options so that you make the right choice for your law firm. In this guide we’ll help you do just that. Download the free eBook, The Definitive Guide to Choosing Legal Practice Manag...

Susan Cartier Liebel

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You need to understand what you are selling.
The actual value of your services has no real value proposition until your clients actually perceive it.

Susan Cartier Liebel

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Great road map - sometimes we all need some rerouting.
In 1927 when my grandfather began practicing law, this was a viable method of marketing and rainmaking. There were only 131,000 attorneys in the United States. If you averaged this out, there were only 2,620 lawyers in each state (yes, I know that some states and cities had more attorneys than others, I’m making a point here). You could literally hang a sign outside and people would hire you. Now, 90 years later, in 2017, this method of mark...

Susan Cartier Liebel

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Are you ready to own 2017?
If you want to hit the ground running in 2017, take some time to sketch out what you want to accomplish this year. And I don't mean doodling some numbers on a legal pad on your lunch hour. Take a day or two off and work on that plan. Do it sooner rather than later. Like, this weekend. Figure out what you want to accomplish. Here's how I'm tackling it.

Susan Cartier Liebel

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The concept of “design thinking” pops up again and again in conversations about innovation and change. Design thinking strives to make a process, service or product more engaging, usable and useful. At last design concepts have begun to infiltrate the legal world. Solos who truly want to differentiate themselves in the market should consider incorporating design principles into their law practices.

Susan Cartier Liebel

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Getting paid is hard work...but it can get easier.
You've had your initial consultation. You've counseled your new client on the services they need, and they are ready to sign the engagement letter. But then you ask for their retainer, and they look at you like you've got three heads.
Founder & CEO, Solo Practice University(R) - the 'practice of law' school
Founder & CEO of Solo Practice University(R), the only web-based educational and professional networking site for lawyers and law students who want to go solo or wish to grow their solo/small firm practices.

Entrepreneurship Mentor to students from across the globe in the groundbreaking Law Without Walls program.
Advisor - Suffolk School of Law- Institute on  Law Practice Technology and Innovation - Member of the advisory board charged with guiding the Institute’s future, particularly as it considers possible curricular innovations that will help law students prepare for the 21st century legal marketplace.
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