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Powering the direct-to-fan stores of the best electronic music record labels.
Powering the direct-to-fan stores of the best electronic music record labels.


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The Critical Music crew have come up more juicy goods for all you fans. Check out this T shirt + Contemporary EP vinyl + digital bundle

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Ready from pre order from +Peverelist's Livity Sound store: "Surge / Remnants"  by Pev & Asusu

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Ready for pre order at the Naked Naked store: "Brown Bread" by Mak & Pasteman.

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Following the label’s crucial dispatch from Dusky earlier this summer, Naked Naked invite one of the most exciting names to have emerged in house music in recent times; Mak & Pasteman. 

The London duo have had an exceptional year, with their stripped-back, sub-soaked, genre-smelting bass fusion appearing in all the right places and playlists.

A successful remix of the largest tune of the summer in Breach’s ‘Jack’, a Radio 1 Minimix, the huge ‘Dither / Outer Control / Dancing Kicks’ session on Redlight’s red hot Lobster Boy, a remix of bona fide house legend Roy Davis Jnr and their own XLR8R-rated M.A.P white label series have kept them more than busy this season. And so it continues: Both ‘Brown Bread’ and ‘Drowning’ showcase the duo at their darkest, slickest and sonically polished while summing up the on-point spirit of Breach’s Naked Naked imprint. 

‘Brown Bread’ ignites with a palpitating steppy riddim while harrowed pads swoon delicately over the top. Suddenly, silence. Then boom: a chubby bassline bounces at you from the darkness. A solid jacking groove joins in for the ride, solidifying the groove that just won’t budge. Simple but deadly; the icy pads eventually ease their way back into the mix, as does as a fine-tuned spoken word sample, tying the elements together with sermon-like clarity. 

‘Drowning’ shows a deeper, more driving side to the duo’s repertoire. The crisp chords punctuate a nagging hook with a resounding sense of timelessness. Balancing the emotive with the euphoric, it conjures up memories of early Get Physical releases with such a versatile air it demands the attention of all corners of the dancefloor. The vocal is the icing on the precision produced cake; soulful, subtle and just as hooky as the lead melody itself.

Two cracking tracks to take us into the autumn; two more reasons why Mak & Pasteman are enjoying an exceptional year… Fans of theirs currently include the likes of Loefah, Oneman, Redlight, and Artwork.

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Available from the +CriticalMusic  store: Contemporary EP by Mefjus

Austrian producer Mefjus has taken the scene by storm over recent months and this latest release is further proof of his incredible talents. The Contemporary EP is his first EP for Critical and features a collaboration with Shogun Audio's Icicle for the lead track. 4 tracks that showcase this exciting talents deft touch for hard hitting drum and bass and incredible production.

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Kicking off with Frederic Robinson's album "Mixed Signals" on Blu Mar Ten.

Following two stunning singles, prodigiously talented producer and composer Frederic Robinson is set to drop his debut album, ‘Mixed Signals’, on Blu Mar Ten Music on 14th October. The album is the culmination of over a year’s work and a lifetime of musical obsession for Robinson, comprising of a series of intricately crafted and delicately emotive tracks exploring a forward-thinking electronic vision, which he describes as  "music for the listener with a broad horizon and a short attention span”.

Over its eleven tracks, ‘Mixed Signals’ gives Robinson the canvas to showcase the full breadth of his talents like never before. Amalgamating the many influences that inform his productions, from drum & bass and electronica to contemporary classical composers, ‘Mixed Signals’ is a brilliantly crafted and coherent artistic statement that draws upon his talents as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist as well as an electronic producer. Filled with light and shade, impact and intricacy, ‘Mixed Signals’ is much more than a drum & bass record or a collection of club tracks; this is an album in the truest sense of the word.

"So far, this album is my biggest musical project and my greatest achievement. I worked on it for about a year and went through many different creative phases in that time, all of which are represented somewhere on the LP. It is a summary of my current talents, skills and interests. It marks the end for some ideas and concepts and the beginning for many others." – Frederic Robinson.
Built from a collage of acoustic and electronic elements, Robinson’s music is a dense patchwork of skittering rhythms, found sound and lush instrumentation, which harnesses a compelling emotional draw as much as it does an undeniable dance floor energy. Both immediate and nuanced, ‘Mixed Signals’ is a brilliant balance of contrasts.
The sweeping drama of previous single ‘Theme Park’ opens the album, remaining as fresh and brilliantly unique as ever, while ‘Off Topic’ and ‘Bloom’ featuring Stray both also provide familiar touchstones, exploring esoteric manifestations of 170 bpm’s outer possibilities. Three vocal tracks are scattered throughout the tracklist, with the soft, otherworldly tones of Melanie Robinson providing an entry point to Robinson’s world of broken percussion and wandering melodies.
Elsewhere, ‘Vamp Till Ready’ balances rich string orchestration against a wave of skittering percussion and ‘Shut’ offers an expansive beauty in its naïve, dreamlike melodies. ‘Particles’ showcases an innate understanding of drum & bass constructs, warping tight breaks and deep bass against bold blasts of colour while the eponymous track explores a playfully off-kilter and delicately nuanced downtempo vision, before the album is played out on wave of hazy melodies and light-footed rhythms with closer ‘Static Float’.
‘Mixed Signals’ provides the broad canvas that Robinson thrives in painting with his sprawling musical influences and complex arrangements, and the results are phenomenal. The album is a masterpiece in dance floor escapism from a talent whose career is undoubtedly in the ascendant.

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For anyone that's out there we've got some pre order links to quality music. Available direct from some of the best electronic music record labels and artists

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