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Come On Up Moses
Set Up: You will need a set of the Ten Commandments printed individually on strips of paper without their corresponding numbers. If you have a lot of children, divide them into teams. However, each player or team will need their own set of numberless commandments. You may want to use different colors of paper to distinguish teams, but this isn’t necessary. Establish a running course, preferably with a set of stairs. At the top of the stairs place the strips of numberless commandments.
How to Play: At the go, players race the course, ascend the stairs to climb Mount Sinai, . . .
Get our Ten Commandments' Bible Game:
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Lighthouse Bible Lessons:
An Overview for Children on the Book of Acts

Lighthouses vary in size, shape, and color to identify them during the day, so people know their location at sea in relation to land; this is called their “day mark.” At night, their light patterns shine differently, so people know their location in the dark. Sometimes one giant lighthouse is built on the shoreline; other times smaller lighthouses dot the waterway.

However, all lighthouses serve the same special purpose, which is to shine their light at night, pointing the way for ships to safely enter an inlet and bring them home to harbor.

A long time ago, lighthouses were powered using fires, candles, and even burning whale oil using a wick, but today they’re mostly powered by electricity.

In the Bible, light and fire serve a special purpose too, to represent God’s glory, his holy presence.

Our multi-aged Bible Lessons, for K-5th grade, build on a fun, lighthouse theme to help children discover how God displayed his glorious presence in light and fire, how he gave his “lighthouse power” to Jesus’ first followers, and how Christians today are to be like spiritual lighthouses, guiding others safely home to God.

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Teach the Sermon on the Mount to Children

The Sermon on the Mount is the most famous sermon ever told! In it, Jesus explains the characteristics—the inward and outward qualities—of those who belong to the Kingdom of God; beginning with the Beatitudes*, which depict the Christ-like character and attitudes that are to be manifested in the lives of believers, he continues his sermon by explaining The Position: you are salt, and The Mission: you are light, of his followers. The remainder of the sermon is divided into four additional parts: The Law: the Heart of the Matter, Prayer & Fasting, Money & Worry, and Warnings. Our hands-on Bible lessons focus on these five parts of the Sermon on the Mount.

Book includes: 18, one-hour sessions, 14 Christian Crafts (11 crafts and 3 Yummy Food Devotions), 10 Bible Games, and Song-time suggestions. For kindergarten - 5th grade.

#sermononthemount #childrensbiblelessons #sundayschoollessons #biblelessonplans #Jesussermon
#kidmin #VBSLesson #VBS

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Signs of the Times (For K-5th grade)
Modern Parables for Children's Ministry

Jesus taught his followers about the kingdom of Heaven by using everyday objects. And since most children look with anticipation to the day they can drive a car, what better way to explain the life-saving lessons of God's kingdom than by using common objects such as street signs?

Traffic signs show us the right way to go and warn us of what lies ahead. Is this not what God's Word does for us? These "Signs of the Times" lessons are designed to teach children how to choose the right road in life and strengthen their relationship to Jesus Christ!

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Missing the Mark Bible Game

Set Up
Your target can be a standard bulls-eye target, or design your target to match your theme. (One year we played this game during our Outer Space-themed VBS program. I drew a large picture of the planet Jupiter, with it's giant Red Spot for the bulls-eye. We had the players write down their ideas of good works on a sheet of paper. For example, obeying your parents, being kind to others, telling the truth, etc. Then they folded them into paper spaceships.)

How To Play
Designate a throw line. Place the target about 15-20 feet away. You do not want to make it possible for anyone to hit this target. WHAT? You may be wondering. Tell the players that the target represents God. The spaceships represent our good works, and the distance between the throw line and the target represents our sin that separates us from God. Allow everyone to take a turn, but leave the spaceships on the ground as you go. Then explain the following object lesson:

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Do you know all Ten Commands? Can you say them in order?

Learn them in minutes! The commandment # corresponds to the # of fingers:

#1. God is # 1
(hold up one pointer finger).

#2. Don't worship idols
(two fingers "bow.")

#3. Don't misuse God's name (three fingers over mouth).

# 4 - 10 are just as easy to memorize in order!

The commandments are numbered according to the Hebrew Scriptures. Get the Ten Commandments bookmarks:
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July 4th Patriotic Games

Here are some of the races we will be doing.

1. Statue of Liberty - Yellow ball on top of small cone
2. Betsy Ross Fabric Wash - Strips of red white and blue fabric in a kiddy pool. Child runs, takes out a piece of wet fabric and races to the clothes line to hang it.
3. 4th of July fireworks - Child runs with 5 balls to end line and throws them in the air, gathers them up and runs back.
4. Niagara Falls - Team lines up in front of kiddie pool and passes a soaked sponge over heads.
5. Red, White, and Blue beach ball kick (soccer dribble with red, white, and blue beach balls)

Get more Patriotic July 4th Games

#july4 #july4thgames #patrioticgames
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Hook Em’ Bible verse memorization games:

Setting the hook is a fishing term that means getting a hook down deep in a fish’s mouth; this way you don’t lose it in the fight when reeling it in. Ultimately, that’s what Bible memorization is all about: setting Jesus’ hook down deep into the lives of our kids, and helping them to obey the imperative of Psalm 119:11, “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”

Play Popcorn: Begin by saying and repeating the Bible memory verse together with the class several times. Have players kneel in a squatting position—the popcorn position. Teacher starts the game by pointing to a player, who then pops up on his or her knees and says the first word of the memory verse. Teacher points to another player, who pops up to say the next word. Play continues as such with teacher pointing and players popping up until the entire verse is stated. During play, if a player doesn’t know a word, teacher passes to another

Discover more fun Bible memorization games at:

#biblegames #biblegamesforkids #gamesforsundayschool #sundayschool #sundayschoolgames #childrensministrygames
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Children's Order of Worship Bulletin Pictograms

Our pictograms help to guide children through the worship service. 

Kid-friendly symbols for your order-of-worship bulletin. Pictograms give children a sense of welcoming during worship, and help them follow along easily as the service proceeds.  High resolution PDF files have been field tested and can be sized to fit into your bulletin's format.

Pictograms pictured here (left to right): Pastor/Sermon, Standing, Prayer, Communion, Lord's Supper or Eucharist, Baptism*, Bible Reading, Singing, Greeting or Passing the Peace, and Offering. 

When you purchase the package of Worship Bulletin Pictograms, you'll receive nine, high resolution PDF files to download to your computer. The pictograms can then be copied, pasted, inserted, and resized into multiple program applications.

*Shell--an ancient Christian symbol depicting baptism.
#childrensworship #worshipbulletins #orderofworship #childrenschurch

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