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Collaborate, Design & Create Super Cloud Systems


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[DevFest Nantes 2017] On the path to WebAR

Speakers : Alexandra Etienne (AR.js), Jerome Etienne (AR;js)

"WebAR is coming! And some will argue it's already here. Developing augmented reality on the web can sound very complex. We have developed a way to make it easy for anyone to do AR - and we want to share it with you! In this talk, we will take you through what WebAR is, what are its possibilities, and its challenges. We will also look at other efforts that exist, and share some demos made with AR.js, our open-source solution to do efficient augmented reality on the web."

#WebAR #AR #AugmentedReality

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sudo Sergeant 08 - The Compositor

"Felix discusses compositing managers for Linux.He shows you how to login to the virtual console, how to instantiate instantiate the windows manager, and then follow up with starting just the desktop environment, and then just a single application:"

#LXDE #X11 #Linux

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Mini Pinball 08: Designing the Playfield

sudo Sergeant 08 - The Compositor

#Electronics #Engineering #Linux

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Write the HTML Sketeton that is used on every web page! #VagueQs #VagueAs

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Nassir Navab & Simon Weidert: Transcending Obstacles of Innovation to Empower Surgeons

"Nassir Navab - Chair, Computer Aided Medical & Procedure Lab (CAMP) Technical University of Munich and John Hopkins University and Simon Weidert - Research Group Leader, LMU Munich give a keynote on Transcending Obstacles of Innovation to Empower Surgeons with Virtual Super Sensing Powers at AWE Europe 2017. With the rapid application of AR, it is stimulating the injection of new technologies, techniques and talent into the workplace and challenging traditional institutional infrastructure. The status quo is being questioned as a matter of routine driven by a generation thriving on change. Balancing the traditional operational excellence with creative leaps in innovative performance requires visionary leaders, agile methods, creative workforce. This panel discusses emerging methods and measures to navigate the many stages and points of failure transforming ideas into innovations."

#AR #AugmentedReality #MedicalAR

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Tutorial Handpainted Textures | 1/4

+Angelina Diez on G+

"Hello, this is the first video of a serie of tutorials i will make and explain to you about how to do handpainted textures with photoshop gradient color maps as a base. Here, in 3DCoat, i prepare Ambient Occlusion and cavity maps as a grey scale map to use it in photoshop in my next video. Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy it!"





#HandPainted #Textures #3DArt

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AWE EU 2017 Main Stage| AWE Playlist

"Ori Inbar, Co-founder of AWE and Partner at Super Ventures gives his Opening Remarks + Keynote at AWE Europe 2017."

#AugmentedReality #AR #ARforGood

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GIMP | Python Scripts

Excellent Script for Automating simple inbetweens for Gimp Frame Animation.

Animation - Path-inbetweener

"This script is meant as an automatic in-betweener when doing animation using paths, but there are other uses (the image above was obtained by merging the intermediate paths). You can obtain some some fun effects (for instance, moirés, by generating very dense intermediate paths and stroking them with sub-pixel widths)."

#Python #Linux #Animation

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RollApp | Cloud Software & Apps

Excellent Light, Easy & Fast service! Access Linux software quickly and easily in a pre-installed Cloud VM. Great for Linux Software & Games reviews!

Free Full Access .. $6 write files/cloud save etc..

#Linux #CloudSoftware #CloudApps
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