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5 Things to Consider on What to Put in an Elderly's Plate
To secure your aged loved ones' health, their diet must be strict. As much as possible, everything on their plate must suit their body's needs: no junk food and other unhealthy elements. Religiously follow what their doctors and dieticians suggest.

But in general, there are a few things you must put into consideration. The following may seem insignificant at first, but they heavily impact your elders' well-being:

1. Food allergies
2. Current and target body weight
3. Age
4. Mental and psychological condition
5. Eating disorders and swallowing issues

For your thoughts, feel free to comment below!

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4 Tips Every Baby Boomer Should Know About Battling Arthritis
Arthritis is more tear-jerking than the most emotional flick ever. No wonder grandma and grandpa wipe a little tear after every attack. The pain it deals is uniquely immense and undeniably overwhelming. If not addressed properly, the unwanted sensation will continuously linger.

Tired of seeing your loved ones getting defeated by this menacing disease? There are ways you can help! One of them is teaching them these useful hacks:

1. Keep a daily exercise regimen.
2. Avoid red meats and food rich in artificial preservatives.
3. Cut on tobaccos and alcoholic drinks.
4. Achieve an age-appropriate weight.

#GrannyGoals #ElderlyCare #HomeCare
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Forgetting Your Maintenance Medications Cause More Problems Than You Could Ever Imagine!

Having skilled nurses by your side will most likely solve your problem with forgetting to take your medicines on time. They will assist you with every pill, injectable, or IV.

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3 Ways Millennial Grandchildren Can Get Close with Their Grandparents

The age gap is a real barrier between grandchildren and their grandparents. With the difference in culture and lifestyle, it is inevitable that clashes will occur. Though family skirmishes are entirely normal, too much of it can already cause irreversible scars.

Since maintaining a healthy emotional health is equally important to baby boomers and millennials, Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. decided to share a few things that could help.

1. Do modern things together (e.g. selfies, "vlogging", etc.).
2. Revisit the family picture albums.
3. Host a talent show within the family.

#FamilyBonding #Homecare #Grandparents
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4 Modern-Day Secrets to a Good Night's Sleep

Especially for the seniors, getting quality sleep is indispensable. Without it, the entire body will suffer. Few of the most notable consequences include higher blood pressure, worsened mood, and weaker immune system. But due to modern-day distractions, achieving the ideal sleeping hours and condition is almost unattainable.

Need help in figuring out this problem? Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp. got a few tricks to share with you. Read these:

1. Avoid using gadgets before you sleep.
2. Maintain an organized and clean bed.
3. Limit caffeine intake.
4. Refrain from heavy meals at least 3 hours before bedtime.

#GoodSleep #ModernDay #HomeHealth
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Back Pain Is Something You Should Not Just Ignore

A lot of people see back pains and all other body pains as a minor complication. These aches may be warnings our body sends that something is terribly wrong. Feel free to talk with our physical therapists.

#PhysicalTherapy #BackPain #HomeHealth
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At What Point Do You Need Home Care?
While the potential of the human body can be endless, it is not perfect. During seniority, all of its faculties degenerate and the overall health will crumble. To survive the impact of old age, help is needed. If you want a holistic support, getting home care services is most suggested.
When can you say you need home care already? Watch out for these red flags:

1. Growing list of maintenance medication.
2. Immobility and other issues toward moving around.
3. Cognitive degradation and the development of mental disorders.
4. Malnutrition accompanied with eating difficulties.
5. Emotional and psychological difficulty.

#HomeCareServices #Medication #Age
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5 Tactics You Can Use to Convince Granny to Try Home Care
Other senior citizens are not very open to the idea of hiring home care providers. They probably think that everything is still manageable. But due to their current physical and mental conditions, obviously, they will have a hard time maintaining a normal and comfortable life.

Convincing the elders can be a tough (and ambitious) endeavor. We suggest you use the following tips:

1. Show them the benefits of home care.
2. Give an assurance that you will not leave them.
3. Never agitate them.
4. Provide attractive incentives.
5. Let them participate in choosing the service provider.

#ElderlyCare #HomeCare #Caregiving
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Find Compassion and Comfort with Supreme Touch Home Health Services Corp.

One of the best features the home care package has to offer is the degree of comfort that you could experience. The entire experience is coupled with genuine compassion by expert and experienced caregivers. 

#CompassionAndComfort #BestFeatures #caregivers
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