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See ya in the water!


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Billabong presents "Vague à l'Ame"

"Vague à l'Ame" tells the full story of what it takes to catch the heaviest waves on the planet.
The debut of the documentary by filmmaker Vincent Kardasik will premier during the month of May in Londo, Lisbon, Barcelona, Munich and Paris.
The premiere in Portugal is scheduled for next May 21, at Cinema São Jorge, starting at 7:30 p.m.
Admission is free but limited to the room's capacity.

Watch trailer:

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Billabong apresenta "Vague à l'Ame"

"Vague à l’Ame" conta a história completa do que é preciso para apanhar as ondas mais pesadas do planeta.
E Lisboa é um dos locais seleccionados para ver o documentário do realizador Vincent Kardasik. A estreia em Portugal está agendada para o próximo dia 21 de Maio, no Cinema São Jorge, a partir das 19h30.
A entrada é gratuita mas está limitada à lotação da sala.

Veja o trailer:

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Kate Nelson aka Plastic Free Mermaid has just launched the Plastic Free Survival Guide. Here are some of her helpful hints to cut down on your use of plastic:

1. Audit your Trash

Hold on to your plastic trash for the next few days to understand what kind of plastics you will have to replace and consciously avoid

2. Plan your Shopping

• Restructure your routine to include the farmer’s market & bulk food stores, this helps avoid plastic packaged foods that line the grocery stores
• Stick to the produce section of the Grocery Stores
• When you go shopping bring your own bag, if you forget
• Bring your nutmilk bags or small cloth bags for produce. If you forget, use the paper mushroom bags (try to reuse these, they also have a large environmental impact)
• Buy things in glass jars and reuse them for food storage

3. Make your own Meals

• With all the fresh veggies and fruits from the markets and bulk grains, seeds, nuts, pastas, spices and herbs from the bulk foods store, you have all the ingredients you need to craft up some delicious, nutritious meals!
• Pre-make granola for breakfast, crackers for snacks, and salad dressings to set yourself up for success.

4. Make your own Beauty Products

• Plastic containers of face lotions and shampoos are packed with harsh chemicals, avoid drenching your skin (the largest organ in our body) in unknown ingredients and stick with simple, organic ingredients.
• Use natural oils like organic black sesame oil for skin in the winter and coconut oil in the summer.
• Use bicarb soda with water for shampoo, apple cider vinegar with water for conditioner

5. Adopt the “Bring Your Own” Mentality

• Try to always anticipate where you might encounter single-use plastics and be ready with your own reusable item!
• If you forget everything else, try to avoid these four items, considered the worst and most easily avoidable:

- Plastic bags: Bring your own bag, use a box, or even your t-shirt like a pouch.
- Straws: Skip the straw, they suck! (Need convincing? Search “straw up turtles nose” on Youtube)
- Drink bottles: Reuse, refill and bring your own bottle, or abstain if it comes in plastic.
- Takeaway Coffee Cups: Get your own reusable cup! If you forget a cup, ask the friendly barista if they have any mugs for “here.” In fact, consider pausing and enjoying your coffee there at the cafe. If all else fails, skip the plastic lid, go topless on your coffee.

Photo: Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

#wavepals #plasticfreemermaid #quitplastic #nomoreplastic #plasticfree #KateNelson
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What else do you need for the surfing perfect holiday in Algarve?
Starting from today, we'll be offering 20% off of all surf camp packages with a minimum of 3 nights + 2 days of surf, for stays during the month of March.
Come and discover beautiful Algarve!

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Want to pay less for your next surfing holiday in El Salvador? Book your trip until the end of February to get 1 or 2 nights for free!
Get in touch at so we can share all the details!

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When he was 18, Mike Coots was attacked by a shark while bodyboarding in Hawaii. He survived, punching the shark numerous times in the face, but it took his right leg. Today, Mike is a marine life advocate, a world-class photographer, a competitive surfer, and advocate for adaptive athletes.

"He is full of amazing stories," says Shelby Stanger of Wild Ideas Worth Living. "In this episode he shares many including one about how he tested, researched and designed his own prosthetic leg so he could stand up surf. He also shares how he got into running, how he helps other shark attack victims and amputees get back in the water, and how he decides which projects to say yes to."


#wavepals #mikecoots #adaptivesurf #WildIdeasWorthLiving #ShelbyStranger
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Filipe Toledo, Miguel Pupo, Ian Gouveia and Italo Ferreira spent the day at Wavegarden’s R&D center for a day of surfing, training and fun. Their partners and young babies went along for the ride and were happy to get amongst the action and catch a few waves as well.

See the video at:


#wavepals #wavegardencove #filipetoledo #miguelpupo #iangouveia #familysurf
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Today we feel like sharing...
Photo of the Day: A surfer exits a beach cave into the open ocean off Piha Beach, New Zealand. "This shortcut allows the surfers to land directly in the line-up without paddling through all the waves," explains Your Shot photographer Yohan Dumortier. #Photography
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