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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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In one epic narrative poem the Hermead presents the history of the development of philosophy that forms the foundation of our civilization.

#HistoryOfScience #Philosophy #Classics #EpicPoem #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo #NaPoMo #NPM #HistoricalFiction
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Choirs Of Poets
© Surazeus
2016 05 02

Across the boundless expanse of our lands
I hear above the rumble of car engines
choirs of poets floating over steel towers,
that thrum with computer servers in rows
of sizzling wires, who sing in coded verse
prophecies of transformation and growth.

From countless villages on river shores
blasted away by restless winds of war
our ancestors scattered from ordered lives
and assembled in vast cities of hope
to dance in seething waves of ecstasy
and mold us from mud before they all died.

Now that our living god of mortal flesh
retires from throne of power, and lays down sword
of judgment, whom shall we choose to assume
role of director who composes chorus
we sing in cathedral of grand illusion
to celebrate the hero with no face?

Though every poet in their little town
wanders in vast labyrinth of private dreams,
passing each other in shadows of ennui,
our many little songs in harmony
vibrate throughout cement maze of despair,
and all our small candle flames beam bright glow.

Drawn by quick rhythm of our beating hearts,
chanting spells in starless forest of fear,
we gather on mountain top of Parnassus
to hold hands in ringing ring of tall stones,
pillars that support dome of blinking eyes,
to weave many songs in one symphony.

When flash of lightning strikes tall central stone,
transforming granite to diamond of truth,
we see appear, combining separate souls
in one ideal Idol, our Mother Muse,
primal mother who rose from lake of dreams
and taught us how to sing dreams into words.

Astraia sings in flowing waves of verse
history of human kind since we first woke
on river shore, as sun rose behind tree
of ripening fruit, and spread to every land
in groups of curious exploring children,
and carved our names on sand of ocean shores.

One hundred thousand years our globe of eyes
spins in spiral dance around glowing sun
as we gather each night under clear stars
and sing visions of strange world we explore
to preserve deeds of heroes in sweet verse
that encode ethics in dramatic action.

We see her when we open wide our eyes,
mother of us all with long flowing hair
grasping wand of wisdom and gem of sight
as she rides winged horse of loyal love
to harvest ripe apples on river shore
while singing visions in words of our eyes.

Now again after long centuries of war
we wake from harsh struggle for liberty
to gather on mountain of ringing stones
in choirs of poets sea to shining sea
and sing wild symphony of human life
that weaves all our visions one grand tale.

#InternationalPoets #WorldPoets #GlobalPoetry #OneWorldPoetry #Poetry
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Thou shalt not judge my epic of wise thinkers
till thou hast read it all, line by line,
and envisioned its dream of human life.
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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I slouch in heat and slurp iced lemonade
while zapping cockroaches with faithful raid.
What revolution rocks the Georgia south? 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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For years I was an angry ambitious man,
plotting fierce through the labyrinth of life
until I wrote an epic about quest
to unravel the vast mystery of nature,
so now I dance on the mountain of dreams,
exuding love for everyone I meet,
content to die when I burn out from joy. 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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The Hermead is an endless hallucination
exploring the labyrinth of history
to relive the invention of our world view.
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Just A Country Girl
2016 04 28

Running across four lanes of busy street, 
Alexis crosses her arms and legs tight 
on park bench to eat small salad for lunch 
under sapling oak full of chirping birds. 

"While everyone around me in this world 
argues all the time about politics, 
shouting at each other in fuming rage, 
and calling each other insulting names, 
I want to escape crowded city streets 
and sit by myself by small country stream, 
listening to soothing tunes of its music, 
while I get in touch with spirit of life. 
My head is buzzing from dark angry vibes, 
and my eyes are clouded by gruesome scenes 
of endless death I see on nightly news 
that cause my heart to weep with aching sorrow. 
I am just a country girl in my heart, 
longing to escape hectic city life 
to care for my horses on a lush ranch 
and ride them every day on quiet hills. 
Alone I feel immensity of space 
and savor harmony of quiet peace 
that restores love energy of my heart 
and reconnects my soul to this vast world." 

Returning to work in tall office tower, 
Alexis prepares report of monthly sales 
and shining cars glide fast on interstate 
while she dreams of riding her gentle horse. 

#CountryLife #MotherNature #Horse #AmWriting #Poem #Poetry #NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoMo #NPM #NaPoWriMo
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Voice Of An Angel
2016 05 03

The most beautiful girl who ever lived
with the most charming and sweet voice,
who enchanted everyone when she sang
heart-aching love songs with voice of an angel,
got stuck in mud while walking in bright woods
and no one ever heard her cries for help
so she died alone while singing with birds,
and no one ever found her rotting corpse
devoured by rats and ravens in moonlight
because they thought she ran off to Paris
and became a star of the silver screen
then lived alone in a castle of dreams.

#Angel #BeautifulGirl #Actress #MovieStar #DreamComeTrue #Tragedy #Romance
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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On what continent do all rivers flow 
inward toward hot silent desert of nothing 
instead of toward recycling sea of songs? 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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How Flowers Bloom
© Surazeus
2016 05 01

We are born into this transforming world
hungry for beauty and pleasure of love
so we explore shores of immortal dreams
and write our secret names on sky of light,
then we sing true vision of our own minds
while holding hands with everyone we love.

There must be a mathematical law
that defines how flowers bloom on a bush,
how sparkling waves ripple across a pool,
and how clouds billow in a dreaming sky
which reflects how people form social groups
in slow evolution of life and death.

We all transform through passion of desire
into young children who reflect our face
so immortal flash of genetic soul
through many new generations evolves
from dreamless atoms into conscious brains,
and kiss as we wonder how flowers bloom.

#Poem #Poetry #MayDay #SpringFlowers #Romance #FamilyValues #Love
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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William Logan
University of Florida Commencement Address

"Imagination is compelled by restriction."

"Poetry turned out to be problem solving."

"Character is formed in the tensions of language."

"Plot is a calculus of discovered necessity."

"All thoughts are like words drawn in sand as the tide roars in."

"The surveyor of the mental world still needs his pencil."

Misfortune can open the way to fortune.

"Sometimes you just have to leap and hope."

"The university is not the place where you get an education.
It is the place where you learn to educate yourself.
You are being taught how to read and how to think."
Thursday, April 28, 7:00 p.m. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium All Ph.D., Au.D., D.P.M., D.P.T., Ed.D., D.N.P. All Colleges Processional begins at 6:30 p.m.
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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After Mount Tambora in Indonesia 
erupted in fire and blackened the skies 
of the world, causing violent thunderstorms, 
Lord Byron George Gordon wrote the poem Darkness 
in 1816 at Villa Diodati in Geneva. 

I had a dream, which was not all a dream. 
The bright sun was extinguish'd, and the stars 
Did wander darkling in the eternal space, 
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth 
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air; 
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Cartographer, Poet, Geospatial Analyst, Cosmographer, and Phrontistes
  • Cartographer Poet
    Cartographer Poet, 1986 - present
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Portland, Oregon - Keene, Texas - Auburn, Washington - College Place, Washington - Pullman, Washington - Seattle, Washington - Jemez Springs, New Mexico - Boulder, Colorado - Miami Beach, Florida - Charleston, South Carolina - Kansas City, Missouri - San Diego, California - Lansing, Michigan - Jacksonville, North Carolina - Columbus, Georgia
Epic Poet and Cartographer
Angelus of Anglonesia. 

I am a cartographer, geospatial analyst, and terrain developer by day, and epic poet by night. 

I am writing an epic poem in blank verse titled Hermead about scientists and inventors of civilization. This bible for atheists and scientists is now 120,000 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 25 Greek philosophers.

Buy Hermead Epic of Philosophers

Hermead Vol 1 - 15,000 lines on Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos

Hermead Vol 2 - 16,000 lines on Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras

Hermead Vol 3 - 19,000 lines on Demokritos, Platon, and Aristoteles

You can read 5,000 lines, part of the invocation, several speeches, and the complete tale of Platon, free at

My legal name is Simon Seamount though I was born Albert Bruce Craig II. My mother's maiden name Seamount is from the Swedish name Sjoberg.

I use the name Surazeus as my pen name.

I have been writing narrative poems for 25 years and have recently organized them into books and ebooks.

eBooks for Kindle on Amazon.

I posted about 200 songs I wrote and composed at but do not expect anything more than amateur fun folk singing.

I was born in Oregon in the Year of the Beatles, grew up in Texas in the 1970s, went to high school and college in Takoma (Washington state) in the 1980s. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts in 1988 at Washington State University. After living in Seattle for a few years, I hitchhiked around the country playing grunge folk in the 1990s.

I got a job as web designer at State of Michigan 1999-2004, then earned a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science 2005-8 at Michigan State University.

I have since lived in North Carolina and now in Georgia working as a cartographer. Where will I go next on the journey of life? My goal is to become a Professor of Literature at Harvard, which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Dudley.

In SecondLife I am Surazeus Thor

I married an Indonesian Muslim woman from Java Island and we have two cute daughters I named for goddesses of wisdom -- Saraswati and Athena.

I am generally a Gnostic Humanist. I do not know if there is a God or not, but the gods of history were humans who had a large influence on their times. What is most important is that I know myself and understand my perceptions, and recreate them in verse.

I am descended 13 generations from the Puritan Poet Anne Bradstreet. Her father, Thomas Dudley, signed the charter to found Harvard, and was descended from the Sutton-Dudley clan of Elizabethan England, who were descended from Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.

My religion is Astarism. 

Astarism honors First Mother Astara Ishtar Athena.

Ishtar sent Abraham and Sarah west and they founded Assurism, Olympism, Apollonism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Ishtar sent Brahma and Saraswati east and they founded Hinduism, Vaishnism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Krishnaism, Sikhism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Astarism includes all those religions as one.

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I am writing an epic about scientists now at 120,000 lines of blank verse, so it is the second longest epic in the world, so far.
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  • Auburn Adventist Academy
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