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Superstition Review

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How a New Yorker copy editor learned to love house style.
Credit Illustration by Javier Jaén; Karen A. Racz / Courtesy the Author
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We have spots left for #SRIssue15: 1 #fiction, 4 #nonfiction, 12 #poetry! Please submit by 2/28.
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An interesting account of how language has changed.
LAST week’s column looked at the long history of language declinism: for more than 600 years people have complained that youngsters cannot write proper...
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Superstition Review

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They probably do say at least one of these.
"But that's not what the author could have possibly meant!"
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14. “I have never used smart literary terms in regular conversation to impress my scientist friends.”  ----When all your friends are pre-med, BME and Microbio majors....
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Need some help appealing to your readers?
Fiction Writers: How to Find Your Ideal Reader by Cathy Yardley details how to identify your ideal fiction reader and create an effective marketing plan for your book.
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Check out this donation of books that Princeton University got!
PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) - Princeton University says it has received the largest donation in its history, a collection of rare books and manuscripts valued at nearly $300 million. The Ivy League university announced Monday the gift was left by 1936 graduate William Scheide, who died last November at age 100. The 2,500-volume collection includes the first six printed editions of the Bible, an original printing of the Declaration of Independence and Be...
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Superstition Review

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Would you do the same?
In a New Hampshire apartment during the winter of 1923, this typewritten notice was fastened squarely against a closed door: Nobody may come into this room if the door is shut tight (if it is sh
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So, we've seen book art before, but crystallized books?  It's something else entirely but amazing and interesting all the same.  What do you think?
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Superstition Review

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Because pictures have their own story to tell.
The work Victoria Sambunaris created during her 14 years of road trips around the United States look like they could be pulled from “America the Beautiful.” She didn’t set out to create a book, but the project, which had her traveling by car everywhere from the salt flats of Utah through the calderas...
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Superstition Review

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How do you value setting in a book?
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How is your love of poetry?
As Andrew O’Hagan prepares to complete a journey around the British Isles begun with Seamus Heaney, he reflects on his lifelong immersion in poetry, and celebrates poets as risk-takers and miracle-workers
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If you enjoyed Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, take a moment to catch up on George Balanchine, his life, and his involvement with bringing the play to the New York City Ballet.
When George Balanchine choreographed A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the New York City Ballet in 1962, he had been living with Shakespeare’s play for most of his life. He was fifty-eight years old and recalled playing an elf or bug in a production when he was a child in St. Petersburg in the years before the 1917 revolution. He liked to say that he knew the play “better in Russian than a lot of people know it in English,” and his dancers remember t...
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