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Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles

Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences:

- Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first or mentioned. Learn more.
- Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people.
- The default privacy setting for elements on your page profile is public.
- Pages have the +1 button.
- Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 stuff on the Web.
- Pages can’t play games.
- Pages don’t have the option to share to ‘Extended circles’.
- Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text, or in the Google bar.
- Pages can’t hangout on a mobile device.
- Local pages have special fields that help people find the business’ physical location.
- Learn more about local pages.
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Assuming it's not a Business Page: is there any use for Pages?
Why does it seem that a lot of users are creating extra Pages, in addition to their Profile?
Bummer --> - Pages can’t play games.
Some good things in there but I can imagine a lot of photographers not too sure if they want to make a page as well as their profile. I'd think a big thing if you'd want to get big in a social network is communication...
Hrmm ... so what's the advantage between simply filtering what you show publicly and creating a page? I guess I can't imagine a case where I'd want a page to share something that I wouldn't want to share publicly!

Edit: Actually, the post two before this one points out a useful instance of creating a page: if you have a particular software product you'd want to provide update information about!
I wish I knew about the 'Pages can't add people' thing sooner, I spent about an hour trying to add people and got the 'Error changing circle membership' message.
boo Jay
The new icon is oogleh
It looks like Pages that circle you back do not contribute to your 'have you in circles' count. I could be mistaken but I do not see any of the organizations that have added me in my list. This would make sense since companies will almost certainly circle all users and this would artificially inflate users' 'influence'.
Does anyone know - a public post on a page - is it publicly visible only to those who +1'ed it?
Interesting question is how the image and video storage is handled. I know with a standard account it is free if under the size constraints. But if a page isn't a user.. how much space does a page get? Unlimited?
+Artashes Toumanov It's publically visible to those who have you in their circles, just like a personal profile. Them giving the page a +1 doesn't mean the updates later on will who up (like Facebook).
Greate news! but the logo is ugly....
+Charlie Pryor But pages can comment on user posts that people share with them. Pages can't make comments on other pages only because pages can't add other pages to their circles.
Where can we add page title?, Does can we edit the page URL
the problem for Google+ page is: The name of the page is not unique and you can choose any name you like. There will be a lot of mess...
That's not really a problem +Jerry Wang as pages can become verified. There can be more than one John Smith, so I don't see any reason for changing how it works.. :)
Obby Tt
page can't post comment on somebody's post who didn't add that page!
And what are the differences between a page and a business google + profiles?
It makes sense to have a circle called "Companies that follow" and a separate circle "Pages that follow"?
"To be, or not to be, that is the question"
+Gianluca Cogoli As I understand it, business profiles does not exist.
And if they do, they violate the terms.
A profile needs to be a real person.
The problem as I see it is with notifications. If to create a page requires you to have a personal profile first - you should be able to see at least that a page has notifications (like Facebook do - by sticking a number next to the page name) - until the Google+ API becomes writeable so you could use the likes of Tweetdeck or some other product - no one has the time to constantly check if any of there pages have any notifications - constantly switching between pages and clicking on the notifications stream to check.
How to switch between Profile and Page?
click the drop down arrow at the top left of the page where your name and profile pic live. ie just above the area where you select which stream to show.
+Daniel Ashby The FAQ says: "Pages can be made for a variety of different entities whereas profiles can only be made for people"
But if you have a link to the announce which states that profiles can now be made for businesses, throw me a link. :)
I can play the games inside google+
+Daniel Ashby - are you pulling my leg?
Do you know the difference between a person and a business ?
And a profile and a page ? :)
the question is how well will +pages mesh with the already existing google search "place pages", specifically, and google maps, more generally??
oh and how distinct +pages become from +profiles. are corporations people too?
Question (or problem): as CEO I created a G+ page for my company, and now would like to assign the management of this page also to my community manager - but there seems not to be such feature. Could it be possible?
+Daniel Ashby I said:
"As I understand it, business profiles does not exist.
And if they do, they violate the terms.
A profile needs to be a real person."
And you answered:
"they were just released mate."

Maybe we're having a misunderstanding? :)
I referred to profiles not pages - because there was a question about the difference between them. ;)
The difference between pages and profiles is described here:
Second item in the list says that entities (like a business) cannot create profiles. That's what pages are for.
Can a profile owner create a page and use it along his/her profile.. Like Facebook?
+Giuseppe D'Antonio Having the same problem on a page I just made. It doesn't seem to be possible (yet) to promote multiple admins to post content to a page. Hopefully that's in the works; these lose a lot of usefulness to the organizations that would want to make them otherwise.
+Asith Mahat I can't see why not.
You switch to your 'page' and post as it, so it should work just like on FB.
Except that there's some things you cannot do as a 'page' - read the FAQ.
If the Page and page could be imported, then it would be useful.. but as it is, it's basically a new Page. Doesn't have access to Settings(or at least appears not to). so how exactly does one benefit rather than just creating a new account?
Gdocs integration?
Live docs integration
That would be nice.
+Peter Durfee thanks a lot for the answer - this is what I feared. I second that: hopefully in the works, as I cannot do the community management personally full-time. I am very surprised: this should be one of the first things that Google works on - how can they expect that companies would manage these pages?
+Susan Beebe As far as I've been able to see from my limited testing, Pages also cannot 1) comment on Profile's posts unless they have been Circled by that user first (and maybe mentioned, though I don't think too many people have had a way to test this yet).

2) Cannot +1 under the same circumstances, because a +1 is sort of like a micro-comment? Not totally consistent, because you can at least Share.

3) You can do everything as normal among Pages, i.e. Circle them as a Page, comment, and +1.

Also: Typing '+1' just now, it began to auto-fill the names of about a gazillion Pages that have their newly minted names start with '+1. something', like a lot of soccer clubs in Germany, e.g. "1. FC Koeln", asf. Wild.
Great post Susan. Very clearly outlined.
When is Less, More? Only when people drink enough koolade. ;)
I created 3 pages of the same name and I am pretty sure that was prevented not too long ago.

I wonder how many times I could create the same thing, over and over.

Among the 'less' things in G+, are the things a user can't disable. ;) ""What's Hot in Google+" at the top, rather than posts from people in my a user's circles. So IF I could have moved all my Profile information to a 'page' I created, I suppose, right up until the useless What's Hot (transformer kid?) feeds start being posted there, I would have been a very happy camper.
Multiple admin has been around for almost 20 years in other text based BBS'ing, so one would think Google can handle it. Doubly so since it exists in other (ahem) products
+Steve RAFFNER Cyber-squatting does not exist, because pages (like profiles) are identified by their id, not by the name.
There are 4 #Linux pages now -only one will be verified.
Jacob: So people can just create pages/accounts and while they CAN be blocked, it does take time. Case in point, the spamming of one Google+ stream that was spammed by a bunch of people posting hate speach.. the thread was shut down and the posts were removed but it wasn't very fast.
+Carly Halliday good question. One would think that they'll try to emulate much of what Facebook has done with Likes in that regard.
+Carly Halliday +Alex Schleber I answered Carly in private, but since there is a second asker :) you can either use the free flowing text in introduction or you can use the links to link it to official pages. In fact, I am glad that they didn't copy Facebook profile, because it looks like a survey form.
Pages can't have more than one admin, what's up with that? We need more people in our group to be able to post as the page for it to be relevant and active.
Give it a couple of days +Ritwik Roy and make sure you use that "send feedback" button. Google likes to release things bit by bit. They do not want 5 admins trying to create a page at first. They want people to learn to do it the easy stuff and then add a few features at a time.
+Ritwik Roy You could have read the comments before posting, couldn't you?
They are - based on feed-back - planning to add multi-admin features to pages.
I'm out. blogger (I mean,blogspot ;) It's kinda hard to keep those applications Google bought, all in mind) does the job better, looks better, and is way faster. It may be OK in the future, but right now it sucks.
There's one point I'm a bit confused, and would apreciated some clarification: if I make a G+ Page, does it replace my G+ profile? I'll post only from that page? Or do I now have to keep track of G+ AND the page?
Two different ones. you can switch accounts between personal and page by clicking on the arrow that shows next to your profile photo and name.
+João Rita Yes, you need to use your profile to manage the page. It does not replace your profile, don't worry. It needs a profile to be managed.
+João Rita Yes, you switch identity by using the dropdown next to your avatar right under your name.
I prefer G+ Pages over facebook Pages as only me as the admin can post to the page, and as my page is directly linked to my blog and only I run the blog and I've not got any other contributers on my blog there is only me working with my page. I also like the ability to lock a post so that it can't be shared or commented on. just need Google to add Pages function to the G+ App now.
The only problem with +Google+ is that they changed the logo so that thousands of people need to redo their icon sets.. :)
WHAT do you consider your PAGE,,,What PAGE?
+Jacob Moen I find this one more appealing than the previous one. Less techy, and a simpler design.
Syco Me
can we convert our profile in to a page ? and keep our current circles too ???
I set up a biz page three times yesterday and each time it converts into a personal profile. I went to sleep pretty sure if was all set and woke up to find a profile. ?????
Thanks Jacob. I am thoroughly confused. I have a profile and a page for this org? I don't see a link to switch it. How can I tell the difference?
Hehe.. +Pittsburgh ToteBag - Project - that should teach you to use your real name profile when you create the page. :)
The difference is that your page has 'The' at the front of it.
By the way: Now there are like 5 or 6 3 Pittsburg ToteBag projects..
+Makoto Chida thanks..

So it seems a specific instance of something that may be achieved through proper Circle Management..

Thus far, it feels that it has increased the overall Noise levels of the Network..
But must wait until the dust settles..
The "Learn more." link in first point doesn't work. lol
Expand the post >> see URL for original post with working links :)
So if I understand it correctly, users do NOT get a notification on post made on a page, unless they added the page to their circle?
Well +Susan Beebe makes great points so I made a screencast of the basic setup. Part 2 will get into better integration with your websites. It seems when Google launched the early set of pages they marked them as verified. How long it would take them to catch up now is beyond me
How do i switch from my google+ profile to my page? im soo confused on what too do
There's a drop down menu in the upper left near your avatar - that's how you toggle between accounts.
+Susan Beebe
If I marked this thread as 'muted', why do I still see it?
if I block someone, why do I get to not see them but they see my posts?
"You will no longer see this person's content in your stream.This person won't be able to comment on your content.This person will be removed from your circles.This person will still be able to see your public posts." Shouldn't the idea of 'blocking', give some degree of security without giving up their own( phone number/address etc to Goog - I mean marketing info).
If all I have is the identical content(a shed load of images/posts/circles), why is a user unable to move that to the 'page' to save time and or bandwidth?
re diff between profile posts and regular posts where you share, the share button posts go out to not only your circles and to public right? then where do the profile posts go? you said to people, what do you mean by that? like if i want to just send it to one person. And if someone goes to my page can they click on profile and see those posts?
I also tried to use the share button area and clicked on phone and went to my computer and put on a picture, but when i did that, the green share button below to send the post, well it is below the bottom of my screen and yes i tried to move the up down lever, i wasn't able to finish the post.
I am new at this but am trying to understand it, if you have the time that would be great.