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Suresh Kumar G
My name is Suresh Kumar, I am a Full Time blogger from India. Love photography, blogging etc.
My name is Suresh Kumar, I am a Full Time blogger from India. Love photography, blogging etc.

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Found this sherlock sweater on the Facebook :) Here is the link with free shipping

#sherlock #sherlocked #sweater #christmas #ugly

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What customers hate about your brand on #SocialMedia:

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Gas-powered Motorized Picnic Table
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The Universal Type-C Charger.
Because one cord should be enough.

"Did you win?"
A far better question to ask (the student, the athlete, the salesperson, the programmer...) is, "what did you learn?"

Learning compounds. Usually more reliably than winning does.

HI, What are the awesome tricks we can do with the human subjects? Like cloning and all... 

If possible please share the video :) Would love to watch and subscribe to the channel as well. 

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Today we launched Google Handwriting Input (, which lets users handwrite text on their Android mobile device as an additional input method for any Android app, supporting 82 languages in 20 distinct scripts. It works with both printed and cursive writing input with or without a stylus. Beyond text input, it also provides a fun way to enter hundreds of emojis by drawing them (simply press and hold the ‘enter’ button to switch modes). It also works with or without an Internet connection. Learn more at
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If your Google+ Page or Profile has a custom URL your YouTube channel's custom URL is set to match

If your channel already has a old custom URL, it will continue to work.

If you add a Google+ Page or Profile custom URL, it will be used for your YouTube channel to. For example:

Google+ Page custom URL:  
YouTube channel custom URL:
Old YouTube custom URL:

If your channel is eligible, you may be offered more custom URL options on your YouTube dashboard ( than Google+ offers. If you don't like the offered URL, then don't accept it - it cannot be changed once set!

- your channel must have at least 500 subscribers
- your channel must be active at least 30 days
- you have added a channel icon and cover art to your channel

Learn more in the YouTube help center:
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