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Good indepth look here +Stephen Shankland
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Not sure I'm going to re-up when my 20gb plan is done. $2.50/mnth
It's great so far.

Any news if we'll be able to see our Picasa images and Google+ Instant Upload photos/videos in the Drive interface and app?

It would be nice if they were all viewable in one place.
Exactly what I want. Picasa Web integrated in Drive so that I do not have to upload stuff through Picasa (slow and painful).
As a paying Google Apps customer already, why aren't I getting more than 5Gb? Grr. Show some love, Google.
Sounds great, but what about linux? will it come?
+James Cridland I see 5GB in one of my Google Apps account but not in the other one. Hopefully they should roll it for Google Apps accounts also.
+Jean Mensa I had 20gb google space already and i got upgraded automatically no charge for 5£ a year that i paid earlier!
What I desperately want is the ability to differentiate collaborators on a Google Drive document by colour. You can see revisions people have made but that takes away recent changes. So frustrating because it seems like such a no-brainer feature.
+Marty Goetting yes definitely i practically live in a browser but rather than a chrome book i would prefer a table which has the chrome books capabilities it makes more sense to me! What would you prefer?
I downloaded and setup, I get message "google drive is not yet enabled for your account". Click on learn more... there is no more info.
ojala yo supiera lo que tu saves aser desde chiquitico e querido crear una pagina pero no puedo
Will there be some Linux integration?
No Linux app/itegration?! C'mon google, we know you can do better!
+Marty Goetting your old plan will be grandfathered into the new system, so as long as you keep the 20gb tier it should renew at $5 a year instead of the new prices.
No Linux app/itegration?! C'mon google, we know you can do better!
Sean S
+Sundar Pichai ,
There's something wrong with the share by a link. I shared a link to a folder. I signed out and went to the link and there is no scroll bar to scroll down. So it only displays some of my files. It looks even worse in IE9 because the right side of the page is cut off.
Here is the screenshot of the link in IE9:
Here is the screenshot of the link in Chrome:
Also, not sure if this is a bug but the File and Help button can't be clicked.
And the linux version? #DriveForLinux
+Dylan Jones that's good to hear, though I wish I would have gone up a tier or two before this change.
not happy with Google right now. Why are you discrimination Linux,in first place? Did not Google originated from it? Why do't you develope native integration with LInux as a true open source champion?! Why did you drop Picassa Linux Support?!! I love Google but I hate Windows and Linux is everything I use. Please...Linux is just starting to gain popularity, thanks to Ubuntu, Mint,etc....embrace it and fully support it.
What about the issues revolving around the terms & conditions? Has +Google addressed them yet?
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