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Hubbard has authored that a lot of problems humans have stems back to psychiatry and that psychiatrists are "whole track implanters."
What is an Implant ?
How do Implants relate to Scientology and OT levels ?
Why is so much of Scientology theology focused on Implants ?
This video explains.
And here is the Hubbard authored issue on his visit to heaven

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Ron Miscavige Sr. discusses parts of his 26 years spent as a Sea Org member at Scientology's Gold Base in Riverside County, California.

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Former Sea Org member Jason Harris was the D/Chug Project I/C for Technical (Director, Chug Project. In Charge for Technical. Jason was part of Scientology's INCOMM computer unit where he read L. Ron Hubbard's super-secret "Chug advices." These advices were so secret that only a handful of Sea Org members have ever been allowed to read them. Anyone who reads the Chug advises had to sign a $500,000 bond. That was the size of the penalty Scientology wanted if anyone revealed the contents of Hubbard's Chug advices.

What did the Chug advices say? From Jason Harris writing at in 2008:

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Scientology considers children to be ancient spirits in new child bodies. They are not given any consideration as children. Scientology's atrocities against children, including the cover up of sexual molestation, are now coming to light.

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Ron Miscavige Sr., father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, discusses his New York Times #1 bestselling book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige and Me. Ron also shares the story of his escape from Scientology, and talks about Scientology's toxic policies of Disconnection, and Fair Game. Be sure to watch Ron Miscavige's appearance on the A&E show "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath." Episode 4 is where Ron appears with his fellow former Sea Org members Tom DeVocht and Jefferson Hawkins.

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Dan Koon ghost wrote Ron Miscavige Sr.'s book Ruthless. In this interview Dan discusses the writing and vetting process of the book and addresses criticisms. Dan also shares highlights of his 27 years in the Sea Org.

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Former Sea Org member Dan Koon worked in the compilations unit of Scientology (RTRC) where Hubbard's writings were turned into official Scientology books, lectures, and publications. Many of these products were sold to Scientologists and the public and thus represented a significant income stream for the Church. Accordingly, David Miscavige micromanaged compilations and Dan worked closely with Miscavige. After leaving the Sea Org, Dan Koon later helped Ron Miscavige Sr. to write his New York Times bestselling book -- Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me.

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Scientology Inc: L. Ron Hubbard Never Appointed David Miscavige as his Successor. Mark Fisher discusses how LRH never appointed David Miscavige as his Successor. Instead, Miscavige used the for-profit ASI to stage a palace coup after Hubbard's death.

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After the Church's toxic policy of disconnection killed my only child Alexander Jentzsch, I increased my whistleblowing and continued to reveal the darker side of this cult.
So they increased their Fair Game on me.
I do believe they think they can shut me up or intimidate me, instead they inspire me to do MORE !
Nemo me impune lacessit (Latin)
is my Motto.
No one "provoked" (attacks) me with impunity
No one can harm me unpunished.
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