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Last year we announced
a new kind of computer
This is the next step

Excited about the next step in our Chrome OS journey. Today we’re introducing new and faster hardware, a revamped UI experience, and more robust apps. Congrats to the team!
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I just want bluetooth to work on my cr-48
i have (always) enjoyed google youtube videos. #awesome
Really want to take our company in the Chromebook direction. I see that the Chromebox supports two monitors. Does the Chromebook support multiple monitors (not mirrored, but actual extended display)? Is the Chromebox multi monitor support mirrored or extended?
When will it come with localized keyboards for non-English countries? Three keys are what's holding me back from throwing my Windows laptop out the door and getting myself one of these.
At what price will the Chrome computer be offered, and where will it be offered?
They look great and I would buy one if they were offered in my country :-)
So will we be able to load the new Chrome OS into a computer of our choosing?
+Rick Midgette I think it says at the bottom of the blog post "Starting today, you can get the new Chromebook and Chromebox from our online retail partners in the U.S. and U.K., and in other select countries over the coming weeks."
Excellent - little surprised you didn't wait to make the announcement in a few weeks at I/O, though. Does that mean more surprises there?
why not just download the chrome os and install on laptop/desktop??
How do we know if we're buying old or new stock. Just saying.
+Gabriel Walsh - You can already load Chromium OS onto a large number of computers. ChromeOS can only run on a Chromebook since it has hardware features (like verified boot) that are part of the OS.
Finally! My Chromebook Series 5 is too sluggish to do a hangout or edit docs on Drive.
+jamie carr - You've obviously never used one so I'm going to chalk your comment up to ignorance...and a lack of class.
Since it is a Linux distro I hope to see all this improvements back in the GNU/Linux community. For example Netflix playback.
+Brym Stone That's mostly your own fault if you do not know how to tether.
Awesome! Hmm, I wonder what I want for my birthday... :0)
ubuntu > sudo apt-get install chrome/* ??
It's okay to be gay +jamie carr. Now go and tell your parents. I am sure, they will love you all the same.
this is wicked i really want one do u want t donate me some money
I've been waiting for this. I'm planning on making the Chrome OS switch this fall. Your team is doing a fantastic job.
I see one major downfall, you need Verizon. The only service I would interested in using with the Chrome book would be T-Mobile.
i love the idea its so great you need verizon and thats it really.
An macbook with nothing but launchpad and chrome. (oh and a samsung sticker!)
well I guess I am now pissed I just got the Samsung Ultrabook instead of this. God I hate windows.
No if only I could afford one and also compile c++ code.
но хромебук гугле хроме ис ламе !!
I have a CR-48 Chrome laptop that Google sent me, but I've always wished Google would release an .iso ( cd disk) image with hardware support for other machines. I've tried several of Hexxehs Chromium builds (they boot from usb drives) but have had little success with Dell, Acer and other hardware.
There IS a cap on your internet activity (u/l and d/l ) and if enough family members are doing EVERYTHING over the connection, I can easily see it becoming a problem. If there was truly unlimited internet, then this might be the way to go.
You guys need to seriously buy T-Mobile and get to making affordable 3G/4G so people have the option to stay connected easier, or push to get the national whitespace opened up for national wifi type use. Just about anyway you cut it these Chromebooks need a stronger supporting internet structure before they can gain better traction. By the way I love my Samsung Series 5 (well other than it's speakers).
All the bad stuff I had heard about the Chromebook was immediately dispelled when I saw one in action. This thing is very nice.
Chromebook! Google's new Cloud Computer makes a splash: finally! Microsoft Watch Out! That said, I'm sticking with my Microsoft Word: None of the other computers have a word processor I like as much!
what is samsung doing.they are coping apple all the way.look everything is the same
Maybe we can get a trade-in price on our current Chromebooks...:)
Why are they not available in Canada?
Nice! that looks awesome! how much does it cost?
+Sundar Pichai Will we ever be able to install Chrome OS on non-Chrome-books as a replacement OS?
looking forward to trying them out!
What's so great about it, it's just a stupid computer?
+Sundar Pichai
I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook for my daughter who is starting her 1st year of college in a few months. But I have 2 questions.

1) Is this WiFi only or can it work on a mobile network?
2) What is the price?
Chromebooks and new Chromebox from samsung
One thing that bothers me about using a Chromebook
It's near useless when I don't have a connection to the internet. While some people in the first world probably take their always on, always available internet for granted the rest of us in developing countries don't have that luxury. This is the main reason I prefer to use the cloud only as a "backup".
Why would I spend my hard earned money on a device that I really don't have control over anymore and is useless without the internet? IMO, this idea sucks. You literrally have no control over anything you're just giving everything to google and their cloud service.

Maybe it's just me, but I like to actually OWN and CONTROL my computer and what's on it. Not have BIG BROTHER update and control my device.
Oh, my dear you not see the paradigm shift here? All computers are stupid boxes, the intellect comes from the programmers, and these programmers are planning to give you the dependability of Mac, the expansive development of Windows, and the open source of Linux! The best of all worlds! Think back to the early days of DOS when every single application had to be designed for every specific computer. Now look at today's cloud based computing initiatives, and the growth of open source applications.

Imagine the day when the computer is an appliance. OS no longer matters. A computer is a computer is a computer. You will simply ASSUME everything will work. Your Google Print will attach to ANY printer, your documents are done in Google Drive, your email in entirely online. Your computer blows up, you throw it away and get a new one, log in, and voila! Everything is there as if it was never gone to begin with!

Now do you see it, Oliver? Your children will someday pick up a box with the Microsoft or Adobe logo and ask..."Dad, what is this?", and you will say, "That's software, honey! It's on the CD!". And they will look at you like you have lost your mind.

Worse, you will suddenly feel old. Almost as old as I did when I was asked...

"What are all these little square things, Dad?"

"Those are disks, son, those 32 disk are the original Microsoft Windows Operating System."

"Can I have them?"

"Sure! What do you need them for?"

For the record, if you put yarn in the hole in the end, and tie the other end to a hangar....they make a nice wind chime...but it's not a pretty sound.
Get our of my stream. I could give 2 shits about chrome books..
Without Internet connectivity, this is useless-like a 3270 terminal without a controller cable....
Is the first three lines of your post a hint that I'll be able to run HaikuOS on it :)
The day that Google docs can do everything MS Office can and with as easy of a UI, then I'll get one. People can flame that all they want, but that's just how it is for me.
Rip off of MacBook... No offense but I wish android was sued for all these rip offs
"no offense, but I wish your mother was slapped in the face for having you"

yeah, tacking on "no offense" to the start of a sentence doesn't just make it so.
+George Thomas Stevenson I believed that it was useless offline also, until I bought one.Then I learned there are lots of games and apps that you can download to make your offline experience more enjoyable.
who thought of the name? seriously.. Chrome box is ok, Chrome book too much like Macbook.Its just a computer with a chrome OS, that much is enough branding.
price is attractive though, hope its available in Dammam soon
+Scott Bee Go to Explore (on the left) and move the slider of "What's Hot" all the way to nothing
Awesome. Are their adequate proxies available today for Photoshop which I could run in a web-app environment like Chrome?
What about Android on laptops? I am looking forward for it...
no reason for us chromebook users to switch to this (unless you offered a really good discount when giving back a perfectly working first gen chromebook hint hint!), also no reason for any normal private user to choose this instead of an asus transformer tablet, or similar device with android 4 (hence chrome beta for android), much more powerful, about the same price.

I truly wish you luck in sales for google apps endorsing organizations (it's the future, I know!), but you've pretty much alienated any regular pc user, who will have even less reason to buy a chromebook now than ever. +CNET nailed it perfectly with their review of the samsung series 5 550.

Sincerely, a proud chromebook owner and googleverse citizen.
Have I been living under a rock? When was this released and why isn't it in Canada?
I like google! I mean I really like it!
Waiting for the final release 
I loved my original cr-48 (until it broke) but it was free. I'm about to go back to college this august (for computer science no less) and if I'm buying a new computer I'm going to need it to do some hardcore programing tasks that I'm not sure a chromebook can even handle. Can anyone give me some insight in the professional functionality of all chromebook (not just google docs)
I think the ChromeBook as a useful tool will be a few years off. As nifty as Google Docs is, the general public is still more concerned about how things look than how they are. When Google Docs, Sheets and Presentation LOOKS as good as Microsoft's version, it will take off big. The availability of eprinting and printing over wifi will also increase the attractiveness... But remember the Palm Pilot? Compared to the iPhone and Android, it seems clunky and ridiculous...but in its day, it was the standard. I beleive in a few years, a new netbook/android tablet combination may be the next big thing. The tools are becoming less important than WHAT THEY CAN DO, and that is the big change in the movement.

And can someone tell me if +Scott Bee is just having a bad day, or is he always this vitriolic? All he seems to be able to do is spew insults and emote rudeness. Is he aware this is GOOGLE's thread, and not his own? He wants everyone to know how little he cares for their opinions, yet expects to express his own...which due to his rude and obnoxious delivery...nobody cares about.
What's the advantage of this over Android smart sticks and Android tablets with keyboards?
This is why I love all Google stuff, simple, easy and so much cool

Yea I was able to get a beta chrome book to try it out. I love the chrome book. 
These are going to be the most inexpensive books, except for your service provider, and from what I can tell, none have a DVD drive. However, I think the supplement for just over $300 which gives you more than 2 USB ports included, may also give you the DVD drive. I'm inclined to believe that with this book, you might need the additional ports, but may not have need for a DVD drive.
I'm still waiting to hear from my Computer repair guy, his thoughts, since I trust him and will use his advice, not that I will follow his advice.
Tablets fill this space better. Focus on bringing Android to the living room and desketop. Chrome OS and Android are only going to end up competing with each other.
+Jared Prymont batterly life has actually gone down... from 8 (actual) hours to 6 (according to official figures).

On the other hand, boot time has gone down from 8 to 7 seconds .. yay..! :D that second gained everytime you turn the thing on is really worth the extra hundred bucks.. after one whole year, if say you turn the computer on twice a day, it's 730 seconds gained, or 8 fat minutes of life gained every year - priceless! (sarcasm off)

No, but I really love my chromebook ;) Just won't switch to this, I wanted to want it, but I just don't.
I want this....does anyone know the price of this
Sounds great but the UK links don't appear to have the new Chromebook or Chromebox. :-(
8.5 hours of battery life and improving.. ..nice...getting better all the time..
B Ossia
Is this OS finally going to compete with MS Windows 8?
dats really gud seriously like it
The Chromebook is an under-appreciated gem. It is an inexpensive, light (to carry), comfortable and attractive platform mainstream computer uses -- email, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets, videos (even video conferencing) and music. Battery life is phenomenal. While the Chromebook doesn't replace a computer for every use, I only go to my desktop once every month or so, and at tax time. My wife never goes elsewhere. And we never spend time cleaning up or backing up files on the hard drive, scanning for viruses, or searching for the latest drivers. Basically, it offers most advantages we always appreciated in Apple computers at a much lower cost. I'm a geek who can enjoy tweaking hardware and software, but I also appreciate not having to tweak anything when I want to accomplish something with my computer tool.
Not sure if this or windows is better... thinking
just replace it with a android OS and your good!
And what happens when the cloud comes down?
From what I've seen and heard, windows 8 could kill windows for most users. A lot of people I know have switched to, going to switch to Ubuntu when 8 releases.
Sweet. I will buy one to use for Facebook.
If only Chrime OS were available as a fast download for free. #xubuntu
The next step should of been admitting defeat
The PC is just one step away from becoming a totally dumb device now. All it will take is for the apps to run from severs.
I like the convenience of the cloud, but don't think I'd like it without a connection much. Then there's always the security concerns.
I've been using the original 5 series Chromebook for a year and it is great for everything except software development. However, paying $100 more for a model with twice the RAM and 75% the battery life doesn't make much sense; it's not like I'll ever want to watch 3 large flash videos simultaneously. As far as the Chromebox goes I say it will definitely flop at anything over $150. Raspberry Pi does pretty much the same at $35.
Sundar, chromeos is great! I love it, and use it frequently. My only criticism is the price. When the first iteration came out, the reviews said the same... The product was good, but not at that price point. This iteration the price went up. I can buy a much more powerful full fledged windows laptop for about 350-400. Why does samsung seem to think its worth 450-500? Can't Google coerce them into designing a model with a $200 price point? Can't Google subsidize the cost of these (in an attempt to saturate the market)? I really want to see chromeos take off. There's very little these days which can't be done online. keep up the great work.
Will the Google Earth Browser Plugin work for it? How about Google Sketchup? Because currently, these aren't available in linux. Isn't ChromeOS linux based? Would be pretty lame if a bunch of Google's products won't work on the Google Chromebook!
My Cr-48 is still kickin'. The new Chromebox is a highly tempting upgrade! Nice work.
Oh,looks really good, are Google trying to steal Microsoft users who don't want windows 8 I wonder!
Why not buy a tablet with an add-on keyboard instead?
I am fully in the cloud now. My life in G+ & G Drive. Desperate for a new toy...Chromebook would be nice. May just have to buy one!
I don't yet understand why anyone would buy one instead of a standard laptop. A laptop can run Chrome (and all the apps) and do other things too. Enlighten me!
+Lee Davis - last time I used an Asus Transformer with Google Docs it was dog slow. The future is definitely an android/chrome mashup...just waiting for the hardware :D Later this year?
Highly secure, always up to date, very fast bootup. Attributes not associated with android or any other os. Completely lacking in offline capability (for now). -Seems I was wrong about this...
Why on a laptop, when I can do all this and more on a smaller footprint with 10 hours battery life, the tablet iPad :-)

Chrome laptop is not disruptive technology because it is still big and clunky to carry around on the outside.

Hope you're using "new kind of computer" loosely... that's not exactly true and incredibly misleading about what chromeOS really is. Who thinks it's a good idea to take functionality AWAY from the users? Useless without internet, this is essentially internet tv (crap product from the 90's) in a box. It failed then and will fail now because even my phone is more functional.
How long before Chrome OS and Android merge?
What else does it do. Besides what it shows in the video? If it doesn't do anything that a PC can do. Then its a waist of hardware on a crap os.
Bleh. Can everyone stop criticizing? This is just a commercial. I know that there are better computers for less, but seriously, stop please.
great job guys if you need beta testers hit me up
Nice, would be nice to see more of the os
Impressive, this is a very good idea, today technology is ALWAYS getting better, and im ALWAYS impressed with what people think of. Keep up the good work!!!
if I bought a chrome book would it looks just like this?
+C. Paul Courtney

I'm thinking of getting a Chromebook for my daughter who is starting her 1st year of college in a few months. But I have 2 questions.

1) Is this WiFi only or can it work on a mobile network?
- Nope! There are 3G models! In fact, they come with 100mb of Verizon wireless free for 2 years!

2) What is the price?
New Chromebook starts at $449, Chromebox $329
I would buy a chromebook if I could use it as a terminal device for my personal network. To much "Cloud" for my liking.
All chrome books and apple desktops on the office tables. Wow we really dont need paper we gott walls and paint to write on. Post it notes only in my office in the the office
Mom stay outta the office
CEO: Rich Gu¥s

You can, Ctrl, alt, t brings up the command-line so you can ssh, don't think you can telnet.
I still feel it is way over priced.
$250 for the book and $200 for the box is the correct price for the available functionalities..else I am sorry to say it is doomed.
Looks nice, but with my AT&T Uverse down, I would have no cloud if I had that.
kind of seems like a glorified macbook
+Harald Glatt What happens if you break or lose your iPad? When you replace it, you have to take time to download and install all of your apps again. You also lost any data you had.
With the Chromebook, all you do is sign in and all of your data, your apps are there. Tired of downloading updates to your iPad apps? The Chromebook automatically has the latest versions of everything.
This actually looks a lot better then the previous version of this OS.
Especially when in mountain with no internet connection...
Debating on getting a #Chromebox for my ma. She only uses Chrome (or should I say knows how to) on her desktop anyways and this would simplify things even more. Any comments/thoughts on doing this?
Want to impress me? Think "modular hardware"!
Why would I buy a chromebook instead of a Transformer Prime?
Make it affordable. I'd pay no more than $200 for a Chrome Book and that's pushing it.
+João Renato Leal Although the prime is great for many things the Chromebooks are still better at being full blown laptops. They are much faster mainly. Both have their places just like desktops and laptops have their places :)
When can I get my hands on one to start testing in the real world? I'd love to fine the problems it may have to make it even better. Hey, someone has to give Apple some competition, right?
Chromebox looks alot like a Mac Mini...
Congrats to the whole ChromeOS team. Great to see that the next generation of the future is here!
hi amar kaise ho maine naya g mail acount khol diya hai
I'd buy one right now.

....If they were available in Australia. Seriously Google. WTH?
Chrome OS for PC. I know it's going to be a pain to get drivers for hardware. I just need an excuse to dump Windows without having to put so much an effort in to do simple things.
I think it needs a strong WIFI connection. 
+Adrian Przekwas I think they want to keep pricing down. To be able to offer relatively high quality keyboards and screens (which get good reviews), they most likely have to save money on the processor. The new CPU is probably good enough to handle most things one would use a chromebook for.
I also think later on ivy bridge chromebooks wud come ind ecember may be..after more ui imporvements
Its a toy device or U can say that thats a pure personal device but It's not a serious device! Less than perfection!
When will Google start using AMR A15 chips instead of underpowered and power hungry Celerons? This is perfect platform for something like that
Amith F
I'd really like to see you'll blend in the Chrome OS functionality with Google TV in the living room with a full fledged Chrome 19 tabbed browser(constantly updated) complete with the multiple profile logon (from Chrome OS) + the Google Play app store + the Chrome Webstore. That would be the best of everything and would work for both work + play scenarios. Love the ChromeBox formfactor though.

But I still don't want/need ChromeBox AND Google TV. What I do need though is the capabilities of both combined into one.
Question: How easy to load, say, a Linux distro on this hardware? I like the option of doing that.
Thinking of buying a chromebook.  Do I need a ChromeBox as well?   and will Googe/Chrome give support if I purchase for use in Canada?  Thanks
+Jason Entine, I think you should buy a Chromebook.  Get use to how to operate it. Then decide if you want another Chromebook or Chromebox.  By that time, other manufacturers will come out with their versions of Chromebook/Chromebox. You will have a choice.
I think this is a very good idea. keep on the good work chrome!

do they sell them in britain and how much do they cost? I can't find a shop that sells them.
Yeah, right. Not available in Singapore so who cares?
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