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A look at Neobux, a paid to click site claiming it pays over $100.000 a day to its members!
Read my detailed Neobux review to see if its a legit PTC site like Clixsense or a scam. Plus, strategies, hacks & cheats for earning extra money.
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Hi Mr. Satrap! I appreciate your work very much! On one of your posts however for the 60 ways to make money without a job you had a link to Payment Surf. I can't find anything but conflicting information about this site but most has been bad. I just wanted you to know because I know you regularly try to update your sources. Are there to your knowledge besides search rewards programs like Swagbucks, InboxDollars or qmee any Automatic Site surfing programs that are not scams? Maybe I should just figure out how to design one myself if not. From what I have seen requires a fifteen dollars wired payment to "verify account" before one can cash out their first forty dollars.. Sounds fishy. I love your investigative wit and wisdom. Look forward to a response!
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