Refreshing video where +Heena Modi gives an insight into her vegan journey so far, challenges she's faced and her firm resolve to help others #LoveLivingVegan.
I am grateful to Amanda of 365 Vegans​ for interviewing me recently.

Here are the questions that Amanda asked me:-

~ What is it like being vegan in London?
~ We have heard that a lot of people go vegan but then go back to eating meat. Why do you think that is?
~ Do you think people would be more consistent with veganism if they had more support? 
~ Tell me about you being a vegan coach.
~ What do you offer as a vegan coach?
~ A lot of people say "just go vegan" do you think that helps?
~ Is there a link between Jainism and veganism?
~ Do you have any tips for people that want to go vegan?

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