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The Great Lakes Surf Battle is an annual festival that takes place in Toronto during the first weekend of June. Focusing on instrumental surf rock, the goal of the GLSB is to unite surf bands from various parts of the world. 

Great Lakes Surf BattleThe festival was created in 2006 by Blue Demon and Dano Villano as a means of celebrating the arrival of Tiki Tena from California. Tena had been well known on the surf music scene as a promoter of surf shows and strong supporter of the genre. The two day festival initially took place at local venues such as the Smilin' Buddha, Mitzi's Sister, and Rancho Relaxo before making the Cadillac Lounge its permanent venue for the two main nights of music. 

The GLSB has hosted more than 40 instrumental surf bands from all over North America during the course of a decade. Occasionally, bands from the garage rock, rockabilly, and punk genres have been added to the bill as the "token non-surf band." Local rock'n roll dj's, burlesque dancers, sideshow acts, MC's, and other personalities have also been featured as part of the weekend festivities. Along with after parties at the Oasis Aqualounge and various "undisclosed locations", the Great Lakes Surf Battle has become a fixture on the Toronto music scene. 

Awards given to the bands involved in the battle include the Surf Battle Cup winners for nights 1 and 2. The Freaky Tiki Cup is given to the winners of the final Sunday afternoon contest. The mysterious Cthulhu Cup is given out at random based on unknown criteria. Prizes have also been awarded to concert goers who participate in beach themed contests for best bikini, best dressed lady, or wildest Hawaiian shirt. The GLSB also features vendors that specialize in unique jewelry, clothing, and crafts.

Other events affiliated with the GLSB include the upcoming Fall Brawl plus more TBA.

And we will be broadcasting the event live on

This year boasts an all star roster of bands and players who've been involved since the first festival and new faces shall join us. As always, our special guest is the First Lady of Surf Music, Tiki Tena! 

Three days of wild instrumental tunes, gogo dancing, and some of the most talented musicians in the music scene today!

FRIDAY JUNE 5 @ the Cadillac Lounge

SHOW 8pm EST SHARP! (Doors 7pm)

Luau or Die
The Blue Demons
The Robots 
The Gnarly Ones
King Beez
The Black Eleven
DJ Derk
SATURDAY JUNE 6 @ the Cadillac Lounge

SHOW 8pm EST SHARP! (Doors 7pm)

The Reverb Syndicate
Rocket XL5
The Huaraches
The Men In Gray Suits
The Cliff Divers
With your incomparable M.C The Canadian Wolfman

Special guest "The First Lady of Surf " Tiki Tena from California

Who will win this year's GLSB Trophies for Night 1 and 2? Who will win the mysterious Cthulhu Cup? 

Only $10 at the door each night 

*GLSB continues for night 3 at The Casbah in HAMILTON, Ontario. Please follow the link to the event page:
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Here's a track by The Zillatones!
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Congratulations to Trivalve​, Los Cowabungas​, The Orbitrons​, Fine Diners and The 427's​ for being the most popular bands this week. The Phantom Operators, The Tsunamibots​, Anonymous Henchmen​, The Telestons​, B11 and The Sub-Vectors​ also placed in the albums and singles charts. If you would like to be on the chart just email with tracks in mp3 format.
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Here is The Official Five Most Popular Surf Bands for week ending 8th March 2015.

1. Trivalve

2. Phantom Operators

3. The 427's 

4. Jimmy Strings

5. De Surfures 
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New on the playlist: Los Cowabungas​, The Primitive Finks​, Jimmy Strings​, and The Orbitrons​! Go check out these great bands now. And while you are here, check out these amazing shades of surf green used in the album art.
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It's hard to imagine surf music without The Ventures, millions of guitarists worldwide have been inspired to take up the electric guitar after hearing songs by undoubtedly the World's most popular and successful instrumental group.  I am sure I am not alone in learning to play guitar from various instruction books e.g, Play Guitar with The Ventures.  It's a frequent occurrence for me to refer to these books to work out exactly how a particular ascend or lick was played. 

When guitarist Bob Spalding (known as The Fifth Venture as a result of his association with The Ventures since 1972) and Leon Taylor (the son of Mel Taylor - The Venture's drummer from their classic 1960s line-up) formed V2 we were naturally intrigued.  The V2 lineup includes Luke Griffin on bass and Ian Spalding on electric guitar.  You can hear some of their initial recordings on the stream at and also on this page -
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