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Animated Emojis - college football style

Yes, +SportsManias has emojis for the +NFL. But now....just in time for college football weekend...ANIMATED emojis. 

Talk smack this big football weekend w/the @Sportsmanias Fantasy Football Emoji Keyboard! 

#CFB   #collegefootball  

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If we talk about race in America, society tends to silence the biracial or multiracial voice. Picking one race isn't as black-and-white as one may think.

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Yes, I'll be in the studio on Saturday night for a #DeepCuts  tribute to this man, Prince. I'll do my best... once again. For now, here he is in, arguably, the best Super Bowl Halftime show ever. From his covers of CCR and Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl was stoked!) to "Purple Rain"... in the rain. 

It keeps hitting me... wow...


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Indian Wells Controversy Strikes Again

It wasn't the crowd stirring controversy this time at Indian Wells and the +BNP Paribas Open. It was the CEO, Raymond Moore, drawing criticism for his unbelievable comments. 

My latest for +The Shadow League  

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Can't help but smile and laugh

Hockey rocks! 

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Another ‪#‎Olympics‬. Another bid rolls away for the Mexican Women's National Team. Not even Maribel Domínguez could save them.

#ElTri   #Femeníl   #Mexico   #Olympics  

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2016 Conferences

So many conferences, so little time. 

I love lists. Lists keep me organized. For this Type A personality, organization is essential. Learning new things is also essential. 

Back when I started in this business, finding conferences or seminars to expand my learning was like finding a needle in a haystack. Late in 2014, I decided to change that. I created a list of 2015 sports, social media & marketing conferences on LinkedIn. It turns out I wasn't alone. 

I collected a sampling of key conferences for 2016. You can find the complete list on LinkedIn or find the upcoming ones on my blog. The list encompasses sports, social media, marketing & other industries. It's not a be all-end all list, but it's helpful to get you started in the right direction. 

I may not work in marketing or sports-social media any longer, but one never knows what could be learned by attending a conference outside of your industry. 

#sports   #smsports   #socialmedia   #marketing  

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Racial Dialogue is Only Two-Sided

Cam Newton has been in the news lately. For good reason. The +Carolina Panthers quarterback has led his team to the #SuperBowl  in grand style. Unfortunately, some of the dialogue has reverted to race. Some good, some bad. 

In observing some of the debate across social media channels, it reminded me of so many other racial discussions. One recent one was the Oscars debate. #OscarsSoWhite  became a popular hashtag on social media. 

The common denominator in both, racial dialogue was and is still discussed in two colors: black and white. My latest for +The Shadow League

#CamNewton   #race   #Hispanics   #Natives   #Asians   #racialdialogue   #Oscars   #AfricanAmerican   #NFL  

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A Down Under Surprise

For those who, like me, are diehard sports fans, you learn to make some sacrifices to watch your favorites. I do enjoy Grand Slam tennis and I stayed up past 3am just to watch it. 

I'm still trying to process it all, but my early match story (yes, I wrote it around 3 am) from the surprise that was Angelique Kerber's three-set win over world #1 and +Australian Open favorite, Serena Williams

(I'll try to write more later...when my thoughts are more coherent.)

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He Believes

It wasn't supposed to end like this for Vernon Adams, Jr. Not early. Not on the field during the Alamo Bowl before it was even over. But, wherever Adams has gone, he's brought his belief system with him. He's not done believing yet.

+University of Oregon Ducks  #GoDucks   #GoEags  +Pac-12 Networks  #CFB  
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