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More news today:) Happy to share that Chromecast is now available in 11 more countries and we hope to bring them to more countries soon. The momentum has been exciting--we've had over 3,000 developers sign up since we released the Google Cast SDK last month.
Chromecast: #NowCasting in 11 more countries
Starting today, Chromecast is available in 11 more countries – Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the UK. 

In addition to your favorite apps like +YouTube, +Google Play Movies, +Google Play Music, +Netflix (where available), we’re working with local content providers to bring even more of the movies and TV shows you love to Chromecast. To learn which apps are available in your country and where to buy Chromecast, head over to the Chrome blog:
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Australia?.... +Google has always been good to Australia. Was kind of expecting Chromecast on this round of expansion : (
Except on +Verizon FiOS Actiontec Routers. A little help on that...please. When can we see some compatibility or support there? 
Why always leave India out and introduce things here when they've lost their charm? 
Awesome. Curious if you guys can help getting ESPN to add Chromecast support to their WatchESPN app. 
One day I'll be able to stream my favorite country through Chromecast using a quantum VPN to Portugal+1k year (ahead). BTW, thanks for making Nexus 5 officially available locally - that made locally greater news than smart watches today ;)
The fact that I have to switch input and then my fam has to switch it back to watch any regular TV makes the Chromecast considerably less appealing than my Google TV - please don't kill my Google TV! And don't make me buy an actual TV to experience new features of Google TV cause thats not going to happen ;-)
Ireland FINALLY got Google play devices. Thanks so much +Google Play I had to pay €420 to get my nexus 5 16GB imported back in November and I'm glad that I won't have to do that with any future nexus devices!
So nice to devices available in Danmark - and the Nexus 5 too :-) - next up: Chromebooks
Why is Australia missing out?
O Cerna
C'mon!!! What about Mexico?! We are just below, how hard can it be, if you are able to ship to Finland, then you can ship to Mexico!
Thank you Google! Christmas has arrived early this year! :-D 
After bring the nexus 5 on time in India I thought Google will now release it products on time in India, but well.. Disappointed.😞
That took a long time I can't understand why people are already talking about the nexus 8!
I'm going to be going to Currys in the morning! :) 
No Chromecast for México?
Why, Google, Why?
It's a shame that Google's European Headquarter does not get any love. The latest announcement brings Chromecast to a big portion of the 3rd world, but not to  #Switzerland  . We feel like being left outside from Google. No #Nexus  devices for Switzerland. The same is valid for many major Google Play services, such as #movies  &  #magazines  . And nobody at +Google Switzerland is taking care of this issues. No answers to our questions, nothing. 

+Alex Reusch Google's European HQ is in barrow street, Dublin,Ireland....not Switzerland
And we got the availability of the nexus 5 and 7 today wooo!
Thanks for some Google love here in Denmark
Ordered.  (because it's my birthday today!!)  :-D
Google needs to walk into Asia, take the spotlight away from rivals like Samsung and especially, Apple 
I know of quite a free who would like nexus and Chromecast available in the Republic of Ireland.
I can't understand why the chromecast isn't rolled out in all markets. I understand that trials are necessary and I also understand that the supply chain might be limited, but it makes me feel uneasy when sundar speaks of a success for rolling out to 11 further countries rather than apologize to the white spots on the globe and explain why they are excluded. BTW I am from down under.
thank you for information, +Sundar Pichai , I waited anxiously for this day since he left and I could not resist any longer to buy it.
It's amazing and I just ordered one. But what about Google Play Edition Devices like the LG G Pad 8.3? It would be amazing! But were a little more happy in Denmark now! (Even though we don't have Google Voice Search!!!!!!!!).
Apparently Ireland has got it!! I will check later today to confirm
Google is lagging out a great deal in India. 
Have been using the Chromecast in India since like 4 months now, and let me tell you it works absolutely flawless! Yes, there might be no local Indian Chromecast apps just yet. But, streaming everything else works fine! Launch it soon! :D
Finally in Italy 😍😍.. That will be my next purchase...
+Sundar Pichai please bring the whole Google Play stuff to Poland, there Ia no devices to buy, as there is no movies or all music. Thank you in advance from Poland.
I live in Italy. As soon as I saw this, I bought one, from the Play Store! Can't wait to have it :-D
Ireland now has Nexus and Chromecast! It's like Christmas!
Great to see some Google love for Sweden!
I hope it's coming to Iraq soon, it's really necessary 
Mine is already sent! Can't wait for it to arrive!
Launched in the UK with BBC iPlayer support on day one. Now that's what's I like to see !!
Did you forget about Ireland or something?
Wonderful news to a Swede! Only to bad that i just yesterday ordered my second Chromcast... at a local price about 20$ more than I today can buy it in Google Play ;-) But great news anyway!
When will it come to India or Australia?
What about India? Why India is being left from new technologies by all the tech company? 
I'm still waiting for my GoogleTV with JB to get Chromcast support... when?
Ando buscando una amiga que pueda confiar en esa que no sea mentirosa fue sea muy buena amiga
my parents love chromecast and have been using it since jan 2014 in india to watch old hindi movies via youtube.
I don't know why India is still in the wait list to get it, when Android one will be first launched in India. It's also kinda funny that itunes has been giving music now for nearly two years in India and Google music has not launched in its basic avatar yet, forget the all access thingy! 
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