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Excited that the team just released a new update to Chrome for Android Beta that includes some new (much-requested) features. We've also expanded availability to 31 new languages and in all countries where +Google Play is available. Let us know what you think:
Since we launched Chrome for Android Beta in February, we've been listening closely to all of your feedback (thank you!). It's great to hear how so many of you love having the Chrome experienc...
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Are there plans to back-port to non-ICS devices?
My Acer Chromebook broke and with no new hardware, I was forced to replace it with an Ultrabook.
I love it, and my only complaint is that a cold start on Nexus S 4.0.4 (say from Google+ or Twitter links being clicked on) takes ages. We're talking 5-6 seconds before the address bar even has the link text in it and attempts to load content.
I'm glad features like "request desktop" are in before I get my ICS update ;)

It'll be nice to jump straight in to the upgraded Chrome next month
Oh, I so wish it worked with Android 2.3...
Nice, but what about the problems with the spellchecker those are very old and lots of people are asking for a solution to that too.
I think we really need an iOS version.. Seeing Apple is trying to get rid of any google in their stock apps, Safari might not have google search as default on the next release. Plus, this would make people stay with Chrome on the desktop if their mobile can be sync with it.
+Andy Chen get a droid bro... iphone stopped being a competitor a while back... google is the best company hands down... they do everything better than apple....
After the update, I'm getting a consistent force close when i try to start up Chrome Beta. I'm on AOKP Build 32 though, so I'm probably not very useful in terms of bug reporting.

Just a general feature request though, when you do a voice search and set Chrome Beta to be your default app, can Chrome Beta automatically initiate the google search without further user input?

As it stands right now (before the update), once I do the voice search, chrome beta will load up, and my voice search text will show up in the address bar, and I have to press the search icon to start the search. I think it would be more useful to have it search automatically (like it does in the ICS Stock Browser).

Otherwise, great work! Thanks!
+Madeline West you must be one of the drones that apple has tricked into buying the same phone they have released for the last 5 yrs.... way to be a conformist...
+Madeline West good solid argument.... i have definitely changed my mind now that i have heard the profound genius of your thought process....
Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome

If you build websites, you may want to take note of a change in the User-Agent specification for Chrome for Android

Are these two issues related? Links don't always give the option of opening the app. For example, Wikipedia links.
Great. Love the ability to request desktop version of a website - have been missing that. Nice that it is a checkbox.
+Melissa Daniels, yes the unit is out of warranty. It is a hardware issue. The reset button behind the battery broke.
Thank you for the suggestions. Very considerate of you:)
It's finally available in all countries... :P
Thanks for the comments, to answer the question on versions, this will be available for only ICS and up. We use several APIs that are present only from ICS on and so used that version as a starting point
+Sundar Pichai: Will there be a full-screen mode (with circular menus ;-) ) like in the stock ICS browser? That's what I miss the most in Chrome.
Still can't seem to get Chrome for Android to load Google Plus's desktop version on my tablet
+Danny Markowski on the home screen of the Google Plus mobile site, there's a settings menu on the bottom left corner, which has an option to switch to desktop version.
+Sundar Pichai this is a very exciting update. Will it get support for other major Chrome's features including WebGL and extensions anytime soon, or this is not feasible at the moment due to e.g. limited computing power of current devices?

Also, just wondering if being on version 18 means the code has been already merged into the main fork of Chromium?
+Sundar Pichai Is it on purpose Chrome leaves its services running permanently reducing the amount of memory available for apps by about 50mb when I'm not actively using Chrome? Or did someone in your team just forget a call to stopService/stopSelf somewhere?
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Sathish KR
Chrome not available for Gingerbread. Even G doesn't like previous versions.. :?
It's nice to have the #proxy support at least on the two official google browsers for #Android . Unfortunately too many other applications lack this support! This issue needs to be solved!
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