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Only 126 days until the 7th annual Google I/O, when we come together with amazing developers like you to talk about what's next. On June 25-26, 2014, we’ll be broadcasting live from Moscone West. You can join us in person in San Francisco or remotely, via a live stream and through I/O Extended community events around the world. 

More details to come next month, including registration info. In the meantime, you can check out highlights from last year at

Also, quick note for those who want to join in person: this year we’re making some changes to registration, so you won’t need to scramble the second registration opens. We'll be implementing a new system, where you can submit your interest to attend Google I/O 2014. Successful applicants will then be randomly selected and notified shortly thereafter. We’ll be following up with more details from +GoogleDevelopers, so stay tuned.
Google I/O 2013 brings together thousands of developers for three days of deep technical content focused on building the next generation of web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies such as Android, Google Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.
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Linus Vaz
Nice! Android Android 5.0 4.5? 4.4.3? :) 

Added to the bucket list: go to a Google I/O event. Perks of living in Europe.. 
+Sundar Pichai
Hope the Android stillness is going to be abandoned :)
Bring us please Permission manager to protect us better
+ reworked custom object sharing
+ multi-window
+ home automation
+ car integration
(Fragmentation really does not matter if you create Google editions from every phone, don't care much, it's freedom for the manufacturers, this freedom has brought you the huge Samsung (Android) market share)
Thank you for your amazing work!
+Sundar Pichai last year when I got the chance to be at IO I was inspired to make apps for android and I think by the time of IO this year I will have my first app ready!!! (still in college).....thanks
Great news! I Iook forward to seeing how the registration process works! 
Looking forward to attending this year! 
Random selection... I look forward to the crazy scramble each year.
Hoping to attend again this year. Loved all the sessions on Compute Engine last year.
Awesome News...
Looking forward to the new registration process...
Personally I have been playing around with Android for awhile now until I had the great luck of attending I/O 2010. It was an awesome experience. Hopefully we will find out soon before the airfare jumps too much and before we finalize our android tablet app at work :)
This is going to be awesome!
What about extracting Android from IO and making it a standalone conference? That way developers might be able to attend for some years without a lottery.
wish i could attend! but i'm booking holidays so i can watch online
I've always wanted to go to IO, hopefully random number generations doesn't fail me this time.
Makes you even more special!
Pray to the RNG Gods haha.  Just kidding, but I have tried to get tickets the last 3 or 4 years and I would love to go to really get some more insight to android development.
back to a 2 day event... but it's happening so it doesn't matter :) xsing finger to get a ticket :D
Can't wait really hoping to go this year 
Please sign up local cinema to live stream the events across Europe 
Yaaay, can't wait to stand a chance :-) 
am a Android Geek modder and Custom rom Addict.. can i get a chance to fly from Chennai to the Moscone ;(
I definitely would like to be in SF in june :D
+Diego Savardi Google I/O typically prefers developers that are involved in projects they like.  In addition to the usual registration, Google invites people they like.  Your best bet, to dodge the random selection, is to get involved with a project on GitHub that they take an interest in or do something particularly cool with App Engine or other Google products.  It's pretty easy to figure out which projects Google is actively investing in and/or watching.
Google IO is awesome but it's placed at my birthday :( but I will see the live show!!
Need to get everything in order...
You know.....I really want to go to Google I/O this year. 
Google + hangouts still suck especially on chrome extension in windows OS despite launched since may 2013
Probably not 5.0 since 4.4 just came out.
But 4.4 was not a really major update. There were just some features added. And art is a developer mode only. So 5.0 could feature an overhauled ui with the next version of Google now 
Ya that is true, but it got a new name.
All the year waiting for joining the Google I/O 14....and this year is randomly?? :( :(
OK everyone needs to get out of fantasy land and back to reality. That means NO 5.0! 4.5? Now that sounds more likely. Stop setting yourselves up for disappointment when you don't see the Android version you want!!
Maybe you're right but what if. This is what rumours are made off
Looking forward to it.
Wish to be there.... Fingers crossed....
Really disappointing it is still being held at Moscone West. Just get the full Moscone North and South and then maybe most people wanting to come won't be without tickets like the past few years.
Random selection...what the fun in it? I was looking forward to smashing my F5 key!
I hope I will be "randomly selected" this year :) I would bring robots
Excellent news, although slightly surprising to see it back to two days.  Looking forward to seeing what's happening with the new selection process!
Yes! Thanks for changing the way to get tickets this year. Last year was a giant cluster f*** because there were tons of non-developers trying to get tickets just for the swag :/
Saw and attended last year's I/O on Jakarta (streaming), definitely can't wait to see what will be announced this time.

On other news, where's the "What's Hot" button on the web version on Google Plus??
This will obviously be much better than WWDC...
Great! the random ticket process is a step forward to giving developers a random chance of getting the tickets instead of wasting an hour or so in anticipation of getting a ticket (which was random anyway) and also getting false hopes!
+Sundar Pichai Way to go.. Gearing up to make the travel plan and hope to get the ticket. Looking forward  to meet other Glass developers and hope Google will launch Glass to public. 
Great, now this year i can "apply" to google io
This is great! Thank you so much for the most amazing developers and Android junkies' dream vacation! Google I/O! +Sundar Pichai. Calendars marked, fingers x-ed and now just counting down till this awesome week! 
Home automation concepts, machine learning, and cutting-edge breakthrough A.I. Technology! Come at me Google!
I always wanted Google I/O to be after Apple WWDC! Thanks for finally making it happen +Sundar Pichai ... it shows that you are confident in what you have to present to the world and it will one up against the competition!!
I like to go and make my daydream come true
Wallet timed out on me last year while trying to pay for a ticket.  *fingers crossed* for this year!
Thanks all, I cant wait for it either, look forward to it! Yes it is 2 days and we are going to focus it much more for developers
+Kyle Tuffley Similar experience...I copied/pasted the URL into Internet Explorer seconds before timeout and wallet came through immediately!
That's so cool to hear I plan on being a developer one day very soon. I'm on my second semester for Computer Science at Modesto Junior College to get a good foundation of code. I look for inspiration everyday and attending The Google I/O would inspire me for years if not the rest of my computer science career. I love Android and Google so much. I hope I can attend it would be a dream come true and give me all the inspiration I could ever need. : ) +Sundar Pichai ( I only live two hours away so I could easily attend too)
Wow. I can't believe people actually think Google will release a new version of android. I'm 100% sure they won't even release an incremental update during IO 2014.
Good thing is I/O'14 is coming in summer vacation.. Do not have to skip my internals.. Like last year :D
I'm really excited to see what's next. Google never disappoints in the innovation department. 
я все время находилась в других сетях.здесь я новичек и мне очень нравиться.
Ok 126 days is pretty far away.
it would be so awesome to get there once in my life, so excited when I'm sitting in front of the live stream every year :)
+Sundar Pichai I hope that you will handle multiple accounts / applications in a proper way, I'd hate to have to create hundreds of gmail accounts just to have a better chance (especially after failing to get in due to the payment congestion issue of last year, when all I could do was watch the countdown run its course and put my won spot back into the pool). Also please notify whether someone has won or not, not just if they won.
You and the rest of the Google team are doing great things. Keep up the good work! I'll be like a kid in a candy store while watching the I/O live stream. PS. Merge the mail client and Gmail applications. 
Random selection of applications is far too important to be left to chance. I think Ivars Peterson would agree.
+Marques Brownlee I hope you won't have to go through this random screening to attend I/O. If I can't make it, it will atleast be nice to get your reports. If I do, on my list of definite to dos is to meet you! 
Saying that 2 days ago would have been more geeky and therefor more cool :-)
チケットがほしい。 i want a ticket
+Sundar Pichai "Thanks all, I cant wait for it either, look forward to it! Yes it is 2 days and we are going to focus it much more for developers"

Does it mean no progress for users? No new features, no improvements, no significant innovations for our homes? Not a reason to buy a new Nexus device? Android stillness again? :(
Hope the Android team will change this Apple's attitude asap :(
Based on J2ME. Ergo, clone to reach the rest the world and port Google services to it. :)
+Diego Savardi Agreed. I hope they prioritize actual developers over media types or people just wanting gadgets. As it turns out, I'm already flying into San Francisco on June 24th on the way back from Asia, so this timing would work out very well for me. I'm an embedded systems engineer and we're considering Android as a platform for some of our future products, so attending Google I/O would be helpful for me.
+Ross Binkley but do you realize that users are buying products mostly because of innovations so people bring money, not developers?
Looks like the fading Windows ecosystem. Developers haven't saved Windows for homes, Windows at homes are ending because of lack of innovations of Microsoft. The same reason innovative Samsung has created the huge Android market share showing features in the ads.
When you keep an open mind it's hard not to do harm
Looking forward to this. 
Hopefully this year I'll finally get a chance to go!  :)
I was wondering if you could extend the education pricing to non-profits organizations?
I am most intrigued by the Ticket system for Google IO this year. 

2011 - Tickets sold so quick, the page couldn't even refresh.
2012 - Same Deal, even VPN'd to a server in Mountain View! 
2013 - Spent an Hour trying to get Google Wallet to work. 

You see, I am somewhat scorned.  As someone who has been working in AOSP for 3.5 years and even recruited by Google.... the failures of Google IO tickets does not inspire confidence. 

IMO,  you need to set up a system where companies can insure that they can send their top people. I know that the App Development houses get this privilege, as do the Google-partner device manufacturers.  There is nothing for those taking Android, Maps, Services, Drive further as well as appreciation towards the OpenSource community. 

These items must really be addressed. Then again, we all meet at the Big Android BBQ in Dallas, TX every year. Its the Defcon of Google Conferences. 
I have been trying to get a ticket for 3 years, so maybe the 4th time is charm?   Anyway, I appreciate something so other than the FIFO scramble of the past years.  Maybe open a signup list for a day or so and then randomly pick the winners. Worked for Comic-Con.
For those who can't attend in person.....why not use Hangouts, Google, to bring developers into the conversation who couldn't get a ticket to attend? That would also continue the conversation long after the sessions end. When I attended last year, the best part was listening to the conversation afterwards about how developers were planning to use the new insight they just learned in that session. My crew hosts hangouts all the time and would love to provide a forum for developers to watch live and interact with each other post game.  Former #iovirgin   #humanmedia  
Giiiiieev Google Smartwatch <3
Hmm.... I guess I would've had more chances to get the ticket with the old registration system at least because the fact whether I get a ticket or no would depend entirely on me (and my internet connection maybe) and not on some random number generator. This year it's more like a lottery.
+Sundar Pichai I can't wait for Google I/O this year! BUT I'm concerned about the new registration system. As long as the system is actually random, with no favorites being picked to get in before anyone else, then I agree with the change to the registration system. 
+John Coryat I definitely hope so too! I've been at every Google Developer event since the original Developer Day, and was really hoping to branch out on some newer frameworks this year. Any word on whether you'll be continuing this program for your most loyal developers +Sundar Pichai?!
+AJ Arora how the heck did you get Tickets every single year? Did you cheat?!! if so PM me with how.... jk, but really....
+AJ Arora they also have to consider new developers. They can't be bias at all or else it won't work. 
No. They are already biased by insuring certain groups get tickets before the rest of the world. That inherently changes things. Maybe they need another location. I have watched sessions year after year and.... Its different when you go to a conference vs. Watching a session. 
I am determined to go this year. Went for two years and then missed the last two due to registration. I will be diligent this year, I really want to go. I have marked my calendar and I am watching the forum everyday. This morning I checked it at 3 AM and that is when I saw the announcement. 
so, good i wait the day it will come!
+Roman Kasal  Where do you think those innovations that attract users come from? Hint: It's the developers. That's why Google, MSFT, and Apple all want developers at their conferences. More developers on your platform = more interesting and innovative software on your platform = more users on your platform. 
+Ross Binkley I will give you a hint: developers for Microsoft and Google are the same. Why is Android more successful?
Hint: Android (Samsung) innovates for us: multi window, IR remote, Miracast etc etc
Without Samsung there is no 80% market share, but hardly 40% and independent developers aren't reason we buy Samsung phones
Stats are obvious = pure Android is just a base = does not matter on the market
If everything depended on developers there is no logic for the Samsung's (Android) success.
Samsung was successful even without a bunch of developers a few years ago, it's simply not true, proved.

Success of any ecosystem depends mostly on the owner of the ecosystem or if the ecosystem is opened depends also on luck if there is a powerful developer. Android was lucky = Samsung was found, brought features, brought marketing = wins for Android = developers are not so important as you think, Samsung has proved that.
I wanna go so bad to meet u. Other. Google devs and executives
Zak T
That's ~1/3 of a year. Don't get me excited already. Are you trying to give me high blood pressure?
I've been waiting since last year (after I missed out on a ticket, because the Google Wallet API was overloaded and froze with a grey unclickable button :( ). I'm turning 21 this year, and it's my final/third year studying IT at UTS. Hopefully I can grab a ticket to I/O, I've been waiting so long to go experience it! :) (y) I was a Google Student Ambassador last year as well. Thank you!
Another year another failed registration attempt. I was excited to purchase my tickets last year one to have a system error take then back. I really think the event needs to utilize all of Moscone and open it up to more attendees. Moscone West is too small.
I have an idea which I believe could rival Facebook and Instagram... Looking for someone to invest in the idea...
I look forward to the new registration system. Thank you for sharing the dates!
+Sundar Pichai +Vic Gundotra Please send out an email to your IONs and let them know the ION registration details.  It is always nice to lesson the registration anxiety for your faithful IONs.
Android de-fragmentation, and NEW registration process!
Only 2 days. Is it just me or does this thing keep getting shorter
I'm impatiently awaiting news on how this registration process will work and it's March 1st so can we just have the news today? Also I hope it's not totally random like the first Glass Explorer contest was.
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Super excited again this year, hopefully the changes in registration bring more of a focus on developers
well, i've been waiting long enough this month. pls tell me when u guys would put forward the details? can't waiting
i hope google will choose HTC for the next nexus , maybe a nexus one :love:
Second that the nexus one is classic and HTC makes an awesome phone.
What's happening with Google IO registration for 2014?   As a hardware developer and Glass Explorer there is a lot of preparation to do, assuming that I can even get registered.
When can we submit our interest to attend Google I/O 2014
I am really interested in hearing about what's next for streaming and wearables. I've been developing for Android for a few years now but am also looking to branch out into ChromeCast and Glass development (I own and use both). I've never been to Google I/O before and I hope that I'll finally get that chance.
Nice, what kind of app have you been developed for ChromeCast?
Wish you can make it this year to I/O - 2014 !!!
Drake T
Please have the Nexus 8 and android Lollypop!!!
Hi Sundar
When we will be able to register for the event?
When is going to be the "Registration", and the "Random Selection" ???
we are now working on Apps for Google Glass, hope to get the chance to attend Google I/O event, and we have never been there before.
any further information has been put forward?
Post made on   Feb 19, 2014, it is now March 19 2014.

Any update?  I am independent and if I get to go I need time to make my plans to keep prices low.
Let us be the first on the registration porcess, we all want to be there, but we need to plan our trip, as Dave says !!!
can't be more agree with Victor, we need some spare time to make a plan,pls, give us more information!!!!
I agree too, can you not at least publish what the timeline is for registration. when will you open the system, when close it and when will have picked the attendees.....
please let us know when to register. at least a time frame...
Got $100 for any google engineer that makes the ticketing system "randomly" select me.
ah, I'm wondering if  you still remember this post and the unpublished system?
go gooooooooooooooooooooogle go
not yet? any information? it will be hard to get the ticket! but i want to go there
hope to get our chance!!!!!!!!!!!
+Sundar Pichai Will the minimum age be dropped this year? I've been doing web development since 6th grade and would love to there any chance it'll be dropped from 16 (I'm 15)?
El abr 4, 2014 4:35 PM, "Victor Rodriguez" <****@**> escribió:

> Nobody yet.... so bad
+Joshua Turmel +Chris Tuttle  I just got my I/ON invite yesterday.  Almost missed it as it got caught in my spam (ironic since we use Google-owned Postini for spam filtering).  It came from so you may want to whitelist that or keep an eye open for it.
Invite received! Looking forward to IO this year.
Hoping to hear some good news with Google Voice and Hangouts integration...:)...At least bring the Android version of Hangouts up to par with the iOS version.
It would be great if we can discuss computer BOTS suspending google Play account without warning or explanation. We devs make sometimes unintentional mistakes, we cant be banned for life ..At least bring human intervention. Think about karma...
How to get internship at google in summer holidays . i am from india and want to do intern at google . i am good in computer science as a developer
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