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"I've been testing Google Drive, which launches today, and I like it".

Great to see that coming from Walt Mossberg!
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Great! I m on it for the last 10 mins looks cool
i am downloading it now, great work
already downloaded it, look great, i have files on many of my devices .. lets see how it syncs
Waiting on #driveforlinux
I'm not happy by any means by the fact that everything got thrown back into the home area.
You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. You use gdrive to sync all your files (yes, all) and its offline. If its a converted gfile, then simply use Google Docs Offline. You don't have to mark each file as offline.

Please do some research.

Google Drive, it just works. Ubuntu One, not really.
Sunday and team, congrats on the launch. Would love to give it a whirl if you can turn on my account please :)
+Sundar Pichai , google drive is indeed great and more great is its timing for launch with social layer of google+ and google apps which has matured and evolved overtime it is just the right thing at the right time. The integration of google drive with all google services makes it more special. One more thing. I have noted that price of extra storage is different in google drive page and google drive's description in google apps page. In google drive's description in google apps page it is mentioned $4/month for 20gb while in google drive page it says $2.5/month for 25 gb. Why is this difference? I guess it is a typing error.
+Sundar Pichai just found out that google apps version of google drive is more expensive in terms of extra storage and is not an error as i wrote above. But it is more than double costly than the google drive for consumers. I expect some price drop for enterprise. They would be buying it in bulk and charging more than double for the same service to enterprise customers does not make sense. It should be something reasonable.
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