My dear wife, +Heena Modi, has carefully prepared a handy recipe book for beginner vegans, or for those who would like to cook for them. The recipes are easy to follow and the meals turn out to be delicious (yes, she practised on me loads!)

You can download it now on your Kindle (also the Kindle App) via Amazon, for FREE, until the end of June (this Tuesday).

UK link:

US link:

Once downloaded, please leave a kind and honest review and do share the links on so that others can benefit.
Download this book between 26th & 30th June, while it's free! 

It has been put it together for:-
~ vegans who need inspiring in the kitchen
~ non-vegans who like to try out new ways of eating &
~ for vegetarians and omnivores who want to cook for vegan friends or family

Just one share your thoughts by leaving a review on Amazon?

You can find the book here -

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