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Consistent Care that You Can Trust


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Common Causes of Chronic Wounds

Chronic wounds refer to wounds that do not heal in just a span of four weeks or a few months. These wounds may have the possibility to never heal at all, or if they do, it would take much time for the waiting.

There can be many causes of a chronic wound. Here are four:

1. Pressure ulcers (better known as bedsores) repeatedly occurring at the same spots, restricting normal blood flow

2. Incisions (surgical cuts) that may become infected or take time to heal

3. Deep burns in the skin acquired from an accident

4. Diabetic wounds present in patients who are deeply hit by diabetes

If you or somebody close to heart needs Wound Care assistance, let it be known to Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc.! We are prompt in reaching our clients' residence just to provide adequate care and treatment. Connect with us through 619-466-8773 now!

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Quote of the day:

“Gray hair is a crown of life.” 
Lailah Gifty Akita

Contrary to popular notion, getting into the late adulthood stage is very rewarding. There is no reason to neither fear nor get anxious about it. If you need help, Sunshine Home Health Aide Org., Inc. is here for you! You can visit us at for more info. #homecare #aging

Interesting Fact about Hypertension that Everyone Should Know

Hypertension is a very dangerous health condition. Most health experts would describe a hypertensive patient a “walking time bomb”. The good thing though is that the symptoms can be controlled easily.

TIPS: Make sure to exercise regularly to achieve smooth blood flow and follow a good diet plan devoid of fatty and sugary foods which can only trigger the symptoms.

If you need help with regular exercise and food preparation, you can visit #homecare #hypertension

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3 Ways to Fight off Depression in Aging

Depression is common to occur in late adulthood. Oftentimes, they are diagnosed late because signs and symptoms do not appear obvious at first. But depression does not have to happen to every aging person out there. There are some who are able to prevent it. The following are some ways:

• Detect early signs

First off, you should learn what the early signs of depression are so you can arrest them immediately and prevent them from becoming worse. Ask help from a medical professional before it happens. 

• Prevent isolation

One of the factors that can aggravate depression is isolation. Isolation in aging is common due to varying factors like insecurities, sadness, and disappointments. When this happens, do not leave the patient's side. Be available as much as possible. Plan out daily activities properly and make sure they are engaging. Help and encourage patients to form new relationships with others and spend time with families and friends. 

• Offer counseling

Too often, depression just stems from one minor problem that has caused seniors to become sad for a long time. If you have noticed recurrent sadness, make sure to talk to a medical professional or a healthcare provider right away. These professionals can provide counseling to enlighten the patient’s situation and make them feel better. 

If you need help, you can call us at 619-466-8773 or visit

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How Insulin Injection Helps Diabetic Patients

Did you know that the insulin injected into the system of a diabetic patient comes from pigs? Diabetic patients lack insulin in the body, a hormone that is responsible for breaking down food. That is why they need an external source in order to maintain the normal functioning of the systems in the body.

If you need someone to assist you with insulin injection, you can call us at 619-466-8773. #homehealth #diabetes #insulin

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Mood that changes from time to time
2. Not feeling any emotions
3. Difficulty communicating with others
4. Tends to become forgetful at times
5. Cannot easily follow directions

These and more are early signs of Alzheimer’s disease. In case your doctor recommends you to find a good homecare service for your loved one’s needs, just contact us at 619-466-8773 or visit

#homecare #Alzheimer

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Bringing Senior Women to the Salon

Have you ever thought about bringing your senior loved one to a salon? If you think that is no longer necessary, you need to think twice. Salons are not just for teenagers but for adults too. Even those with gray hairs also deserve to be pampered in this place. Here's why:

• Care for their hair

It is one of the best places for seniors to receive hair treatment and hair color. Seniors need these services for their brittle, dry, and coarsely hair. Find a good hair salon that has services suitable for your seniors' needs. 

• Relaxation

Salons are good places for seniors to relax and be pampered. The services offered are refreshing and comforting. You can bring them there after a very long, stressful day and you can join them too in getting yourself pampered. 

• Improve appearance

It is not yet too late for seniors to get a new look. Perhaps you can treat them with a hair color, a hair spa, or a haircut perhaps? Services like this can make their hair shiny and more attractive. For sure seeing the improvement in their appearance can increase their self-image and self-esteem. 

If you need someone to accompany your loved one in going to a hair salon, don't hesitate to call us at 619-466-8773 or visit to view more of our services.

Resolutions for Seniors Not Wanting to Take their Medicines

When a patient does not want to take the medicines prescribed because of the bitter taste, remember these tips:

1. Refrigerate the medicine, if okay, to gradually diminish the taste without altering the medicinal contents
2. Inform the doctor about it so an alternative medicine can be given right away

If you are taking multiple doses daily and you need help, just visit #medicine #homecare

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Making Senior Years Fun with Home Health Aides

Senior years aren't boring! We're here to plan out your daily activities & keep you company. Visit #HomeHealthAides

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3 Ways to Prevent Bone Diseases

Our bones play a vital role in our body. The sad reality is that the more we age, the weaker your bones become. It is part of our life so it is inevitable. The best thing we can do is to keep it intact and prevent degenerative diseases, like osteoporosis, from happening. The following are some preventive measures you can apply:

• Exercise

Most adults who are healthy are those who exercise regularly. The more you exercise, the more your bones become stronger and firmer. It also prevents a decrease in bone mass and will keep the bones intact. 

• Eat the right food

As you get older, the more you should become conscious with the food you eat. Certain food groups can cause your bones to be brittle. But milk, vegetables, fruits, and other calcium-rich foods can make them healthier. 

• Proper body positioning

In order to prevent bone fractures and breakage, you must practice correct body positioning or posture. Do not slouch or avoid straining your bones too much because these are painful and damaging to your bones.

We understand that maintaining the condition of our bones is hard, especially when late adulthood stage comes. If you need help, just call us at 619-466-8773 or visit for more info. 
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