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Sustainable Fulfillment Coach, Dreamer, Warrior, Social Entrepreneur
Social Media, Coaching, Growth Mindset motivator, Affiliate Marketing
  • Sustainable Fulfillment Coaching
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Dream Warrior, passionate entrepreneur, personal mindset coach

 We are the creator of our lives. A positive mindset not only changes how we feel about ourselves but how we approach life. Success is the result of a positive mindset and the action that we take because we have that positive mindset.

My car accident 7 years ago changed my body and my life forever. I refuse to let my injury define me. For this reason I have a goal/mission to show others with disabling chronic pain it is possible to be successful. 

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning how to dance in the rain~ perseverance amongst adversity

My posts are a mixture of mindset programming, techniques to living successfully with chronic pain and tips for better blogging, emailing, social media and SEO for marketing.♥

It is not so much how others feel about me, but rather how I feel about myself that makes me who and what I am-we can do amazing things if we believe!!

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I am a single Mom with two amazing kids ~ we have an awesome relationship built on honesty, trust and respect!! I cook delicious food! I am not perfect, but parts of me are pretty amazing!
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Susan Bachelder

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This poem was written by Natalie Fuller in December 2013 during a period of repeated hospitalizations when she first considered suicide to escape psychosis. Fuller killed herself in March, soon before she would have turned 29.


There is a little piece of glitter following me around

I see it on the carpet and I see it on the ground

that’s been following me for quite some time

guess I never noticed it before

But I know what it means, that little glitter on the floor

It’s hope.

It’s not coincidence, nope, it’s hope.

And I know that I’ve failed you

yeah I know I’ve been untrue

but that glitter on the floor

tells me it doesn’t matter any more

Cuz’ no matter how many times I fail

I’ve got hope.

This time, I’m gonna be better

and I know there’s stormy weather

Please believe in me

I will solve this mystery

and I will show you

to have hope.

It’s not coincidence, nope, it’s hope.

Someday that glitter will shine

Gonna write my rhyme until the time.

My heart’s beatin’ outta my chest

I wanna rest but that don’t impress

I gotta fight this urge

gotta get the electricity surge

I know I can do it

Beat my demons

appreciate the seasons.

I hope, hope, hope I can do it too

make all my wildest dreams come true.
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It is beautiful :-)
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Susan Bachelder

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9 LinkedIn Marketing Tips From the Pros

By Cindy King

Would you like to improve your LinkedIn marketing?

Are you wondering what LinkedIn marketing tips the pros like to use?

We asked top social media pros to share their hottest LinkedIn marketing tactics.

In this article you’ll discover strategies the pros use to boost their LinkedIn marketing.

Read now: -Kim

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