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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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In one epic narrative poem the Hermead presents the history of the development of philosophy that forms the foundation of our civilization.

#HistoryOfScience #Philosophy #Classics #EpicPoem #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo #NaPoMo #NPM #HistoricalFiction
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Po-Biz or Poetry Business in America is a glorious castle of Camelot on a shining hill, and all the famous poets who are laureates and prize-winners are the royalty in the throne room, university poetry professors are the nobles, and journal editors and critics are the courtiers in the feasting hall, while millions of unknown poets scribbling love songs and avant-garde free verse are the peasants huddled in a huge crowded city of shacks surrounding the castle walls.

A few dozen like me are lone wizards in distant isolated caves full of mushrooms and frogs by the roaring sea who chant our verse in the blustering wind.

#PoBiz #Poetry #Foetry #AvantGarde #Modernism #PostModernism #MetaModernism #LANGUAGE #Conceptualism #Experimental #Cinemism
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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The Parthenon in Athens is my Kaaba in Mecca.

#GoddessOfWisdom #Athena #Minerva #Artemis #KwanYin #Saraswati
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Fairy Queen Returns
© Surazeus
2016 09 27

When laughing thunder cracks the crystal sky
and blinding light from divine eyes of love
illuminate bleak abyss of my soul,
I rise from fire-burned ruins of my home
and walk the signless road through careless hills
on quest to find the holy grail of truth.

Now that the vision of our world dissolves
and solid sphere long fixed at central core
twirls swift around the sun that hurls through space
around enormous crystal eye of light
I see that I am but one speck of dust
who dreams itself awake in flash of hope.

How small I am on minute globe of dust
and water that twirls through infinite space
where countless stars in countless galaxies
spiral throbbing hot in vast universe
that surges wild with waves of energy
through neural network of my dreaming brain.

Drenched in rain amid crystal towers of light,
in seething crowd of hundred million souls,
I see Beauty riding Beast in gold dawn
as Fairy Queen bears clean flag of one world
to lead us marching toward tall pyramid
where Ishtar crowns her new Empress of Earth.

Then from the darkness of horrible fear
the Knave of Clubs appears from cave of rage
and strikes to crush her skull with sudden blow,
but Queen of Hearts on angel wings of love
twirls Sword of Justice, flashing with pure light,
and slays the snarling dragon of blind greed.

Ascending One-Eye Pyramid of Power,
our Fairy Queen, who bears in both her hands
Sword of Justice and Scales of Equal Rights,
enchants our hearts with song of loyal love
that flashes visions through clear-worded spells
in revelation of her Holy Grail.

On flat-top pyramid I see three men,
Spenser, Blake, and Milton, in flowing robes,
who bear from blind Saturn the feather quill
of magic spells, carve Runes on obelisk
cut from black marble that record good deeds
of our wise compassionate Fairy Queen.

Then Ishtar grips my hand in shocking fear
and points to comet blazing red as fire
that strikes the One-Eye Pyramid of Power
and all the dynasties of ancient kings
are scattered lost when meteor of pride
strikes the grand temple of authority.

I rise from ashes of victorious war
and walk to river shore with bag of seeds
I sow in pungent soil to cultivate
apple trees that sprout from heart of my chest
and brew rich cider with cinnamon
and honey dripping from the Tree of Life.

No longer will we crown the sons of Christ
as kings to rule the nations of wild tribes
for every man and woman on this world
lives equal in communities of love
and yet we choose one wise person to reign
as Watching Eye on Pyramid of Power.

On arch of triumph stands the Golden God
who aims sharp arrow at my beating heart
and claims just right to rule with life and death
but I escape to wander desert vale
where apple seeds lie dormant in dry dust
and talk with smiling Horse of Liberty.

I found the secret of the Holy Grail,
sanctified blood that nourishes my brain
and generates new body for old soul
when seed of the father activates
egg of the mother to evolve nine months
through each stage of evolution we changed.

#FairyQueen #QueenOfHearts #HolyGrail #Quest #Christianity #Apollo #Dynasty #Politics #Religion #President #POTUS
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Vale Of Tears
© Surazeus
2016 09 24

Though we are born into this vale of tears
the gold-eyed owl that waits in leafless oak,
illumined by the moon of your desire,
will teach me how to read the way of stars
so I may open wide the houseless door
and feel clear waves of light from molten core
of spinning world weave wings for me to fly
and paint the world I design in my eye.

No sign will point the way to vale of tears
where gold-eyed owl of misty midnight moon
peers through thick veil to pierce my secret heart
and teaches me to carve on planks of wood
thin Runes of Dream that imitate tall trees
which cradle honeycombs designed by bees
who pollinate all fruits we humans eat
at feast of fools in crumbling palace suite.

I cannot map the road from vale of tears
since gold-eyed owl transforms into my wife
who stands on pyramid of watching eye
and writes our deeds and words in tragic play
preserved in Book of Life she hides in cave
of dancing shadows flooded by cold wave,
so I escape endless underworld dance
and occupy empty church in weird trance.

In novel tale I explain vale of tears
though gold-eyed owl on television chest
returns from palace of the laughing god
who taught me how to fashion spinning wheel,
and since I drove swift chariot on vast plain
ten thousand years westward in cleansing rain
I stand wise now in field of sun-beamed grass
to measure spirit of atomic mass.

I build high walls around our vale of tears
while gold-eyed owl in hall of broken mirrors
reveals my secret face to all but me
so I design new mask to hide my love
and when the spinning world returns to spot
in boundless universe where I was born
then she will know loving heart is right
when we both die together in moon light.

We dance and sing in haven vale of tears
if gold-eyed owl encrypts arcane spell code
so none but she will know the secret way
through labyrinth of loyalties expressed
when I inscribe new prophecies in book
of truthful lies I leave by singing brook
which teaches me the secret of rebirth
since we are God who wakes on planet Earth.

#Hymn #Prophecy #Nostradamus #Apocalypse #Revelation #ValeOfTears #Evolution #Poem #Rebirth
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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All Our Memories Of Earth
© Surazeus
2016 09 22

How many people die in crashing cars
to disappear from the dream of our game
on countless worlds that thrive around bright stars
while spinning through lightless void without name.

When Janus reinvents the door of time
and hides inside my throbbing heart the key
that guides me through the labyrinth of rhyme
I stand and sing beside the roaring sea.

I travel forward west ten thousand years,
leaving Lake of Eyes to blaze nameless trails
and guard walled heaven of fruit trees with spears
while teaching children truth with ancient tales.

This is the cozy home I build for you
so brew apple cider beside warm hearth
and decipher if you can this weird clue
that records all our memories of Earth.

#Ballad #Song #Poem #Sonnet #Proverb #Nostalgia #History #FamilyValues #TrafficAccidents #Death
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Saturnus By Tiber Stream
© Surazeus
2016 09 20

Lounging on lush shore of gold Tiber stream,
Saturnus strokes his beard of sprinkling rain
that falls from swirling clouds of his wild hair,
and laughs when Sylvia, skipping among flowers,
throws ripe apples into sweet honey juice
that bubbles in brass pot, gold as the sun
gleaming on meadows full of wheat and sheep
where Ceres swings sharp scythe as she chants spells
that transform me into Grandfather Time
so I see Cronus mirrored in my face.

All our ancestors, whose love made us real,
dream alive in virtual web of our minds,
guiding our way in drama of our lives
so every moment seared into their minds
of life and death they suffer and enjoy
beams bright within the mirror of my eyes,
so when I sit in sunlight among trees,
that bloom white petals and small apple buds,
I float in bliss of lost eternity
that rings with every chirp of lonesome birds.

Because these are not the real shining days
when the painted mask of monkeys and kings,
I wear to shield this wounded heart of steel,
that pulses vibrating waves of glass streams
from mountain waterfall of laughing fool,
crumbles in relentless wind of divine faith,
I stand at the open door of dry bones
that stands alone on the mountain of hope
and gaze at the jagged range cold wind carves
to form the eyeball of our spinning world.

Before I step through old door without home
to soar on aluminum wings of fear,
that blind Icarus loaned me for a fee,
I hold the round emerald in my hand
that Star Woman found in the sparkling pool
where she showed me how my face will appear
each year I grow older on road of life,
that winds through labyrinth across chess board,
to play game of thrones for the crown of gems
that links my mind to world computer brain.

Astride the giant pencil rocket broom,
I soar among the swirling clouds in flight
with eighty witches from the cave of gems
who change appearance of my plastic face
to mirror clear the face of every person
who ever walked our world since dawn of time
when first we crawled from lake of dreams to stretch
our hungry hands above our heads and grasp
the fruit of knowledge from the Tree of Life,
so I imitate the Many-Faced God.

But when I strum the lightning-flashing strings
bound on the blue guitar perched on my knee
I realize, while slouching in gold rain
to ruins of Jerusalem I built,
so much depends upon a red wheel barrow
glazed with rain water beside the white chickens
who lay golden eggs I sell at the market
where jester of the crucified god laughs
at how I stumble drunk from church of glass
where statues of angels stare blind at death.

Each moment in the drama of my life,
when I step forward on old creaking stage
before the eyes of people without names,
I see inside my eyes events unfold
when my ancestors played forgotten roles
in social calculation of staged ritual,
and then forget the lines of naked words
that my god-father assigned me to speak,
so I hide in the cave of shadows high
above our drowned city to write new bibles.

I stand upon the shore of broken hopes,
lashed by nefarious waves of Ocean song,
when night devours the world of changing forms,
and see the bright face of my mother clear
shining in the mirror of the iced moon,
and here lament my sophomoric spell
that calculates puzzle of paradise
designed by jubilation of desire,
then throw the Silmaril of true insight
into the surging waves that drown our land.

Then from the ruins of his temple hall,
that crumbles at the turning of our world,
Saturnus climbs up the stairway to Heaven
that arches like a rainbow among stars,
and scatters apple seeds on cement streets
so saplings sprout through cracks of empire strength,
then all our cities sea to shining sea
are swallowed by the roots of hungry trees
that change America to Onatah
where children dance in ring of shining stones.

From swirling mist of morning that gleams gold
in new electric dawn of fertile eggs
Star Woman appears to herald rebirth
of our ancient empire that sprang from Athens
so new age of Aquarius will shine
when the fruit girl with seven eyes returns
bearing water jar to fill hearts with love
and transforms Saturnus into her son
who rides swift horse across the wind-swept plain
and leads us to the Lake of Dreams we lost.

#Prophecy #Apocalypse #EndOfTimes #Renaissance #Transformation #SelfActualization #Sabbath #Song #Ballad
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Leap Of Orion
© Surazeus
2016 09 29

Chasing swift hart that dodges through oak grove,
Orion leaps from jagged cliff and hurls
sharp spear at bounding stag to stab its heart,
but stumbles when he lands in sloshing muck,
both feet slurped down to his knees in thick slime.

Heart beating in sudden terror, he grasps
at thin vine that trails from tall tree and heaves
to haul himself from stinking mud, but sinks
deeper, sucked down as he struggles in vain
to escape hungry earth, gasping for breath,
when vine snaps and leaves him stranded in shock.

Struggling for hours to escape sucking slime,
Orion watches sun, glowing on trees
with gold fire of beautiful life, sink down
from noon to disappear behind far hills
in blazing flames of terrified despair
as he feels muck suck him down to his waist.

Gasping for breath in lightless freezing gloom,
Orion howls for help, calling out loud
names of his brothers and his playful sons,
screaming into infinite gloom for help,
but no voice answers under shining stars
as he sinks deeper in fear to his chest.

Screaming and wailing as he stretches arms
toward clear blue sky where bright clouds billow white,
Orion shivers and flails in wild rage
then slumps over and sobs as hunger gnaws
at empty belly that sinks in cold muck.

"Sweet Artemas, my warm and loving bride,
I see your face gazing down from bright moon,
and I remember when I first saw you,
while I hunted bright forest of desire,
and saw you standing in slow sparkling creek,
long hair flowing around your breasts like rays
of morning sun that glowed in your gray eyes,
but I shall never embrace you again,
for I am lost in dark mud of despair."

Staring silent at swirling sky of light
and darkness, Orion watches bright moon
and burning sun flash across arching sky,
then whispers as he sinks under cold slime,
"I think this world is a round stone that rolls
swift around enormous eye of hot flame."

Thirteen years later, three young boys appear
on edge of jagged cliff, while hunting boar,
and Helios grips arms of his brothers tight,
then points to helmet their father wore.

"Our father left one morning years ago
when I was six and you were both still babies,
wearing that helmet as he ran to hunt,
but never returned, and our mother wept
as she stood night and day at cottage door,
looking for his face to appear in light,
and calling his name on long lonely nights,
but she died from broken heart for his love,
since he vanished forever without trace,
yet now I see his helmet perched on stone."

Leaning over edge of foul mucky pool,
while his brothers hold rope bound round his waist,
Helios reaches long stick with trembling arm
to hook rusting helmet and lift it high.

Kneeling on rock, three boys weep as they gaze
at face of their father that stares from muck,
skin rotten and both eyes plucked out by crows,
and mouth open in rigid silent scream
as worms slither from sockets of his skull.

Tears flowing from their eyes sparkle on flower
that twitches without care in humming wind.

#Myth #Legend #Astrology #Death #Horror #LostLove #Poem #Ballad #Narrative #ShortStory #MicroPoem
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Mist Of Avalon
© Surazeus
2016 09 28

On dusty road in nameless western land
I wander mute among old twisted trees
that give no whispering leaves or luscious fruit
to quench raw thirst that gnaws my aching heart,
then kneel to gaze at clouds in foul gray sky
and long to dance in mist of Avalon.

While riding sad in sputtering car that spews
noxious exhaust which shrouds tall city towers
in stinking smog, I feel inside my stomach
disgusting fear surge through my wretched flesh
in nauseous waves at factory machines
and long to flee in mist of Avalon.

I stand alone on crowded city street
and strum old rusting strings of cracked guitar
with futile hope to tune my aching heart
with sweet harmonious melodies of love
but my songs are muted by engine roar
that drives me far from mist of Avalon.

I stand on roof of red-brick hall in wind
that blows from mountain frosted white with snow
and stare at hordes of people walking fast
on urgent business of profit, then gaze
back east six thousand miles to distant island
where I was born in mist of Avalon.

Four centuries ago in rich oak woods,
where fairies danced and elves sang charming tunes,
I stood by emerald stone near sparkling lake
to guard Star Queen in long white cotton gown
who blessed each person with her generous hand
and reigned with love in mist of Avalon.

I plucked ripe apples from the tree of snakes
and brewed sweet juice for everyone to drink
but when I wake today in grocery store
I hold tin can of rancid apple sauce
and mourn green groves of Salisbury plain
where apples bloomed in mist of Avalon.

While dancing on lush slopes of Sarum Mound
we saw wise Fairy Queen on white horse ride
in gown of shining silk and crown of gold,
but then her light passed far into the west
while still her sweet song lingered in the breeze
and vanished deep in mist of Avalon.

Yet now on noble lion of bold truth
the Fairy Queen returns with sword of justice
that flashes bright as lightning in the sky
to lead all people loyal to her wisdom
against the deceiver who steals our words
and reigns again in mist of Avalon.

#FairyQueen #Avalon #England #Britain #BritishIsles #Paradise #Nostalgia #JourneyHome #Poem #Song #Ballad
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Lost On Kentucky Road
© Surazeus
2016 09 25

While watching lucent moon play hide and seek
with me among trees, I wonder amused
if the three laws of motion will apply
when I leap from high imprisoning walls
of heaven to journey long road of life
by your side, but I turn from your locked door.

Though everyone I ever loved is gone
from dream of this world, now dry dust in wind
that blows down from hills where forest of pines
once shimmered in rain, I stand in new sun
on rocky shore and stare at shining sea
where I see all their eyes winking at me.

I will smile soon and pretend we are free
because my father, who ruled me with glares,
is nothing now but skeleton and dust
in rotting box where oak tree sprouts up tall
from acorn that was lodged inside his skull,
but you are mute when I hold your cold hand.

We sailed across the sea of surging storms
and came to this strange land of silent woods,
but we still hunger and thirst as we trudge
signless road in search for new Wonderland
marked on the map the old wizard sold me,
but every road leads us back to the sea.

Though I carve ancient sigil of my house,
engraved on moss-covered stone of grand hall
where my brother lives in rich luxury,
on oak tree by nameless lake in dark woods
to stake my claim to meadows where lost tribes
lie rotting under roots of wheat, I weep.

I weep for the meadow where I once played
knights and ladies with seven pretty girls
who all starved to death in the recent war,
and wonder if their children still play free
among the apple trees by sparkling lake
where I sang hymn to beauty of her eyes.

When I left Scotland her hills disappeared
in mocking sea waves, yet they call my name
as I walk winding trail in rugged hills
of misty Kentucky, since everywhere
I look with aching desire her true face
appears in form of clouds that drop gold rain.

I know we all will die in turning flash
of endless days, too numberless to count,
but I will dance upon the hungry grave
of broken hearts and then assert my will
to taste sweet fruit that grows from pungent soil
of bleak despair, and name each child I sire.

#Immigration #Immigrant #Refugee #Monarchy #Revolution #NewWorld #BraveNewWorld #SeaVoyage
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Vanish In Dream
© Surazeus
2016 09 23

The days of our lives flow on without cease
and hours of dream turn into centuries.
We sprout as children from meadows and hills
like flowers that blossom in sun and rain.
This hour you and I by the sparkling stream
make love before all shall vanish in dream.

We kill and breed as we cover wide land
like froth on wild waves of the singing sea.
We sprout from old trees of our families
like leaves and fruit that vanish in cold wind.
This hour you and I by the sparkling stream
make love before all shall vanish in dream.

Bright stars shine forever in vast dark sky
and the sun fills our hearts with hungry love.
Tall mountains and trees see us come and go
as we live and die in swift flow of time.
This hour you and I by the sparkling stream
make love before all shall vanish in dream.

I disappear in clear sea of your eyes
and our children spring singing from your heart.
I reach out my arms to embrace you close
but you are smoke in the tears of the rain.
This hour you and I by the sparkling stream
make love before all shall vanish in dream.

#Birthday #Ballad #Song #Poem #Hymn #Death #Evolution #Metaphysics #MetaphysicalPoet
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Apple Of Vitality
© Surazeus
2016 09 22

When Robin Hood and Eve ride the White Whale
from the crystal heaven of Aristotle,
since Copernicus cracked open its shell
to reveal infinite space beyond bounds
of doctrine where spinning galaxies gleam,
will Moby Dick, chasing his lashing tail,
smash the dome where Saint Peter rules as Christ,
so I can eat the apple of true faith?

When Tarzan and Cleopatra escape
labyrinth of Pluto with crystal sphere
that reveals mystery of eternal life,
though I keep losing chess games against Death,
and leviathan lounges on ice berg,
will Odin return from the Underworld
bringing the scroll that Lucretius composed
so I can eat the apple of insight?

When Gollum and Astraea wake at dawn
and climb the stairway to lost paradise,
bearing cracked glass pitcher of honey wine,
then Gandalf emerges from his cracked skull
to fire flame of wisdom from wand of hope,
will Idun bake more pies on pyramid
of world dominion for the feast of crows
so I can eat the apple of desire?

When Caliban and Minerva appear
from mists of Avalon on horse of wind
to show me Runes she carves on skull of Godin,
after Helius teaches me how to make
strong wagon wheels from the Oak of Donar,
will Newton give me book of formulas
for brewing the sweet elixir of life
so I can eat the apple of foresight?

When Hermes and Kwan Yin drive pickup truck
that Chevrolet designed in Wonderland
to lead lost tribes of Scythians home to Scotland,
though Alice soars past on swift Jabberwock
to visit Hiawatha near Lake of Eyes,
will Gabriel visit me on Wizard Island
of Crater Lake with book on astrophysics
so I can eat the apple of creation?

When Phoebus and Epona teach me how
to tame and ride the planet-leaping horse
so I explore valleys where apple trees
sprout from the graves of nameless souls I love
on quest for truth across ten thousand years,
will Saraswati reveal to my eyes
magic of the piston engine at dawn
so I can eat the apple of vitality?

#Ballad #Poem #Riddle #SecretCode #Sociology #Prophecy #IndustrialRevolution #Alchemy #Engineering
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Epic Poet and Cartographer
Angelus of Anglonesia. 

I am a cartographer, geospatial analyst, and terrain developer by day, and epic poet by night. 

I am writing an epic poem in blank verse titled Hermead about scientists and inventors of civilization. This bible for atheists and scientists is now 120,000 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 25 Greek philosophers.

Buy Hermead Epic of Philosophers

Hermead Vol 1 - 15,000 lines on Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos

Hermead Vol 2 - 16,000 lines on Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras

Hermead Vol 3 - 19,000 lines on Demokritos, Platon, and Aristoteles

You can read 5,000 lines, part of the invocation, several speeches, and the complete tale of Platon, free at

My legal name is Simon Seamount though I was born Albert Bruce Craig II. My mother's maiden name Seamount is from the Swedish name Sjoberg.

I use the name Surazeus as my pen name.

I have been writing narrative poems for 25 years and have recently organized them into books and ebooks.

eBooks for Kindle on Amazon.

I posted about 200 songs I wrote and composed at but do not expect anything more than amateur fun folk singing.

I was born in Oregon in the Year of the Beatles, grew up in Texas in the 1970s, went to high school and college in Takoma (Washington state) in the 1980s. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts in 1988 at Washington State University. After living in Seattle for a few years, I hitchhiked around the country playing grunge folk in the 1990s.

I got a job as web designer at State of Michigan 1999-2004, then earned a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science 2005-8 at Michigan State University.

I have since lived in North Carolina and now in Georgia working as a cartographer. Where will I go next on the journey of life? My goal is to become a Professor of Literature at Harvard, which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Dudley.

In SecondLife I am Surazeus Thor

I married an Indonesian Muslim woman from Java Island and we have two cute daughters I named for goddesses of wisdom -- Saraswati and Athena.

I am generally a Gnostic Humanist. I do not know if there is a God or not, but the gods of history were humans who had a large influence on their times. What is most important is that I know myself and understand my perceptions, and recreate them in verse.

I am descended 13 generations from the Puritan Poet Anne Bradstreet. Her father, Thomas Dudley, signed the charter to found Harvard, and was descended from the Sutton-Dudley clan of Elizabethan England, who were descended from Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.

My religion is Astarism. 

Astarism honors First Mother Astara Ishtar Athena.

Ishtar sent Abraham and Sarah west and they founded Assurism, Olympism, Apollonism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Ishtar sent Brahma and Saraswati east and they founded Hinduism, Vaishnism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Krishnaism, Sikhism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Astarism includes all those religions as one.

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I am writing an epic about scientists now at 120,000 lines of blank verse, so it is the second longest epic in the world, so far.
  • Washington State University
    BA in Liberal Arts - History and Literature, 1986 - 1988
  • Michigan State University
    MS in Geographic Information Science, 2005 - 2008
  • Auburn Adventist Academy
    1979 - 1983
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Pen Name: Surazeus Astarius Jesuvius Gothinus. Legal Wallet Name: Simon Seamount. Birth Name: Albert Bruce Craig II. SecondLife Name: Surazeus Thor
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