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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Mirror Of Apollo
2015 05 21

What relationship is there that persists 
in binding blank ghost of my face, I see 
in fogged mirror of hope, to photograph 
that freezes flash of my soul in white ice? 

I wrap persona, that you think is me, 
around my shoulders as cape of good hope 
to shroud myself against indifferent rain 
and stand alone before tower of gold. 

I arrived at this point on way of life 
in spite of bad luck Fortune rolled for me, 
and read lofty tales of heroic deeds 
from empty Book of Dreams that I composed. 

When Muse Calliope opens wide door 
of eloquent song, and invites me in, 
I step from lightless rain of nameless never, 
and enter Library of History. 

"Where shall I place my book of dreams?" I ask 
old blind woman who carries burned-out torch, 
and she gestures toward window of insight 
where I can see all history in play. 

I see our world of seething atoms cool, 
then generate hordes of frail hungry souls 
who swirl in tribes to build castles of hope 
but evaporate in sunlight of pride. 

"We are chemical foam of fragile flesh 
born for our short time from splash of wild waves," 
I whisper as I watch tides of events 
washing restless on mute beach of fame. 

I am but one small wave in surge of time 
cast up by endless generating tides 
of urgent ambition to transform soul 
of mental vision into statue of truth. 

I see, half-buried in gold sand of time, 
statue of Apollo clutching curved lyre, 
so I step forward on high empty stage 
of flat-top pyramid where Ishtar sang. 

I stand before hordes of unconscious ghosts 
that represent every person who lived 
and sing their words and deeds in epic play 
to record how we managed to survive. 

I divide myself into multitudes, 
becoming every soul who ever lived, 
while fluid energy of fertile lust 
freezes into statue in world museum. 

I see myself in mirror of your face, 
wise Apollo strumming lyre of history, 
so I turn and dive into stream of time 
and chant Orphean hymns on sea of death. 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Conceptual Composition of the Epic Hermead

Conceptualists are the current incarnation of Platonists because they believe the concept of a thing is more real than the actual thing. Because millions of people are expressing concepts in fragments of language, the conceptualists weaves those fragments into a tapestry. 

The poet will collect concepts like fragments of metal, melt them in the furnace of poetics, and forge a gold grail studded with diamonds, thus transforming the fragmented concepts of human thoughts into a new vision of the world within the aesthetic intensity of well-crafted verse. 

The conceptualist only goes so far as to gather cultural material and presents it as-is as a literary artifact. 

The conceptual poet may then transform the material into well-crafted verse that presents the tale of human action through the process of cause and effect to create a textual artifact that may persist as a self-contained unit of poetic narrative that generates a conceptual vision of the world in the mind of the reader. 

For example, I gathered data in the form of text about events in the lives of philosophers who developed revolutionary ideas about the nature of the world, and instead of just presenting the text as appropriated from various sources as poetry, I melted down the source texts to interactive scenes and concepts, and then composed my own set of words in the classical form of biographical narrative using the metrical verse form of pentameter blank verse to generate original stories about those Greek philosophers. I call my epic about philosophers the Hermead for Hermes the first inventor of the musical instrument and the song that encapsulates in conceptual words a vision of the world. 

#‎Conceptualism‬ ‪#‎MetaModernism‬ ‪#‎Poetics‬ ‪#‎Plato‬
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Hermead Vol 2
16,000 lines - Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras
Four Editions

Hardcover 6x9 $46.99
Paperback 6x9 $27.99
Pocket 4.25x6.88 $10.99
eBook $2.99
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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from Atoms of Leukippos
Hermead Vol 3

"This One universe of landscapes and seas,
supporting special plants and animals,
that nourishes our bodies with material
of vital substance, is composed of parts
assembled through wild swirls of particles
in random clusters that hurl in vast void.
Everything around us in solid world
breaks down into fragments of smaller parts,
rocks to dust, fire to flames, water to drops,
wind to breath that fills our bodies with life,
and when organic creatures lose our souls
of animating will, our bodies crumble
from lack of water to granules of dust.
Everything that exists in solid shape
breaks down to tiny particles of dust,
though even smallest mote of dust we see
breaks down more to size we cannot observe,
but at some point granules break down no more,
then we can call them uncuttable Atoms.
For particles of atoms to move forward
there must extend between existing forms
empty space of nothingness in vast void,
void where worlds coagulate from thick atoms
that swirl into sphere where creatures are born.
Our Kosmos is composed of tiny atoms
that swirl and aggregate in boundless void,
and multitude of minute particles
cluster at random to form swirling worlds
where organic creatures rise from bright seas,
and transform over many generations,
struggling against brutal adversity
to survive and procreate before death,
till weaker and dumber creatures expire
while stronger and wiser creatures expand
and succeed to replicate forms of life
that proliferate on our fertile world.
We are products of random good fortune,
and create tales of gods to honor heroes
who battle monsters of hunger and death
to organize men in social communes
who construct temple of civilization.
Theos was our ancestor who survived
and taught us how to control force of nature,
bending power of lightning to spark bright fire
we use to transform rock ore into metal
and forge cooking utensils, building tools,
weapons of war, and traveling vehicles.
Theos is dead, and Theos lives in you
and me, for we are all Theos reborn
in human flesh to love and enjoy life."

Purchase Hermead Vols 1-3
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Hermead Epic of Philosophers is tragic drama
because everyone ends up dead.
#Epic #Philosophy #SocialMedia
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Live In His Heaven
Surazeus 2015 04 14

Janet sits on the park bench to watch cars, 
smoking a cigarette in cold sunlight, 
and grins at the young man clutching his Bible. 
"Do I believe in a great loving God, 
and if Jesus saved me for eternal life? 
I want to believe with unwavering faith 
of honest hope there is more to this life 
than suffering sorrow from broken hearts 
during bitter struggle just to survive, 
followed by complete nothing after death. 
I grew up attending church with my mom 
who seemed to believe without fear or doubt 
that Jesus will resurrect us all from death 
and take us, if we are loving and good, 
to live forever in heaven with him. 
But after all the troubles I survived, 
barely escaping an abusive husband 
who got drunk and beat me bad every day, 
my father freezing drunk on a dirt road, 
my mother raped and murdered by her cousin, 
my brother killed in the war in Iraq, 
and my sister dying from a drug overdose, 
I must wonder if God is even real. 
Our preacher told is in church God is good, 
and everything that happens is his will, 
but if he willed to kill my whole family 
and leave me alive to suffer it all, 
then God is a cruel, sadistic pervert. 
So he wants to burn me in hell forever? 
My life is already a constant hell. 
I would rather burn than live in his heaven. 
You and your preachers promise common folk 
eternal life in perfect paradise 
if we believe, and give our heart to Jesus, 
but we have to suffer through this life first. 
You cannot promise peace in paradise 
until after we die, and no one knows 
if your promises are true or a lie. 
I think Christianity is a hoax 
because you promise what you cannot deliver, 
and you ask for money to preach your lies 
then live it up with mansions and nice cars  
while we continue to struggle to live. 
You promise eternal life after death 
but want money for this bright promise now. 
You cannot fool me because I know your scam." 
Janet flicks the cigarette in the bushes, 
then smiles at the young man clutching his Bible, 
and walks back to work in a bread factory 
while he sits and stares at the busy world. 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Hermead Vol 3
19,000 lines - Herakleitos, Parmenides, Anaxagoras, Empedokles, Leukippos, and Philolaos
Four Editions

Hardcover 6x9 $49.99
Paperback 6x9 $30.99
Pocket 4.25x6.88 $11.99
eBook $3.99
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Hermead Vol 1
15,000 lines - Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos
Four Editions

Hardcover 6x9 $45.99
Paperback 6x9 $26.99
Pocket 4.25x6.88 $9.99
eBook $2.99
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Productive. Grin.
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Zeus Knows All

Titanos Epimetheus to his brother Prometheus
who is chained to Mount Kaukasos
for giving fire to mankind:

"I want to break you free from iron chains
and assist your program to civilize
savage Man, teaching them our divine ways,
but fear of punishment constrains my hand.
I think Zeus watches me from thunderclouds,
poised to strike when I commit grievous error,
but this trick of my eyes is forged by fear.
I know that he must be no more divine
than you and me, since I cannot project
my mind in swirling clouds to see this world,
though I thought I could when I was young.
Many times when wandering in woods alone,
I trembled looking around at dark clouds
or peering in shadows of forest trees
terrified Zeus was watching me in rage,
poised to strike me for disobedience,
but no matter what actions I performed
no consequence occurred, and when I stood
before his throne, thinking he knew my thoughts
and actions, his words revealed ignorance.
Zeus could not hear secret thoughts of my mind,
if I avoid expressing them with words,
so then I knew he was mortal man, not god.
He claims he watches everything I do,
that he is present everywhere in space,
and will punish me with torture and harsh death
if I dare defy his rule and support
your endeavor to civilize wild men,
but I realize he lies, and claims power
of omnipresence to terrify people
who cower before his false omnipotence.
Zeus claims to know all and see everything,
but he wields no more power than we give his hands,
so if we refuse to obey his words
his power blusters no more than puffing wind."

from Fire of Prometheus
Hermead Vol 1
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Muse Of History
2015 04 15

I stare in the cracked mirror at my face 
and wonder if I can extract my ghost 
from the silver ice of naive despair. 

I turn away and pull my skin back on 
to wear my persona like a clean suit 
that armors my soul against bitter smiles. 

I pretend I am a magic realist 
who glides through cities like a dethroned prince 
over rainbow bridge to surreal dream parks. 

I play guitar on street of drizzling rain 
and sing about the Muse of History, 
and wonder where she sleeps in tower of eyes. 

Three holy angels from valleys of Spain, 
Lorca, Dali, and Gabriel Marquez, 
appear to me in green Seattle mist. 

Three holy angels guide me to your tower 
on lush island of mangoes where you sleep 
so I kiss you, and you wake me from dream. 

We meet each other in a static painting 
and spring to life within a moving film 
that preserves our ghosts on world silver screen. 

Our bodies crumble to dry dust and bones 
while our spirits glow on world movie screen 
long after our civilization falls. 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Hermead Epic of Philosophers is romantic quest
because everyone seeks social truth.
#Epic #Philosophy #SocialMedia
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  • Washington State University
    BA in Liberal Arts - History and Literature, 1986 - 1988
  • Michigan State University
    MS in Geographic Information Science, 2005 - 2008
  • Auburn Adventist Academy
    1979 - 1983
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Pen Name: Surazeus Astarius Jesuvius Gothinus. Legal Wallet Name: Simon Seamount. Birth Name: Albert Bruce Craig II. SecondLife Name: Surazeus Thor
Epic Poet and Cartographer
Angelus of Anglonesia. 

I am a cartographer, geospatial analyst, and terrain developer by day, and epic poet by night. 

I am writing an epic poem in blank verse titled Hermead about scientists and inventors of civilization. This bible for atheists and scientists is now 112,000 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 25 Greek philosophers.

Buy Hermead Epic of Philosophers

Hermead Vol 1 - 15,000 lines on Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos

Hermead Vol 2 - 16,000 lines on Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras

You can read 5,000 lines, part of the invocation, several speeches, and the complete tale of Platon, free at

My legal name is Simon Seamount though I was born Albert Bruce Craig II. My mother's maiden name Seamount is from the Swedish name Sjoberg.

I use the name Surazeus as my pen name.

I have been writing narrative poems for 25 years and have recently organized them into books and ebooks.

eBooks for Kindle on Amazon.

I posted about 200 songs I wrote and composed at but do not expect anything more than amateur fun folk singing.

I was born in Oregon in the Year of the Beatles, grew up in Texas in the 1970s, went to high school and college in Takoma (Washington state) in the 1980s. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts in 1988 at Washington State University. After living in Seattle for a few years, I hitchhiked around the country playing grunge folk in the 1990s.

I got a job as web designer at State of Michigan 1999-2004, then earned a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science 2005-8 at Michigan State University.

I have since lived in North Carolina and now in Georgia working as a cartographer. Where will I go next on the journey of life? My goal is to become a Professor of Literature at Harvard, which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Dudley.

In SecondLife I am Surazeus Thor

I married an Indonesian Muslim woman from Java Island and we have two cute daughters I named for goddesses of wisdom -- Saraswati and Athena.

I am generally a Gnostic Humanist. I do not know if there is a God or not, but the gods of history were humans who had a large influence on their times. What is most important is that I know myself and understand my perceptions, and recreate them in verse.

I am descended 13 generations from the Puritan Poet Anne Bradstreet. Her father, Thomas Dudley, signed the charter to found Harvard, and was descended from the Sutton-Dudley clan of Elizabethan England, who were descended from Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.

My religion is Astarism. 

Astarism honors First Mother Astara Ishtar Athena.

Ishtar sent Abraham and Sarah west and they founded Assurism, Olympism, Apollonism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Ishtar sent Brahma and Saraswati east and they founded Hinduism, Vaishnism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Krishnaism, Sikhism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Astarism includes all those religions as one.

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I am writing an epic about scientists now at 110,000 lines of blank verse, so it is the second longest epic in the world, so far.
Cartographer, Poet, Geospatial Analyst, Cosmographer, and Phrontistes
  • Cartographer Poet
    Cartographer Poet, 1986 - present
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