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Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Relationship Counselling in Alexandria,Sydney.
Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Relationship Counselling in Alexandria,Sydney.


he main types of anxiety disorders are:
-a panic attack in situations where most people would not be afraid, –
–agoraphobia which is the fear of being in places or situations from which it may be difficult or embarrassing to get away from, or the fear that help might be unavailable if needed-
–specific phobias: intense and irrational fear about particular objects or situations that interferes with a person’s life.
–social phobia: strong or persistent fear of performance situations.
–obsessive compulsive disorder: constant unwanted thoughts that often result in the performance of elaborate rituals to control or banish the thoughts.
–post-traumatic stress disorder: experience of a major trauma with continuation of terror long after the original events.
Treatments of anxiety disorders can be very effectively treated. Although each anxiety disorder has its own characteristics, most respond well to counselling and hypnotherapy and/or medications.

Some habitual behaviours can be harmful to the body and to the mind. From a physiological aspect addictions and/or established behaviours have the same effects on the chemistry of the brain than drugs and alcohol
Addictions of any kind, be it drugs/alcohol, sex, cigarettes, food (even chocolate) etc…all have a compensatory effect. Therefore it is important through talking therapy to learn what the addictive behaviour is compensating for
The second phase of the treatment use diverse therapeutic strategies such as Hypnotherapy to alter the harmful behaviour/addiction whilst continuing the psychological healing a well as addressing the withdrawal symptoms
Behaviour good or bad trigger the release of hormones into the body such as cortisol (stress), endorphins (pleasure) or oxytocin(love) and dopamine (lust) among others.


Relationships are by no means easy tasks. However, without them we fade and die, literally and metaphorically.
It is an unfortunate conundrum that Western society emphasises love as being the major component of relationships. By love however, we often mean the delicious and ecstatic feeling of being in love and although it is an important and irreplaceable aspect of our life, happiness in relationships requires awareness and negotiation, as well as collaboration in order to grow and develop.
By reviewing individual expectations and modes of attachment, the therapeutic intervention can restore the healthy and real sense of self that is the key to a long lasting union as well as helping couples resolve thorny issues.
If you have any questions on how to address these issues call me on 0411 462 325 to make an appointment

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