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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Muse Of History
2015 04 15

I stare in the cracked mirror at my face 
and wonder if I can extract my ghost 
from the silver ice of naive despair. 

I turn away and pull my skin back on 
to wear my persona like a clean suit 
that armors my soul against bitter smiles. 

I pretend I am a magic realist 
who glides through cities like a dethroned prince 
over rainbow bridge to surreal dream parks. 

I play guitar on street of drizzling rain 
and sing about the Muse of History, 
and wonder where she sleeps in tower of eyes. 

Three holy angels from valleys of Spain, 
Lorca, Dali, and Gabriel Marquez, 
appear to me in green Seattle mist. 

Three holy angels guide me to your tower 
on lush island of mangoes where you sleep 
so I kiss you, and you wake me from dream. 

We meet each other in a static painting 
and spring to life within a moving film 
that preserves our ghosts on world silver screen. 

Our bodies crumble to dry dust and bones 
while our spirits glow on world movie screen 
long after our civilization falls. 
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Hermead Epic of Philosophers is tragic drama
because everyone ends up dead.
#Epic #Philosophy #SocialMedia
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Live In His Heaven
Surazeus 2015 04 14

Janet sits on the park bench to watch cars, 
smoking a cigarette in cold sunlight, 
and grins at the young man clutching his Bible. 
"Do I believe in a great loving God, 
and if Jesus saved me for eternal life? 
I want to believe with unwavering faith 
of honest hope there is more to this life 
than suffering sorrow from broken hearts 
during bitter struggle just to survive, 
followed by complete nothing after death. 
I grew up attending church with my mom 
who seemed to believe without fear or doubt 
that Jesus will resurrect us all from death 
and take us, if we are loving and good, 
to live forever in heaven with him. 
But after all the troubles I survived, 
barely escaping an abusive husband 
who got drunk and beat me bad every day, 
my father freezing drunk on a dirt road, 
my mother raped and murdered by her cousin, 
my brother killed in the war in Iraq, 
and my sister dying from a drug overdose, 
I must wonder if God is even real. 
Our preacher told is in church God is good, 
and everything that happens is his will, 
but if he willed to kill my whole family 
and leave me alive to suffer it all, 
then God is a cruel, sadistic pervert. 
So he wants to burn me in hell forever? 
My life is already a constant hell. 
I would rather burn than live in his heaven. 
You and your preachers promise common folk 
eternal life in perfect paradise 
if we believe, and give our heart to Jesus, 
but we have to suffer through this life first. 
You cannot promise peace in paradise 
until after we die, and no one knows 
if your promises are true or a lie. 
I think Christianity is a hoax 
because you promise what you cannot deliver, 
and you ask for money to preach your lies 
then live it up with mansions and nice cars  
while we continue to struggle to live. 
You promise eternal life after death 
but want money for this bright promise now. 
You cannot fool me because I know your scam." 
Janet flicks the cigarette in the bushes, 
then smiles at the young man clutching his Bible, 
and walks back to work in a bread factory 
while he sits and stares at the busy world. 
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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"I often explore solitary places,
seeking groves on mountains, meadows by lakes,
and grottos on sandy shores of wild seas,
and test my perceptions in various manners
to comprehend how our eyes intake sheen
that beams from objects and flows in our mind
which generates models of things we see."

from Orbit of Philolaos
Hermead of Surazeus​ Vol 3
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Hermead Vol 3

Herakleitos is the rebellious priest.

Parmenides is the efficient court clerk.

Anaxagoras is the restless heretic.

Empedokles is the arrogant politician.

Leukippos is the efficient investigator.

Phil0laos is the conservative administrator.

#Epic #Poetry #Philosophy #NaPoWriMo #HistoricalFiction
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Hermead Vol 1

Hermes is the playful clown and banker.

Prometheus is the rebel against tyranny.

Kadmos is the melancholy writer.

Asklepios is the idealist doctor.

Hesiodos is the restless rock star.

#Epic #Poetry #Philosophy #NaPoWriMo #HistoricalFiction
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Hermead Epic of Philosophers is romantic quest
because everyone seeks social truth.
#Epic #Philosophy #SocialMedia
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Nothing But Star Glow
© Surazeus 2015 04 06

While we are alive, urged on by hot blood
of passionate hunger to devour fruit
of ecstatic pleasure before we die,
we compose our poetry to express
visions of hope that drive us to fly high
on breathing words and reach far twinkling stars.

Then we fall back down on small spinning globe
of dirt and water that swallows our souls
into mindless chaos of swirling atoms,
and leave our poems written in clouds of rain
that wash our footprints blank from sands of time,
and we vanish to nothing but star glow.

While we are alive, we scribble our thoughts
in dream songs on paper bound between covers
that shroud our souls silent in coffin books,
and we sleep silent for a thousand years,
till new generations open our minds
and dream our dreams while they read our lost poems.

We write our poems for people not yet born
while thousands of us who are still alive
gather in circles around crackling fires
and chant our visions while we beat bone drums
and we dance together in falling rain
that sprouts flowers from muck of rotting brains.
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Angels In Bodies Of Monkies
© Surazeus
2015 04 03

Out on the edge of my fake universe
I find you trying to flap your broken wings.
I know you want to fly among the stars
but you can never break beyond your skull.
We are angels in bodies of monkeys.

You paint your face with white moonlight and cream
and dye your hair red in blood of dead gods.
You want to be worshipped as sad Pierrot
but you are mocked as President Bozo.
We are angels in bodies of monkeys.

We gather inside cathedral of lies
to watch you chanting in a microphone.
You are our new savior Apollo Christ
crucified on a steel telephone pole.
We are angels in bodies of monkeys.

You blasted off from Earth as Major Tom
and danced lost as Ziggy Stardust on Mars.
You fell back to Earth on Lucifer wings,
bringing light of salvation to the blind.
We are angels in bodies of monkeys.

Deep inside the eye of our universe
we dance together on frail spinning globe.
I stand on the Pyramid of One Eye
reborn in the rain of atomic rays.
We are angels in bodies of monkeys.
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Hermead Vol 2

Thales is the revolutionary school teacher.

Anaximandros is the adventurous cartographer.

Pythagoras is the pioneering philosopher.

#Epic #Poetry #Philosophy #NaPoWriMo #HistoricalFiction
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Surazeus Simon Seamount

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Jesus Returns At Last
Surazeus 2015 04 01

Jesus Christ appears in gold clouds of glory
amid a singing choir of bright winged angels
and descends on streaming beams of sunlight
to spread loving arms and welcome all mankind.
Two billion faithful Christians who accept
his selfless sacrifice and worship him
gather to behold his glorious face,
and applaud his second coming at last.

"Children of Adam and Eve, who are saved
by the sacred blood of the lamb of god,
I return as I promised long ago
to give life eternal to those who love me.
I will raise from death all who worship me
as their loving God and Father in Heaven
and create perfect bodies for you all
so you will live for all eternity.
I will recreate this messy world of sorrow
and transform it to a perfect paradise
so you will all now live with me forever
and never know suffering, pain, or death.
Worship me as God who created all
for though I was a man, king of a small land,
I rose in resurrection from foul death
when I sacrificed myself to save you all.
I am all-knowing and all-powerful
so I could have created a pure world
where no one ever dies or kills to eat,
nor ever suffers disease, pain, or death,
but I gave you free will so you can choose
to obey me and live for eternity
or defy me and suffer pain forever,
singing in heaven, or screaming in hell.
Now come unto me, followers of good,
who were faithful in obeying my rules,
and you will live with me in peaceful heaven
while I burn everyone else in hot flames."

Jesus Christ spreads his arms wide as he floats
over two billion people who exclaim
deep adoration for their living god,
then he looks back down at them and grins.
Jesus begins to laugh, slapping his sides,
then rolls back and forth on a puffy cloud
and laughs till tears of rain stream from his eyes,
and Christians stare silent in falling rain.

"April Fools Day, my faithful followers.
I have fooled you all for two thousand years.
I will never be coming back to Earth,
nor will I recreate Earth as paradise,
nor will I resurrect you all from death,
and no one will live for eternity.
I rose from death when they crucified me
but I only lived another forty years.
I died as an old man on Patmos Island,
so I am not some supernatural god.
I did not create the Heavens and Earth,
because I am just a mortal like you.
I will never be coming back again,
neither will I be raising you from death.
Did you really believe that once we die
and our bodies of flesh crumble to dust
that some dead man could restore you to life
so you live forever in paradise?
I never promised you any of this
because it was Paul who peddled these lies.
Love each other in this life that you share
and treat the living with generous respect.
This world here and now, messy as it is,
is the only world you will ever know,
so treat each other with kindness and love
and make this life now your true paradise.
There is no after-life of perfect peace,
so live this now-life with creative love."

Jesus Christ smiles at his stunned followers
then vanishes when clouds cover the sun,
and they stare at each other in disbelief,
shocked and confused that Jesus fooled them all.
Then someone shouts, "Jesus is teasing us,
for this is his way of testing our faith."
Laughing with relief, the Christians hold hands,
and sing hymns of praise to Jesus the Lord.
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The Hermead is an epic poem about the lives and ideas of philosophers and scientists, which explores the history of the development of science. The Hermead is currently 117,000 lines of blank verse (Iliad is 15,000 lines, Shakespeare is 36,000 lines), in complete narrative poems covering the lives of 26 Greek philosophers from Thales to Lucretius.

Books for sale:

Hermead Vol 1 - 15,000 lines on Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos.

Hermead Vol 2 - 16,000 lines on Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras.  
Hermead Vol 3 - 19,000 lines on Herakleitos, Parmenides, Anaxagoras, Empedokles, Leukippos, and Philolaos.

#Epic #Poem of #Philosophers
#Narrative #BlankVerse #Poetry
#HistoricalFiction #Novel
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  • Washington State University
    BA in Liberal Arts - History and Literature, 1986 - 1988
  • Michigan State University
    MS in Geographic Information Science, 2005 - 2008
  • Auburn Adventist Academy
    1979 - 1983
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Pen Name: Surazeus Astarius Jesuvius Gothinus. Legal Wallet Name: Simon Seamount. Birth Name: Albert Bruce Craig II. SecondLife Name: Surazeus Thor
Epic Poet and Cartographer
Angelus of Anglonesia. 

I am a cartographer, geospatial analyst, and terrain developer by day, and epic poet by night. 

I am writing an epic poem in blank verse titled Hermead about scientists and inventors of civilization. This bible for atheists and scientists is now 112,000 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 25 Greek philosophers.

Buy Hermead Epic of Philosophers

Hermead Vol 1 - 15,000 lines on Hermes, Prometheus, Kadmos, Asklepios, and Hesiodos

Hermead Vol 2 - 16,000 lines on Thales, Anaximandros, and Pythagoras

You can read 5,000 lines, part of the invocation, several speeches, and the complete tale of Platon, free at

My legal name is Simon Seamount though I was born Albert Bruce Craig II. My mother's maiden name Seamount is from the Swedish name Sjoberg.

I use the name Surazeus as my pen name.

I have been writing narrative poems for 25 years and have recently organized them into books and ebooks.

eBooks for Kindle on Amazon.

I posted about 200 songs I wrote and composed at but do not expect anything more than amateur fun folk singing.

I was born in Oregon in the Year of the Beatles, grew up in Texas in the 1970s, went to high school and college in Takoma (Washington state) in the 1980s. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts in 1988 at Washington State University. After living in Seattle for a few years, I hitchhiked around the country playing grunge folk in the 1990s.

I got a job as web designer at State of Michigan 1999-2004, then earned a Master of Science in Geographic Information Science 2005-8 at Michigan State University.

I have since lived in North Carolina and now in Georgia working as a cartographer. Where will I go next on the journey of life? My goal is to become a Professor of Literature at Harvard, which was founded by my ancestor, Thomas Dudley.

In SecondLife I am Surazeus Thor

I married an Indonesian Muslim woman from Java Island and we have two cute daughters I named for goddesses of wisdom -- Saraswati and Athena.

I am generally a Gnostic Humanist. I do not know if there is a God or not, but the gods of history were humans who had a large influence on their times. What is most important is that I know myself and understand my perceptions, and recreate them in verse.

I am descended 13 generations from the Puritan Poet Anne Bradstreet. Her father, Thomas Dudley, signed the charter to found Harvard, and was descended from the Sutton-Dudley clan of Elizabethan England, who were descended from Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I and Eleanor of Castile.

My religion is Astarism. 

Astarism honors First Mother Astara Ishtar Athena.

Ishtar sent Abraham and Sarah west and they founded Assurism, Olympism, Apollonism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sufism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Ishtar sent Brahma and Saraswati east and they founded Hinduism, Vaishnism, Shaivism, Buddhism, Krishnaism, Sikhism, and all their branches and offshoots.

Astarism includes all those religions as one.

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I am writing an epic about scientists now at 110,000 lines of blank verse, so it is the second longest epic in the world, so far.
Cartographer, Poet, Geospatial Analyst, Cosmographer, and Phrontistes
  • Cartographer Poet
    Cartographer Poet, 1986 - present
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