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Let's Give It Up for the IT Engineers (

We're fans of all types of #engineering here at +Superb Internet - you couldn't have a successful hosting operation that's been in business for over 20 years without a team of smart and talented engineers, after all.

But we're focusing on the IT engineer today... most people simply refer to the IT Engineer as "The IT Guy" or "The IT Gal", but that's neither here nor there.

Secondly, despite what repeated viewings of +The IT Crowd have taught us, there's a lot more that goes into being an IT Engineer that goes beyond simply turning things off and on again. does work from time to time.

#funny #jokes #jokeoftheday #lol #computerrepair 

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Don't Let that Datacenter Heat Go to Waste (

Now, more so than ever perhaps, it's imperative that we find ways to reduce, reuse, and #recycle as much as we possibly can. We are living in a world with increasingly finite resources and according to just about all scientific data and professionals, our global climate is in a precarious position.

Most technology-based companies, or at least those with server rooms and data centers, aren't nearly the worst offenders when it comes to pollution and resource usage, but that doesn't mean we can't improve! And when you think of all the heat that's produced in a data center from all those machines - let alone the amount of energy it takes to keep the room cool - there are many opportunities to reuse that heat, as this +Superb Internet examines:

Data centers around the world essentially serve as energy transformation facilities. They take in electric power, cause electrons to spin, and perform tasks. Almost all of the electricity – 98% – is released as heat energy. It’s similar to being the exact reverse of a wind turbine or hydroelectric dam that takes the kinetic energy of rushing water and turns it into affordable, portable power to be used in distant cities.

It’s possible, though, that data centers don’t have to be the opposite of a power plant or other energy generator. Energy transformation isn’t essentially negative. Sustainability expert and author William McDonough trains organizations on how to look at their process waste as something not just to limit but to reuse. Waste is a form of nourishment, either for the earth or for industry, he says. “We manufacture products that go from cradle to grave. We want to manufacture them from cradle to cradle.”

Click here to learn more:

#energy #climatechange #energyefficient #datacenter #hosting

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Is This the Most Frustrating Thing Ever? (

No, of course it's not...there are too many things we can think about that would be unequivocally, objectively more frustrating that what's happening in this #gif here.

But, when it comes to using the Internet, it has to be up near the top of the list...maybe behind intermittent Wi-Fi connections and somewhere ahead of auto-playing video ads.

But what's being depicted here - having an element on the web page loaded, going to click or tap it, only to have another element load and push the first element down or away - is pretty darn annoying.

You know what isn't, though? Choosing +Superb Internet for your hosting needs. Why? Because we offer a 100% fully transparent cloud where you know what you're getting upfront, and all with zero overselling and all the support resources you need:

#annoying #funny #internet #lol #hosting #cloud
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Another Cloud Benefit for Small Businesses: Location, Location, Location (

They say the most important three things to consider in real estate are location, location, location. While a cute aphorism and easy to remember, it nonetheless carries a lot of weight behind it - even the nicest house at an amazing price won't attract a lot of offers if it's in a horrible spot with horrible neighbors.

For businesses, it's nearly as important. A brick-and-mortar retail store likely won't have much luck or success if they're in a location without a lot of foot traffic. But as businesses become more and more online, there's a premium location that even small businesses and startups can afford - the cloud.

As this blog article from +Superb Internet examines, the phobia customers may have had in years' past about purchasing goods or services from a new business without a physical location have largely subsided, and starting off in the cloud offers a lot of benefits. Learn what those are here, as well as check out some case studies of cloud-based startups:

#cloud #cloudcomputing #business #smallbusiness #startup

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In case you missed it...

We Keep Our Server Rooms and Colo Centers Nice and Frosty (

Between our #datacenter locations in Manhattan, Seattle, McLean, and Springfield, +Superb Internet knows a thing or two about keeping our tech cool.

But you don't have to be a hosting company or colocation provider to get this joke...we're betting every PC gamer here can relate to this.

You spend a sizeable portion of time and money to build an amazing gaming rig, but in the summer, it can sure heat up your room...especially if you're playing Civilization at max settings. Thankfully, right now with the cold winter weather, having the room you game in being a bit warmer is an added bonus.

But back to our tech:

All our data centers are equipped with advanced climate systems to provide steady and reliable temperature, humidity, and particulate control. Store your servers in a clean, cool, and comfortable environment for optimal performance.

Click here to learn more:

#funny #pcgaming #hosting #colocation #lol #computer #gaming

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In case you missed it...

Best Boat Name Ever? - (

Sure, the first "Jenny" from Forest Gump is up there, but given our #internet and tech background, this one definitely takes the cake for +Superb Internet

It's especially fitting because as anyone who's ever fished before can tell you, sometimes those fish just plain aren't biting and are a bit hard to find. If we had a dollar for every time we've experienced a "404 errors" while fishing, we probably would have enough to buy several boats.

While you might not find fish every time you head out on the waters, you will find great prices and 100% transparency when you partner with #superb for your hosting needs:

#funny #fishing #lol #404error #fish #boat

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How's Your Disaster Recovery Plan Looking These Days? (

Pop quiz, hot shot! Well, not really...this is a #quiz of course, but you won't be graded on it. We merely wanted to shoehorn a "Speed" reference into this post.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand...the disaster recovery plan is an important part of your business strategy. Even if you take every precaution imaginable, disasters still will happen. It's just a way of life. Whether they be natural (hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.) or manmade (malicious attack, employee security breach, etc.), you should always be prepared in case the worst ever happens.

But how do you know if you're adequately prepared? Why, by taking the +Superb Internet Disaster Recovery quiz, of course! Click the following link to answer various questions about your current network and backup solutions to find out where you rank:

#disasterrecovery #backup #data #dataloss #network

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And We Do It Efficiently, We Might Add... (

Artists can take paper and clay and turn it into meaningful art. Woodmakers can take trees and turn them into useful and decorative furniture. And sure, #software may not have nearly the long history of art and furniture, but we dare say it's more important in today's world!

Plus, creating it from caffeine and pizza is a much more abstract process. A lot of people could look at a tree and think, "Hey, that might make something nice to sit on..."

But it takes a special mind to look at +Red Bull and +Round Table Pizza and think of software.

#funny #programming #programmer #lol +Superb Internet

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We've Come a Long Way, Baby (

By now, you've likely seen at least some promotional advertising for the new "The Fast and The Furious" #movie - the 8th (!) in the franchise - called "The Fate of the Furious".

Why is a #hosting company like +Superb Internet talking about a movie about cars? Well, because the first movie in the franchise debuted in 2001...and shockingly enough, as you can see from this picture, floppy discs were still a thing.

We always talk and hear about how fast technology changes, but it takes seeing an image like this to really appreciate it. It doesn't feel like the first film was that long ago, but when you realize the plans were stored on a floppy...if you're like us, you start to feel a bit old.

#funny #lol #TheFateOfTheFurious #tech #technology

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You Can Just FEEL the Desperation (

We've all been here. You're using #google to try and find a very specific bit of information that you know is not widely publicized on the Internet,'s something you've come across before so you know it exists, but past the third or fourth page of results, you're no longer sure of anything's existence.

It does seem as though Google has vastly improved its algorithms because we haven't had to go too far past the first page in what feels like years. So that's helpful.

And speaking of helpful, and if you're in the market for the best cloud hosting anywhere, +Superb Internet has got you covered and then some! We’re always willing to lend a helping hand to our customers to make sure they get the help they need.

#funny #search #SEO #hosting #lol
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