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Google's launcher is now available more widely - Nexus and Play Edition devices!
A few months ago we introduced an experience on Nexus 5 that made it easier to access all the goodness of Google Now directly from the home screen. Today we’re making that same experience available to more devices when you install the Google Now Launcher on any Nexus or Google Play edition phone or tablet running KitKat.

Google Now Launcher gives you quick access to Google Now, while keeping your apps right where you want them. Just tap home and then swipe right to access Google Now cards that show you just the right information, at just the right time. And anytime you see the search box at the top of your screen, you can say “Ok Google” (if you’re in the US, UK, or Canada), or you can tap the microphone button to trigger voice input. From there, you can ask a question, or tell your phone what to do, like send a message, get directions, or play a song. If you'd rather type your query, tap the Google search box, which now loads faster than ever.

Google Now Launcher also gives you a beautiful, immersive, and simple experience. The full-screen, larger viewing area lets your wallpaper pop from every pixel. And of course you can place your favorite apps anywhere you like.

If you’ve got a Nexus or Google Play edition device with Android 4.4 KitKat, try Google Now Launcher today by getting it from the Google Play Store here:
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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 168

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 167

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 165

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 157

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Our latest app update!!
New cards in Google Now: TV Cards and Google Offers

Google Now brings you the information you need before you even ask, and today we’re adding a few more cards to help connect you with more information throughout your day:

TV Cards: If you have an internet-connected TV, Google Now can help unlock more information about what you’re watching. Just connect your Android device to the same network that your TV is on and tap “Listen for a TV show” in Google Now. We will show you information, like where you’ve seen an actor in the cast before, or more information about the people mentioned in the show. So if you were watching Nik Wallenda cross the Grand Canyon this weekend, with Google Now, you could learn that the “King of the Wire” in fact holds seven Guinness World Records, including highest bike ride on a high-wire. 

Google Offers: Now you can get reminders for your saved offers when you're near the store -- right when you need it. Google Now will pull up the offer so you can use it quickly and easily.

These new cards and more are available in the latest version of the Google Search for Android app, rolling out today on Google Play:
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Congratulations +Mike Cassidy and +Sagar Kamdar ! Very very cool! Solving a real problem for real people with some really out there technology!

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Last week, Popular Science dubbed Google Now the “Innovation of the Year” ( We sat down with Baris Gultekin, Andrew Kirmse and Ben Gomes, who all played a part in creating Google Now. 

How did the project start?
Andrew: Google Now started when a few of us on the Maps team thought there was some really useful information we could show you on your phone based on where you are, and so we started working on it in our spare time, as a 20% project (as many projects at Google start). The further we got on the project, the more compelling it became, and everyone saw the potential of it.

What is the benefit of Google Now being predictive?
Baris: Accessing and discovering information easily. There is a lot going on in our lives at any given time. When you’ve got a context-aware phone and thousands of computers working for you, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting information you may need, like the traffic between here and your next meeting, or the fact that there’s an awesome photo spot three blocks away. So with Google Now, you don’t even have to search for these, they just show up -- ready and waiting for you.

How do you see Google Now as a complement to Search?
Ben: The goal of search has always been to give you exactly the answers you need whenever you need them.  Google Now is another leap towards a truly intelligent search: you can find important information before you even ask. And at the end of the day, it’s about making you feel more powerful with your Android device.

Tell us your favorite experience with a Google Now card? 
Andrew: While I was wandering around Sydney during a visit to the Google office there earlier this year, a Google Now card popped up telling me that the Art Gallery of New South Wales ( was a few blocks away. I spent the afternoon looking at some amazing aboriginal art that I never would have found otherwise.

How does Google's Knowledge Graph help power some of the cards in Google Now?
Ben: When you search, you’re not just looking for a webpage -- you’re looking to get answers and explore rich information. That’s where the Knowledge Graph comes in: with an understanding of real-world people, places and things, it can help provide better answers at your fingertips. Google Now builds on that philosophy of providing quick, actionable information, using information from the knowledge graph in areas like the weather, sports scores, and much more.

What can we expect from Google Now in the future?
Baris: There are many situations when our users have unique information needs. We’ve been focusing on organizing information that is important and relevant in a given situation and serving those back to you at precisely the right moment they’re useful. We’ve started with some useful cases such as telling you about your flight’s status on the day of your trip, but we are excited about covering much, much more.

Past winners of Popular Science’s Innovation of the year have been the Large Hadron Collider, the Toyota Prius and the Mars Curiosity rover -- what’s it like being in the same company of all of these? 
Baris: I am humbled to be in the same company of these amazing innovations. I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to be part of creating this product and proud of what the team has accomplished. And, still only five months since we first launched, the most exciting thing is that we’re just getting started!

Visit for more information about Google Now!
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