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It sounds interesting. I have a Dell XPS 15z. It's a little big and I would have preferred the 14 inch model, but the 15 inch came with double the video RAM and full HD display. It's sleek and nice, so I can only imagine the 13 would be great. The problem I have with the super thin notebooks though is that it's flash hard drives so you get WAY less space than you would in other laptops.
I'd give an honest review if one showed up at my house :)
Looks clean, I like the carbon fibre 
+Jeff Peters You can order a 256 GB SSD - that's pretty nice! Use the cloud for the rest! ;)
+Susan Beebe That's actually a great point. Isn't it ridiculous that I look at 256GB and think "man that's too small!"?
+Jeff Peters You know it is amazing how fast my storage needs have climbed. I shutter to think that I have over 1 TB of just personal photos and videos... crazy!
I've got at least 2 TB of external storage at the house, and speaking of which I need a bit more space...
My current laptop is running a 1TB raid and I'll admit it's overkill, my wife's computer has 128gb and that is perfect for an ultra portable notebook. We have no issues while traveling, and it fits in her purse!
Awesome :) I won't say what we have suffice to say its not dell (sorry!) but I didn't have to buy a bigger purse for my wife, so that was a huge plus :)