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#infographic What Happens in an Internet Minute (via Intel fb page)
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with that much traffic (hence so much noise), those who do wiretapping, whether legally or illegally, must be really good in data mining...
Havent taken a look at it yet but I will in due course
it's so crazy when you belive that (if you are not a computer geek)
pleas add one after 3 month

It is amazing that so many things happen in just one minute in the internet
balu i
ok but since I am a programmer I also check code project daily
Has anybody thought about what transpires in a minute in 7 billion human minds on this earth??? that's what is the drive for this event! It's mind boggling :)
there is some things we just don't need to know :P
Now filter out all the adult entertainment related items and see what is left :)
I dont mean to sound like a perv but im pretty sure porn site should have been up there(statistically speaking ofcourse)
Bu daha neki sadece başlangıç
I strongly disagree because an act is worse than an endorsement, +Muhammad Asif Jamal, however this isn't the place to be debating such an issue. Feel free to message/e-mail me, though, if you want to discuss this privately.
Susan u right....and thanks for giving idea..
dime mas sobre esto , no lo tengo muy claro todavia gracias......tell me more above this thanks
I see you are making yiurself useable and ready".
I meant you are focusing with your head...!
It's a huge number in an Internet Minute.
WOW people really like this one! lol
David Z
why is wikipedia dwarfed using articles published? it would be much bigger based on articles read/viewed. =/
This is old: YouTube uploads hit 60 hours per minute - Telegraph (
Susan ,u are really an intelligent. i have no words about to say.
Wery interesting information. Have nice day.
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